Robert Vaugrenard

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This is an Mysterious Freelancer Character Owned and Played by: SmokesDen.

Mr Robert "Robert the Unmistakable" Vaugrenard
Origin Unknown
Occupation Unknown
Gender Male
Height 1.83 meters
Weight 103.7 Kilograms of pure muscle but Is unknown
Affiliation Unknown
Status Healthy to himself but unknown to others
Born Unknown

Prologue of his life

His past before current time in his life, had been only pieced and placed with flashbacks and voices he hears in his head in curtain moments of his life. The Memories that happened could only be felt by an Ancient Race. Having every life moment he can, he tries so hard, so often to remember what happened to himself after was lefted for dead when he was born. problem is, harder he tries, he was never able to able think traces of such thing happened as was lefted an inside him prevents him knowing himself and how it came apart of him for a long time of his life is yet unknown.

Behide his Nickname, he originally had an unoriginal Given name. his name was only told in his memories he had, in which how he couldn't really understand his name regionally came from or never remember where it was from. he instead was given a gifted name, the gifted name that had been given to him to hide his real Identity to the Solar system in secret for multiple reasons he can't understand or know alone without questioning. the name he was given is the only name he could remember about his past. Due to so many things going thru his mind and visions in and out his life at many moments, he could never been able to hear his real name and why its so hidden to naked ear of a human yet his own hearing.

Plot in the past in 801-824

Robert was found on a planet somewhere in Orleanais System, inside an old looking crate with only a strange Tattoo markings on his left arm. When he was found, he was sleeping comfortably and began to be carried by an unknown woman to Planet Orleanais Police Station for traces of who he might be, as much as they could found on him. Nothing on him could be found in recorded or collected files. Not even information on who his parents might be, aren't listed on their database, with DNA tests and other treatments they done on him. none the results are came up positive to anyone in their records. The lady who found him, began to raisen him up as her own Son, to Worship and respect the Gallic laws and Royal Families each time he sees them on planets throughout the Gallic space. Shortly before he began assumed turning one, he began to act strange and not right to his half mother, who been raising him as their own and yet still looked strange and confused ever since they found him.

In year 801-824, They began to move around Gallia for months and fully decided to rest and began living on Planet New Paris since he just turned it assumed one. he was sleeping and shortly began to hear Voices calling to him. He couldn't understand them or able work out who they are. As soon they began try to talk abnormal inside his head in unclear. He began later to learn intelligently to start learning to control his mind and block his thoughts for voices in his head to stop while he was growing up. But the voices, had found a way thru his control and began to get to him more serious, till he began to get Restless from them getting to him.


As he age, he began to grew more strangely to his assumed mother, more threatening to her, began came even more intelligent and stronger with his mind and actions for her to able handle or anyone she met since it began. He began to show his strength and intelligent from age of five to the Civilians of Gallic. From they witnessed, he is done so many things in his short moment life. He began spending time more and more learning find out about his power within his body and mind to able moments later began to talk an Ancient language without releasing or acknowledging he just said. But When is she return home, his acts all normal and no one could hear it but him. He began to hear the voices more clearer and visions of the Dom Kavash Empire within visions after visions due to was shown by abnormal visions he seeks to be true shortly after he came eight.

As even more years had gone by, ever, since when Robert turned fifteen. He began hearing more from his assumed unknownly guardian when he knew something is wrong about their disappearing. Everyday from the moments after he turned eighteen and from then since, he began to watch over his assumed mother in shadows, over her on the streets of the planet they lived on. Once he began going around in darkness of the planet, He began to get unwanted attention and from given information was told by the locals describing him was to be watched more closely then ever from unusual of an adult behavior. Due to information, he began killing everyone who touches him in moments of unknown causes. As from records shown, he seems to be a heavy rampage, he smells slight motions within those who dares to comes near him. Momment after he had enough, before anyone could able track him, he vanished unknowingly in moments and not to be seen again.

After he gotten tired after his spree, he began to hide more Regularly before anyone seen him. But no one knows where he went or who he is anymore since he vanished from the sites moments before anyone noticed. When he came out from the shadows, he began doing even more murdering, began stealing cargo, stealing money from everyone banks and pockets. He began to get on the Gallian Most known criminals List shortly before he turned 23 and Hostage and killed secretly hundreds of Gallic Royal Navy officers during his crime spree time.

Shortly after he began to hide again for last time in Gallia before fleeing on a Transport ship, He was found unknownly and was shot, assumed dead to the public by a sleeping dart in the back right Rub by an Specialized Secret Bounty Hunter of the Gallic Royal Crown Government. and was taken to an secret base owned by the Gallic Royal Intelligence forces locked away in a top Secret System and was unknownly been payed for his capture and wasn't recorded on records either of his captured persons name, He began to wake up and came reckless, really aggressive really fast once he gains focus of his eyes due to his power he had powered his strength and was unable escape the cuffs. He shortly later got all his strength in his arms and after some time, he never did the unthinkable and knew he had to get out of this place due to his mind was right his whole life and must hide from Gallic for some time. Hours later, he sore his adopted mother betrayed him and discovered an Gallia Intelligent Agent, who was second in charge of operations around the base and looking at him Mad. He grabbed her as she came close to the bars to try reasoning and calm him down. But within his strength over-roamed his mind, resulting killing her instantly and all the men on the base began to try teaser him but failed. As he got free and using her body as gun shield to get out of the base while killing those who came to capture him and manage to reach a hanger bay with her ship. without a License he quickly learnt to fly and began fled in rage, aggressive and hate towards the Gallia housing while he used her ship to flee.

He never really cared for what just happened to her and his only goal is fleeing the Gallic space and fast. But as it happening happening to him he knew he cant control himself again if same thing ever happened again. Meanwhile, while he manages to happened get as far as the Jump hole he Studied while he use from his mother's ship navmap database, to help him out. Moments after he found his route, he got ambushed by the Gallic Royal Navy on the other side of Tau-31. From this point, He couldn't do anything since his mother's ship was unequipped for the Battleship and few fighters and Gunboats. he managers to cloak his mothers ship with no idea how he did and managed to get into the boarders of Kusari space when he grew weak from it and was able go further but as he forced himself to try get as far away he can from Gallia Boarders as possible.

After a while, during his escape, he began to hear faint voices of his friends in his head, starting to able understand it now. He heard them saying he has to get to Omicron Delta Wild Outpost without been followed and grain Their trust and the voices that seek in his head. But as he got into Kusari, he got again ambushed by an Patrol wing of Gallia Navy fighters at the Jumpgate's tradeline with yet another Battleship watching over the Tradeline and flighers under it aimed at him. For some wing Who seems to be waiting for him, bring a really strong wing of Royal intelligent force fighters cornered him for an arrest and started to open fire on him and blow the ship up knocking him out in the processed as they assume he died due to none was able to survive that much of an explosion of Missiles was massive and flew away.

During this time he came unconscious and was in a deep sleep, He began to been able to understand his taskes with understanding to what he has to do, why the Gallia wanted him dead, he began to feel a new powerful mind inside his head. something was regrowing inside of him something changed his appearances and made him look like another human yet kept little or some of his old memory, in his transform he heard voices from his real mother. She was the who given his orders to him what he needs to do. To find out what he needs to become to alliance and harness with the power inside him to able turn his life into a life changer for the Dom Kavash in such way why he is to become a close trusted sympathizer yet keep it to himself, to other explorers,traders and everyone else while be himself when around other humans.

824 As To Present

After he began to wake up from his terrifying accident. He began to weakly look around, seeing himself awake on an bed he never sore before. as he began to try move his body, he was in shock and pain. Moments after, as he began to see a faint figure coming his way. He began to try sitting up with suffering from pain. While he began to get his eyes to focus on it, it came clear and he wasn't able to talk.

he made strange looks at the figure who came clear into a nurse. she began to put pills in front of him trying to tell him about needing to take them for a while. He wasn't sure what she said as he never knew English. As she walked out an Liberian Civilian looking man came in and checked on him and told him about the pills as they grabbed his medicine and told him in French so he could understand the request.

He looked at them like he was confused how they knew French yet their Liberian and the war within the solar systems between the two. They told him in whisper under French language, "they aren't who he thinks they seem to be", then vanishes as the nurse returned like they were a vision he can see.

As he began to look at his pills, His starting to be confused how things are understand in American Language moments after she left after she gave him a drink of water to take with them with an Note.

after he finished taking the first lot of pills after he woken up, He began to get on his feet really fast, and he token a few steps as he sore his cloths and put them on. Moments after he got changed and put the pills in his pocket, an hooded man came in and handed him something and walked out without a word. After a while he began to walk out and none of the staffs stopped him as he looked puzzled and walked out, seeing what the hooded person given him was a set of keys to a spaceship.

After he clicked a button on the key chain, he heard something coming his way, and he sore a ship landed self piloted in front of him without someone inside it. He smiled and entered it and looked around examining his ship due to his other one was wracked within the explosion.

as he found another note attached to the ship's Seat saying, "Enjoy the ship, Its cost nothing just keep in mind who you are, isn't who they think you are". Without any name shown on the paper expect to himself.

After he started it up, he noticed it is fully fuelled and everything is smoothly running. As he given it a test fly, he was shaking nervous alot since he not long came out of coma from an accident, but caught the controls really well after it cleared from his head and flew so quick, he entered space and looked around the New York Space near Planet Manhattan.

Meanwhile, when he began to get the hang of himself and his new spaceship, he began to fly around looking for what he can do to around, and he got as he first flying casually a Transmission from his first encounter. He looked confused unsure they said, then followed them as they flew off and landed on the same base as they did and started to study on the Planet again, This time, Planet Los Angeles in the California system. and stayed there for a few years studying the English Language and enjoyed the clean air on the planet.

After years of studying later when he turned 26, he mastered the understanding of English language plus able fluently speak it, and began to Fly around seeing and communicating with other pilots who he bumps into and seeing what they do for work, seeing if he is interested in any, but sadly he wasn't and began to enjoy his exploration around the Universe and record his discovery in his Journal he keeps hidden from anyone but himself and Discover Who are these Voices Friends he hears really are.

Months went by and No one knows Where he went anymore since his ship just vanished from Liberty Space. His Ship Status Has vanished from radars since. Till they been refound in the Omicrons somewhere and hasn't left the area unless requested. There also been Rumors saying moments to days later after his arrival to the Omicrons, His been working for himself or in secret with his Closest, trusted friend, The Captain Karl onboard the RNC-Albtraum itself and Hasn't been seen arund much since they "another Rumor said", since they met each other onboard the RNC-Albtraum and became friends in secret and began to working for Captain Karl when nearby.

Part 2 of his life events

Special Data with friends

Recorded data #1 - With Karl-Gerwald Schultz

Recorded data #2 - With Miss Hummingbird

Recorded data #3 - With Akira

Recorded data #4 - With Karl-Gerwald Schultz

Recorded data #5 - With Mr Rhaposodie

Recorded data #6 - some Nomad

Recorded data #7 - some K'hara + a Vagrant

Recorded data #8 - with a Vagrant

recorded data #9 - With Vagrant Ansher

recorded data #10 - With Vagrant Ansher

recorded data #11 - With Vagnant Nyx

recorded data #12 - With an Worshiper of the alien race

recorded data #12 - With Vagnant Nyx and LPI officer Isla

recorded data #13 - With Vagnant Iris

Personel information Plus Documents on curtain things

Robert's Medical Examination in 827AS

Robert's Certificate awards in 824AS

Shocking Discovery while on Exploration in 827As while updating curtain information links


1. Make a hidden truce between himself and the Nomads and The Wild, including the Nomad Vagrants. /

2. Be able to assist Wild and Nomad ships and hired Employer. /

3. Get permission to attack other vessels, in self-defense, to protect and assist am Merchant hired by, or infested and Nomad ships. /


Personal Relations

People Relationship
Anshar of Vagrants
Mr A Wilson of LPI
Close Friend
Mr N Harrison of LPI
Retired Friend
Nyx of Vagrants
Miss I Nazumaki of LPI
Close Friend
Mr A Jankowski of LPI
Mr Blake S of LPI
Mr. McRowley of the Freelancers
A Nomad
Mr C Edwards of 5th
Miss Melanie of ALG
Mr Jan Rhapsodie
Everyone else
Captain Hemmeler of DHC
Miss Tenshi of LH
Captain Faux of LN
Captain Drake of LR
Miss Maira F of LH
Mr Joshua G of Freelancers

Faction Relationship
The Commune
Other infested forces
Everyone else
Bounty Hunters Guild