Planet Rabat

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Planet Rabat
Planet Rabat.jpg
Location 6E, Omega-47
Edge Worlds
Technical information
Docking No
Terrain Rock
Diameter 50,980 km
Mass 1.56 x 10e26 kg
Temperature -210°C to 180°C
Escape velocity 28.9 km/sec

The planet Rabat is a gas giant orbiting the Omega-47 sun. It is composed mainly of a metallic hydrogen core with large amounts of hydrogen, argon, neon and xenon gases in the upper atmosphere. After the first survey of the system the Corsairs had attempted to mine the atmospheric gases for their own purposes from Casablanca Base. However, this enterprise was abandoned with the appearance of Hessian ships, and the subsequent offensive on the base in 811 A.S. The Hessians did not make an attempt to reactivate the old gas mining facilities, and with the recent recapture of the base it doesn't appear this will occur any time soon.