Casablanca Base

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Casablanca Base
Gancho class Station
Casablanca Base.jpg
Flag-corsairs.png Corsairs
6E/6F, Omega-47
Technical Data
Gravity Partial
Docking bays Yes
Amenities Limited
Population 270

Casablanca is a Corsair base in the Omega-47 system, particularly known for being heavily contested by the Red Hessians and the Corsairs since the start of its operations. Originally commissioned by the Corsairs in 810 A.S. as a gas miner experiment in what was at the time an isolated system, the base became a target in the Corsair-Hessian war after the stabilisation of a Jump Hole linking Omega-5 with Omega-47. The Hessians wasted no time in launching an offensive on the base, and after a short period of fighting successfully took the base in 811 AS after what was to be known as the Battle for Casablanca. The base remained in Hessian hands for the next eight years, as they doggedly defended it against Corsair counter attacks and continued to disrupt Corsair movements in the system, effectively creating a wedge in Corsair supply lines leading to Dublin. In early 819 AS the Corsair Elders had had enough. Mustering a larger number of warships and fighters from the Crete defence fleet itself, they drove a surprise push into Hessian lines and retook it once again.

However, the fighting had taken its toll on Casablanca, and the Elders knew that if they wanted to keep Casablanca, they would need to drastically invest in it. In early 825 AS when the expansion of the Omega-11 star began to cause anomalous energy readings in the Cayman system's jump corridors, the Corsairs began to disassemble Antikythera shipyard and tow what they could through to Casablanca to expand the facility. Though the jump holes to Cayman are gone, Casablanca Base is now able to conduct field repairs on Corsair capital ships, drastically increasing both its value as a war outpost and defensive capabilities, as defending ships are no longer required to backtrack to Rhodes Shipyard for repairs.

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