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A little talk with Miss Hummingbird

[06.05.2019 17:37:02] HPL-Sharpnose: RO: Identify yourself.

[06.05.2019 17:37:12] Unmistakeable: I be asking the same thing Bud

[06.05.2019 17:37:18] HPL-Sharpnose: RO: I asked first.

[06.05.2019 17:37:23] HPL-Sharpnose: RO: Identify yourself at once.

[06.05.2019 17:37:26] Unmistakeable: I am Myst, whats it to you?

[06.05.2019 17:37:46] HPL-Sharpnose: RO: I suppose you want to come aboard?

[06.05.2019 17:38:06] Unmistakeable: Depends whos asking *as crosses hands as tempary power downs their ship*

[06.05.2019 17:38:20] HPL-Sharpnose: RO: Radio operator of the Sharpnose.

[06.05.2019 17:38:35] Unmistakeable: Fine..

[06.05.2019 17:38:57] HPL-Sharpnose: RO: You're clear to land.

[06.05.2019 17:38:57] Unmistakeable: Send word to your Docking port operator that i want to come aboard

[06.05.2019 17:39:11] Unmistakeable: *powers the docking lights*

[06.05.2019 17:40:14] HPL-Sharpnose: *As the Raven's Talon landed, the surrounding hangar was pitch black, only the Talon's lights were visible*

[06.05.2019 17:40:18] Unmistakeable: *Leaves ship with his gun and opens hatch with it in hand* Who Might you be extectly?

[06.05.2019 17:40:32] Unmistakeable: *as he talks in pitch black*

[06.05.2019 17:41:02] HPL-Sharpnose: *A presence could be felt around myst*

[06.05.2019 17:41:06] HPL-Sharpnose: *Unsure though*

[06.05.2019 17:41:43] Unmistakeable: *He sits on his hatch steps but keeps guard up*

[06.05.2019 17:41:56] HPL-Sharpnose: *As the light was increased almost instantly, a lady with long black hair and fire-red eyes, in a white suit*

[06.05.2019 17:42:26] Unmistakeable: *He sees her and aims gun* I will ask again, who might you be *as its loaded*

[06.05.2019 17:42:27] HPL-Sharpnose: *She immediatelly kicked the weapon out of Myst's hands and grabbed his neck from the back in a matter of seconds*

[06.05.2019 17:42:52] HPL-Sharpnose: I am Hummingbird.

[06.05.2019 17:43:03] Unmistakeable: Who you think are you *as kicks her off gently yet voilencely*

[06.05.2019 17:43:22] HPL-Sharpnose: *She didn't land harsh, but gently*

[06.05.2019 17:43:34] Unmistakeable: *Myst gets up and grabs his gun before she able to react and puts it in his jacket*

[06.05.2019 17:43:35] HPL-Sharpnose: I am the one in charge of everything aboard this ship.

[06.05.2019 17:43:56] Unmistakeable: What you want with me? *as he puts his hands on his hips*

[06.05.2019 17:44:35] Unmistakeable: *Myst goes back into his ship and grabs something and shuts it up*

[06.05.2019 17:45:01] HPL-Sharpnose: I'd rather have you come first with me, and talk.

[06.05.2019 17:45:34] Unmistakeable: *He grouches softly* fine lets talk

[06.05.2019 17:46:18] Unmistakeable: what you want anywho *as he walks side her*

[06.05.2019 17:46:50] HPL-Sharpnose: *She nods at him and does a mild smile, then turns her head back forth*

[06.05.2019 17:47:21] HPL-Sharpnose: *Hummingbird stops at a door on the left that was as white as almost 40 percent of the liner*

[06.05.2019 17:47:56] HPL-Sharpnose: *She enters a passcode, and when the door opened it revealed what looked sort of like a living room*

[06.05.2019 17:48:14] HPL-Sharpnose: *A monitor, not known purpose to myst, a couch, artificial lamps*

[06.05.2019 17:48:20] HPL-Sharpnose: *All that it could be*

[06.05.2019 17:48:24] Unmistakeable: *Smirks*

[06.05.2019 17:49:06] HPL-Sharpnose: Well, *she says on a soft tone* have a seat on the couch*

[06.05.2019 17:49:31] Unmistakeable: *he chuckes* I rather not *as walks in and stands agaist a wall*

[06.05.2019 17:49:40] HPL-Sharpnose: *There was also a sofa near the couch, opposing it not from too far, at about 45 degrees*

[06.05.2019 17:49:53] HPL-Sharpnose: Oh...

[06.05.2019 17:50:23] HPL-Sharpnose: *Hummingbird swiftly takes two LSF-looking like guns out of her boots, pointing them at Myst* Have a seat. *She sa-

[06.05.2019 17:50:30] HPL-Sharpnose: ys on the same soft tone, smiling*

[06.05.2019 17:50:33] Unmistakeable: *as he drops his foot he kneels down with a perfect balance squt*

[06.05.2019 17:50:47] HPL-Sharpnose: On the couch.

[06.05.2019 17:51:16] Unmistakeable: Put those down *as he somehow teleported behide her as puts his gun to her back*

[06.05.2019 17:51:54] Unmistakeable: One movement i will send a shockwave *as Myst Somehow isnt himself currently*

[06.05.2019 17:52:25] HPL-Sharpnose: You got me, I guess. *She then bursts into laughter, and within a second she grabs myst from the neck and pu-

[06.05.2019 17:52:28] HPL-Sharpnose: ts him down*

[06.05.2019 17:52:43] Unmistakeable: *he kicks her off more Ferious and gets up agian*

[06.05.2019 17:52:43] HPL-Sharpnose: *She points the two guns at his head, while kneeling on him*

[06.05.2019 17:53:56] Unmistakeable: *Myst Slowly grabs his gun and puts in pocket again and grabs hers*

[06.05.2019 17:54:09] HPL-Sharpnose: Time to call in the 'tanks'. *Hummingbird taps a few times on one of her watch, while swiftly dodging Myst's move*

[06.05.2019 17:54:43] Unmistakeable: Why Don't we just sit down before someone gets hurt *as he tilts his head*

[06.05.2019 17:54:55] HPL-Sharpnose: *Two massive men in obsidian-looking like suits kicked down the door*

[06.05.2019 17:55:11] HPL-Sharpnose: *Each grabs a hand of myst*

[06.05.2019 17:55:21] Unmistakeable: *he smriks*

[06.05.2019 17:55:25] HPL-Sharpnose: H: Put him on the couch. *She makes a smile*

[06.05.2019 17:56:08] HPL-Sharpnose: *The two put him on the couch, and seize all of his weapons* You will get those back when leaving.

[06.05.2019 17:56:16] HPL-Sharpnose: *The two exit and apologize for the door*

[06.05.2019 17:56:37] HPL-Sharpnose: H: It's fine. Now, *as she turns her head to Myst*

[06.05.2019 17:56:42] HPL-Sharpnose: What brings you to Lost?

[06.05.2019 17:57:09] Unmistakeable: Not really any your business, cause I be asking the same thing *as he crosses his legs*

[06.05.2019 17:58:16] HPL-Sharpnose: *She takes a seat, putting a leg over another, and spreading her hands*

[06.05.2019 17:58:39] HPL-Sharpnose: *Leaning back*

[06.05.2019 17:58:43] HPL-Sharpnose: Well, you see.

[06.05.2019 17:58:49] HPL-Sharpnose: It kinda is my business.

[06.05.2019 17:58:52] Unmistakeable: Who you trying to impress? *as he giggles*

[06.05.2019 17:59:24] HPL-Sharpnose: Someone else, not you. *She makes a warm smile, but the one of a cold-blood killer one like*

[06.05.2019 17:59:27] HPL-Sharpnose: Besides.

[06.05.2019 17:59:39] HPL-Sharpnose: It's my job to keep people out of this place.

[06.05.2019 17:59:50] Unmistakeable: Who said?

[06.05.2019 18:00:14] HPL-Sharpnose: *She runs her left hand through her long hair, arranging it, and putting her hands on her legs*

[06.05.2019 18:00:18] HPL-Sharpnose: Me.

[06.05.2019 18:00:23] HPL-Sharpnose: And I don't know you.

[06.05.2019 18:00:27] HPL-Sharpnose: Why are you here.

[06.05.2019 18:00:33] HPL-Sharpnose: Or for who.

[06.05.2019 18:00:41] Unmistakeable: Personal Business

[06.05.2019 18:01:04] Unmistakeable: *He throws gently a pillow on his coatch at her*

[06.05.2019 18:02:05] HPL-Sharpnose: *She catches it, and rips it in two* Personal or not, remember it's my job. And you are also in my base of operations.

[06.05.2019 18:02:11] HPL-Sharpnose: You're on unknown territory.

[06.05.2019 18:02:17] HPL-Sharpnose: Watch your step.

[06.05.2019 18:02:32] Unmistakeable: Who said it was your terriory?

[06.05.2019 18:02:57] HPL-Sharpnose: Me.

[06.05.2019 18:03:01] HPL-Sharpnose: Because I bought this personally.

[06.05.2019 18:03:11] Unmistakeable: Techenly this isnt your space *laughs softly*

[06.05.2019 18:03:19] HPL-Sharpnose: What? *Confused*

[06.05.2019 18:03:59] Unmistakeable: How is it your space when its forbitten to enter without a reason within a group of people permits? hm

[06.05.2019 18:04:11] HPL-Sharpnose: What do you mean?

[06.05.2019 18:04:19] Unmistakeable: This isn't Human space is im saying

[06.05.2019 18:04:20] HPL-Sharpnose: Oh you are reffering to Lost?

[06.05.2019 18:04:47] HPL-Sharpnose: By territory, I meant the liner.

[06.05.2019 18:04:49] Unmistakeable: *Myst stands up* also your lounge isnt really comfy *as he sits on the ground infront of her*

[06.05.2019 18:05:09] Unmistakeable: True, but what makes you come to this system then?

[06.05.2019 18:05:34] Unmistakeable: *Myst gently kicks the lounge under her back a metre*

[06.05.2019 18:06:40] HPL-Sharpnose: It's beauty.

[06.05.2019 18:06:41] Unmistakeable: Much better *as he sits as shes back a metre from him*

[06.05.2019 18:06:44] HPL-Sharpnose: It's silence.

[06.05.2019 18:06:55] HPL-Sharpnose: It's, simplicity.

[06.05.2019 18:07:04] Unmistakeable: Well it is beautiful but its not silence really at times

[06.05.2019 18:07:10] HPL-Sharpnose: A planet, a sun, a few asteroids, and beautiful surroundings.

[06.05.2019 18:07:12] Unmistakeable: *Myst gets up and walks to the room window*

[06.05.2019 18:07:20] HPL-Sharpnose: Sometimes indeed.

[06.05.2019 18:07:33] Unmistakeable: *He goes quiet as he looks outside it*

[06.05.2019 18:07:59] Unmistakeable: *he takes deep breath in and out*

[06.05.2019 18:08:05] Unmistakeable: Who you said you are again?

[06.05.2019 18:08:16] HPL-Sharpnose: Ah forget it.

[06.05.2019 18:08:31] HPL-Sharpnose: *She nods, returns the head back, looking down, then up as she says on a firm tone* Angela Williams.

[06.05.2019 18:08:35] HPL-Sharpnose: Hummingbird for short.

[06.05.2019 18:08:45] Unmistakeable: Please, I been in a hella lot of sress *as he grabs her*

[06.05.2019 18:09:15] Unmistakeable: Say, You like to dance? *as he stands her on her feet*

[06.05.2019 18:09:18] HPL-Sharpnose: W-What?

[06.05.2019 18:10:58] Unmistakeable: *Myst gently lets her go so if she falls she does on her own*

[06.05.2019 18:11:10] HPL-Sharpnose: I, don't really know to. *Her cheeks turn slowly like the wine-red colored clouds of Roussillon*

[06.05.2019 18:11:32] Unmistakeable: *he smiles nicely as he kneels on his toes at her*

[06.05.2019 18:12:09] Unmistakeable: well it seems like someone needs to learn to dance *as he looks at her face*

[06.05.2019 18:13:02] Unmistakeable: *He stands up then goes look for a radio in the room*

[06.05.2019 18:15:09] HPL-Sharpnose: Sharpnose, music.

[06.05.2019 18:15:23] HPL-Sharpnose: Sharpnose AI: Request understood. Please select a track.

[06.05.2019 18:15:46] Unmistakeable: *he stops* what?

[06.05.2019 18:16:36] HPL-Sharpnose: Don't we need music? *She nods, confused*

[06.05.2019 18:16:37] Unmistakeable: *He coughs a little as he looks on his watch music playlist he listens to when he is exploring*

[06.05.2019 18:17:06] HPL-Sharpnose: Oh.

[06.05.2019 18:17:13] HPL-Sharpnose: Connect it to the general speaker.

[06.05.2019 18:17:16] Unmistakeable: Had you heard of, *as tries to find one still*

[06.05.2019 18:17:16] HPL-Sharpnose: I'll handle the rest.

[06.05.2019 18:17:49] Unmistakeable: damn i got bad ones u will not like *as he stops looking and sits down*

[06.05.2019 18:18:17] Unmistakeable: *He mutters as softly sings a song*

[06.05.2019 18:18:19] HPL-Sharpnose: Okay.

[06.05.2019 18:18:27] HPL-Sharpnose: I suppose something slow?

[06.05.2019 18:18:53] Unmistakeable: I like to dance but i never really had someone who liked it *as he says it shyly as she sees him curel up into a ball*

[06.05.2019 18:19:43] HPL-Sharpnose: Get up silly.

[06.05.2019 18:19:56] Unmistakeable: besides *as he does* I am a shy dancer

[06.05.2019 18:19:58] HPL-Sharpnose: Sharpnose, entertainment control panel.

[06.05.2019 18:20:16] HPL-Sharpnose: Sharpnose AI: Request understood. Lowering entertainment control panel.

[06.05.2019 18:21:01] Unmistakeable: *Myst teleports to the window and stares outside it*

[06.05.2019 18:21:03] HPL-Sharpnose: *A panel lowered, and Angela slowly taps it, turning her head over her shoulder and smiling at myst while doing so*

[06.05.2019 18:21:49] Unmistakeable: *he falls with hands on the wall lookin down*

[06.05.2019 18:21:50] HPL-Sharpnose: *She mutters slowly:* General speaker...LRoom2...

[06.05.2019 18:21:54] HPL-Sharpnose: Okay done.

[06.05.2019 18:22:42] HPL-Sharpnose: *A smooth song starts playing, it was similar to the jazz back on ancient Earth*

[06.05.2019 18:22:43] Unmistakeable: Tell it.. to put on ancient soundtract five dash two nine

[06.05.2019 18:22:55] HPL-Sharpnose: Uh.

[06.05.2019 18:23:01] HPL-Sharpnose: I don't think it has it in it's database.

[06.05.2019 18:26:41] HPL-Sharpnose: So, are you just gonna sit there? *She says on a hurt-like tone*

[06.05.2019 18:26:48] Unmistakeable: Are you sure this is the one i asked for? *as he listens to it closely*

[06.05.2019 18:27:13] HPL-Sharpnose: I think.

[06.05.2019 18:27:18] HPL-Sharpnose: So?

[06.05.2019 18:27:24] Unmistakeable: *He sighs softly and stands then gently turns it slightly up*

[06.05.2019 18:27:49] Unmistakeable: put a dance floor in if you has one installed *As he looks at her*

[06.05.2019 18:27:59] HPL-Sharpnose: I don't...

[06.05.2019 18:28:08] HPL-Sharpnose: But we don't need one for teaching.

[06.05.2019 18:28:17] HPL-Sharpnose: You do know how to dance, don't you? *She sighs*

[06.05.2019 18:28:42] Unmistakeable: *he smiles* not perfessionaly but i like it *as he gently moves her lounges to make room*

[06.05.2019 18:29:28] Unmistakeable: *He slowly starts of dancing towards the songs beat as it plays*

[06.05.2019 18:29:53] Unmistakeable: *he dances really slow yet is embarresed*

[06.05.2019 18:30:52] Unmistakeable: *he starts dancing faster as it gets stronger beat and grabs her as he dances making her spin in circles*

[06.05.2019 18:32:48] HPL-Sharpnose: I don't like it fast.

[06.05.2019 18:32:53] HPL-Sharpnose: It's supposed to be slow.

[06.05.2019 18:32:56] HPL-Sharpnose: And gentle.

[06.05.2019 18:33:22] Unmistakeable: *He stops as holds her so she doesnt spin out off him*

[06.05.2019 18:33:53] Unmistakeable: *he smiles without a word then waves his hands gently with hers like their swinging side to side*

[06.05.2019 18:34:43] Unmistakeable: *He gently brings them together then out a few times then gently puts her hands in middle then pushes then to hiim and her*

[06.05.2019 18:34:58] Unmistakeable: +gently and slowly*

[06.05.2019 18:36:08] Unmistakeable: No.. matter how far I am, I will always be with you, don't give a cry cause im here with you. Don't forget who you are as its

[06.05.2019 18:36:34] Unmistakeable: makes you speical as your unquie and one of a kind *as he smiles softly at her*

[06.05.2019 18:37:49] HPL-Sharpnose: *Angela's cheeks turn wine-red again a bit faster*

[06.05.2019 18:38:14] Unmistakeable: *he gently makes her fingers boop her own nose and giggles softly yet politely*

[06.05.2019 18:38:38] Unmistakeable: *as the song ends he smiles as he holds her hands*

[06.05.2019 18:39:07] HPL-Sharpnose: You're a nice dancer.

[06.05.2019 18:39:13] Unmistakeable: a girl like you, will yet understand the meaning of how everyone is unquie in their own personal way my dear *as he mutters*

[06.05.2019 18:39:38] Unmistakeable: Thanks, I like it sometimes hard, *as he lets go and dances a little fast*, but sometimes need to remember not everyone

[06.05.2019 18:39:42] HPL-Sharpnose: You just haven't seen my dark side, the reason why I've ironically chosen the callsign of Hummingbird.

[06.05.2019 18:39:45] HPL-Sharpnose: But I understand you.

[06.05.2019 18:39:53] Unmistakeable: dances like this and loves it slow *as he does the turtle neck dance*

[06.05.2019 18:40:18] HPL-Sharpnose: *Angela starts to humm in perfect sync with the song rhytm*

[06.05.2019 18:40:28] Unmistakeable: *He then puts the lounges back way was when he came in and sits down as he gently puts her down on the chair across from him*

[06.05.2019 18:40:59] Unmistakeable: *as she does he slowly sings in same patch but in words*

[06.05.2019 18:41:25] HPL-Sharpnose: Listen, I don't really want to hurt you.

[06.05.2019 18:41:33] HPL-Sharpnose: Nor physically nor sentimentally.

[06.05.2019 18:41:35] Unmistakeable: Me either *as he looks down*

[06.05.2019 18:41:54] HPL-Sharpnose: I have feelings for someone else, I'm sorry.

[06.05.2019 18:42:11] Unmistakeable: Hey, its okay *as he puts his hand on his head*

[06.05.2019 18:42:51] Unmistakeable: Everyone likes someone, is a part of the natural cycle of both men and women *as Myst smiles as he hands hers again*

[06.05.2019 18:43:07] Unmistakeable: Oh by the way, err.. Angelas?

[06.05.2019 18:43:35] Unmistakeable: *he smiles as he pats her hands softly* you got an amazing body *as he lets go slowly*

[06.05.2019 18:43:53] HPL-Sharpnose: So do you.

[06.05.2019 18:44:35] Unmistakeable: I wouldnt really say that *as he looks away*

[06.05.2019 18:44:57] Unmistakeable: *he gets up carfuly and walks to the window again*

[06.05.2019 18:45:45] HPL-Sharpnose: I'm sorry if I shot your heart.

[06.05.2019 18:46:00] Unmistakeable: in which way *as he looks outside*

[06.05.2019 18:46:20] Unmistakeable: like ruin the moment for love?

[06.05.2019 18:46:29] Unmistakeable: *he turns around and looks at her*

[06.05.2019 18:46:58] HPL-Sharpnose: Sort of, I guess. *as she looks down, standing up*

[06.05.2019 18:47:16] Unmistakeable: Come here *as nicely and politely points to the ground*

[06.05.2019 18:47:45] Unmistakeable: please

[06.05.2019 18:47:52] HPL-Sharpnose: Okay.

[06.05.2019 18:48:12] HPL-Sharpnose: *Angela comes gently, turning her head to Myst, then to the window* What is it?

[06.05.2019 18:48:43] Unmistakeable: somewhere out there *as hands the window infront of them* is home, I don't know where it is, but it's out there

[06.05.2019 18:48:50] Unmistakeable: *he looks at her*

[06.05.2019 18:49:16] Unmistakeable: *He smiles and gently hits her left shoulder* that for pointing a gun at me eailer *then grabs her turns her to face him*

[06.05.2019 18:49:42] HPL-Sharpnose: But I don't have a home anymore. This liner is my home now.

[06.05.2019 18:49:53] Unmistakeable: Angelas..

[06.05.2019 18:50:02] Unmistakeable: I mean.. hummingbird

[06.05.2019 18:50:17] Unmistakeable: *kisses her cheeks gently* this for the wonderful time we having

[06.05.2019 18:50:36] HPL-Sharpnose: *She grins* You can call me both.

[06.05.2019 18:50:41] Unmistakeable: and this *as holds something and gives to her* is for contracting me if u need me

[06.05.2019 18:51:01] HPL-Sharpnose: *As she grinned, her cheeks turned even more red*

[06.05.2019 18:51:06] Unmistakeable: *He smarks her behide and smirks at her*

[06.05.2019 18:51:12] HPL-Sharpnose: What is it?

[06.05.2019 18:51:45] Unmistakeable: my contract number and code if you need to talk to me, any time, if I am avauliable I will respond to your transmission

[06.05.2019 18:52:11] HPL-Sharpnose: well

[06.05.2019 18:52:33] Unmistakeable: I be going, i think i am hearing your liner fuel levels running low

[06.05.2019 18:52:53] Unmistakeable: *Grabs his gun from where she put it and gives her one last kiss but on lip then run off to his ship*

[06.05.2019 18:53:22] Unmistakeable: *enters it* requesting to leave *as he looks out case she comes to the docking bay*

[06.05.2019 18:53:23] HPL-Sharpnose: cya round

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