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A Talk turns into Love with Akira

[22.05.2019 19:11:53] Runner's.Ride: ?:Possible.. What the scanners say?

[22.05.2019 19:12:12] Fukuda: A ship of the L-584-B series, Oasis nickname.

[22.05.2019 19:12:16] Fukuda: Either way.

[22.05.2019 19:12:21] Fukuda: Who are you?

[22.05.2019 19:12:40] Runner's.Ride: ?: Someone you may know already

[22.05.2019 19:12:49] Fukuda: Depends.

[22.05.2019 19:12:59] Fukuda: I'll ask again, who are you?

[22.05.2019 19:13:40] Fukuda: Your voice sounds familiar.

[22.05.2019 19:13:51] Fukuda: Vaugrenard?

[22.05.2019 19:14:12] Runner's.Ride: ?: Maybe, wanta come aboard to see? *as sends note to the docking bay*

[22.05.2019 19:14:19] Fukuda: Not here.

[22.05.2019 19:14:24] Fukuda: Follow me, will you?

[22.05.2019 19:14:40] Runner's.Ride: ?: Sure thing *as tries not chuckle*

[22.05.2019 19:14:45] Runner's.Ride: ?: All systems online

[22.05.2019 19:15:54] Runner's.Ride: ?:this seems far enough

[22.05.2019 19:16:47] Runner's.Ride: ?:ready your landing gears, sending word now

[22.05.2019 19:16:53] Fukuda: Got it.

[22.05.2019 19:16:55] Fukuda: Landing now.

[22.05.2019 19:17:07] Runner's.Ride: Landing bay 1: unknown ship ready to land when open

[22.05.2019 19:18:50] Fukuda: *The Eagle landed, though it's windows were too dark to see through*

[22.05.2019 19:18:52] Runner's.Ride: *A hodden person comes to the pay wit her in it with gun armed at her head* Guy: Idenify yourself

[22.05.2019 19:19:01] Fukuda: *No signs of life were visible*

[22.05.2019 19:23:20] Runner's.Ride: Guy: I know your there Idenify yourself *as she sees lights hitting the window*

[22.05.2019 19:23:35] Fukuda: *Akira smiles, and says without moving:* You got me I guess.

[22.05.2019 19:23:54] Runner's.Ride: Guy: Open your ship now! *as the lights turn on*

[22.05.2019 19:24:20] Fukuda: *A purple light built up inside the cockpit* Fool. *The light goes straight through the glass without breaking it, decimating the guard*

[22.05.2019 19:24:53] Runner's.Ride: Guy: Who are you?

[22.05.2019 19:25:00] Fukuda: *A loud roar bursts and echoes through the whole liner* Those who try to kill me will pay with their lives.

[22.05.2019 19:25:04] Fukuda: Not your business.

[22.05.2019 19:25:23] Fukuda: Get your captain, and let him know about one of your guard's funeral.

[22.05.2019 19:25:28] Runner's.Ride: *Robert hears and comes out and aims gun at you as his face is covered*

[22.05.2019 19:25:43] Runner's.Ride: Another hooden guy: Who might you be?

[22.05.2019 19:26:01] Fukuda: All of you back off now, or the Eagle explodes.

[22.05.2019 19:26:04] Runner's.Ride: The second guy: dont you got other duties do soilder?

[22.05.2019 19:26:06] Fukuda: I've set a charge in it.

[22.05.2019 19:26:10] Fukuda: Now.

[22.05.2019 19:26:14] Fukuda: All of you, back off.

[22.05.2019 19:26:16] Runner's.Ride: Guard: right *leaves*

[22.05.2019 19:26:31] Runner's.Ride: Second guy: *teleports behide her and grabs the charge denolater* guess who

[22.05.2019 19:26:45] Fukuda: It is automated dummy.

[22.05.2019 19:26:51] Fukuda: Only I can deactivate it.

[22.05.2019 19:26:55] Fukuda: And it got 2 minutes left.

[22.05.2019 19:26:55] Runner's.Ride: Second guy: turn around slowly

[22.05.2019 19:27:08] Fukuda: Not so soon.

[22.05.2019 19:27:22] Runner's.Ride: Second guy: just do it *as the voice is someone she knows*

[22.05.2019 19:27:24] Fukuda: Robert, tell your friends to step off and give me the detonator, or I am taking all of you to hell along with me.

[22.05.2019 19:27:38] Runner's.Ride: Robert: *tabs his shoulder* do it

[22.05.2019 19:27:46] Runner's.Ride: Guy: Fine *gives back then goes*

[22.05.2019 19:28:07] Runner's.Ride: Robert: hey sweet heart * as smirks at her then goes infront of her as takes off his helmet*

[22.05.2019 19:28:11] Fukuda: *Akira turns around swiftly while taking the detonator, her fire-red looking eyes staring Robert*

[22.05.2019 19:28:26] Fukuda: I am glad you got your liner. *smiles*

[22.05.2019 19:28:38] Fukuda: I believe it is my part of the deal made just now to stop the charge.

[22.05.2019 19:28:57] Fukuda: *Akira taps a few different times on the device, then hiding it somewhere in her suit pants*

[22.05.2019 19:29:40] Runner's.Ride: Robert: Come with me towards the lounge room it should be same spot you has yours

  • smiles then walks to it*

[22.05.2019 19:30:14] Runner's.Ride: Robert: *gets stop by a guard*

[22.05.2019 19:30:24] Runner's.Ride: Guard: you know she will kill us sir right?

[22.05.2019 19:30:45] Runner's.Ride: Robert: I told the others to stand down and let me deal with her if she gets out of hand

  • as she hears the covo*

[22.05.2019 19:30:58] Fukuda: You said what?

[22.05.2019 19:31:01] Runner's.Ride: Guard: Fine, but I dont like her sir, she doesnt seem to look.. human..

[22.05.2019 19:31:23] Runner's.Ride: Robert: just go take a break in your quarters i will deal around here

[22.05.2019 19:31:28] Fukuda: *Akira pulls out a Katana from her back* Damasc steel. Ancient.

[22.05.2019 19:31:34] Fukuda: You want it through your neck?

[22.05.2019 19:31:44] Runner's.Ride: *Robert turns around* Take it easy

[22.05.2019 19:31:57] Runner's.Ride: Robert: put it away please *As hands gently the blade in way it doesnt cut him*

[22.05.2019 19:32:03] Fukuda: Tell your pets to keep their stuff at their home.

[22.05.2019 19:32:15] Fukuda: *Akira swiftly puts it back in her back*

[22.05.2019 19:32:20] Runner's.Ride: Robert: i will

[22.05.2019 19:32:30] Fukuda: Lead the way captain.

[22.05.2019 19:32:48] Runner's.Ride: Robert: just past this walk way *as goes left*

[22.05.2019 19:32:58] Runner's.Ride: Robert: here she is *as opens door*

[22.05.2019 19:33:17] Runner's.Ride: Robert: make yourself like home *as hands out like lets her go first*

[22.05.2019 19:33:32] Fukuda: *Akira followed, not too impressed*

[22.05.2019 19:33:45] Fukuda: *She walks through the door, but shortly before stops infront of it*

[22.05.2019 19:33:56] Runner's.Ride: Robert: Im sorry about the guards *as looks at her*

[22.05.2019 19:34:25] Fukuda: *She smiles and looks at Robert* It's not the guards. It's just that my Enterprise is more beautiful. *she then giggles as

[22.05.2019 19:34:36] Fukuda: She runs through the lounge a bit, then taking a seat*

[22.05.2019 19:34:57] Runner's.Ride: wonder why, cause your more girly *he chuckles as she does*

[22.05.2019 19:35:11] Runner's.Ride: *Robert puts on her song she likes*

[22.05.2019 19:36:00] Runner's.Ride: *he sits on other side of her* So how you been Angel?

[22.05.2019 19:37:23] Fukuda: *She punches him gently with her elbow, saying on a gigglish tone:* Stop calling me like that.

[22.05.2019 19:38:02] Runner's.Ride: Sorry.. *as does a friendly giggle with a smile at her*, so.. u seem to flew quite far

  • as presses a button*

[22.05.2019 19:38:23] Runner's.Ride: Interested in something to eat *as release the button*

[22.05.2019 19:38:39] Fukuda: No...Thank you though.

[22.05.2019 19:39:09] Runner's.Ride: Once again, sorry about the guards, they hasn't seen much sides myself since i got the ship not long ago

[22.05.2019 19:39:34] Fukuda: Where did you get them from? A Zoological garden from Nuremberg?

[22.05.2019 19:39:42] Runner's.Ride: Here *as puts hand in his jacket and gently pulls out some flowers and gives to her* just a friendly gift nothing really else

[22.05.2019 19:40:14] Fukuda: Don't think I don't know what is going on in that brain of yours. *She says to herself: What is he trying to do?*

[22.05.2019 19:40:32] Runner's.Ride: The guards?, I think from one of the local Hiring centers in Liberty.. in future planning to return back to The boarder worlds

[22.05.2019 19:41:19] Runner's.Ride: Also the flowers aren't really for flirting businesses just to give to you for the fun time we had before on your liner *he

[22.05.2019 19:41:26] Runner's.Ride: says softly with a sad tone*

[22.05.2019 19:41:39] Fukuda: *She takes the flowers, then surprised she says to herself, lost in words: These smell like home...*

[22.05.2019 19:42:00] Fukuda: Where did you get these?

[22.05.2019 19:42:21] Fukuda: *Akira says as she holds the flowers*

[22.05.2019 19:42:33] Runner's.Ride: Somewhere in the omicrons when I was returning here to pick up my line *as he says in a honest voice*

[22.05.2019 19:42:51] Fukuda: You're lying.

[22.05.2019 19:42:59] Fukuda: These are from planet Honshu.

[22.05.2019 19:43:02] Fukuda: I grew up there.

[22.05.2019 19:43:05] Fukuda: I know how they smell.

[22.05.2019 19:43:13] Runner's.Ride: *he goes thru his pocket and looks at a peice of paper with another photo of the Nomads Lair*

[22.05.2019 19:43:33] Runner's.Ride: hehe you got me *as looks down guity*

[22.05.2019 19:43:40] Fukuda: *Akira puts the flower next to her, unaware of the photo Robert pulled out*

[22.05.2019 19:43:51] Fukuda: Got you with what? *Akira says as she turns around*

[22.05.2019 19:44:03] Runner's.Ride: I hope my mother is okay out there *fingers the paper*

[22.05.2019 19:44:19] Runner's.Ride: that i didnt get the flowers from omicrons.. *as he loiks up at her*

[22.05.2019 19:44:30] Fukuda: It's nothing, don't worry.

[22.05.2019 19:44:35] Fukuda: You reminded me of home, that's all.

[22.05.2019 19:45:01] Runner's.Ride: Yea, well I enjoy it in Kusari space, just quiet and relaxable is all.. *as he rubs his neck at her while looks at her*

[22.05.2019 19:45:26] Fukuda: *Akira makes a suspicious face* When did you last go to Kusari?

[22.05.2019 19:45:44] Runner's.Ride: On way to pick up my Liner

[22.05.2019 19:45:56] Runner's.Ride: but sides that, erm... since I think a few months ago..

[22.05.2019 19:46:16] Runner's.Ride: Before began to live in the omicrons in cover of darkness.. while waiting for a friend

[22.05.2019 19:46:24] Fukuda: What friend?

[22.05.2019 19:46:37] Runner's.Ride: *he goes quiet a little*

[22.05.2019 19:46:55] Runner's.Ride: *he clears his thoat and leens into her ear and says softly* Karl

[22.05.2019 19:47:04] Runner's.Ride: *He leens back to his seat*

[22.05.2019 19:47:24] Fukuda: Which Karl? *Akira looks confused, as she keeps her hands on her lap, one on each*

[22.05.2019 19:47:32] Fukuda: Does he have a callsign or anything.

[22.05.2019 19:47:35] Fukuda: ?

[22.05.2019 19:47:44] Runner's.Ride: Karl.. *trie sthink his last name*

[22.05.2019 19:47:57] Fukuda: Callsign, callsign.

[22.05.2019 19:47:59] Fukuda: Not name.

[22.05.2019 19:48:02] Fukuda: Does he have one?

[22.05.2019 19:48:16] Runner's.Ride: Karl.. Schltz *as looks on back of his photo*

[22.05.2019 19:48:27] Fukuda: I don't recognize him.

[22.05.2019 19:48:45] Runner's.Ride: His the captain of the RNC Albtraum or something

[22.05.2019 19:49:15] Fukuda: *Akira starts to have a pale face, and remains stoned as her fire looking like eyes were looking at Robert*

[22.05.2019 19:49:25] Runner's.Ride: you okay? *as looks at her*

[22.05.2019 19:49:29] Fukuda: The RNC-Albtraum you mean?

[22.05.2019 19:49:39] Runner's.Ride: *he nods without another word*

[22.05.2019 19:49:59] Fukuda: That Donau was a legend of the Buro.

[22.05.2019 19:50:13] Fukuda: It was seen taking down battleships alone.

[22.05.2019 19:50:26] Fukuda: And often several bombers couldnt take him down.

[22.05.2019 19:50:31] Runner's.Ride: Yea he told me that.. *as looks at his photo *

[22.05.2019 19:50:41] Fukuda: You met Karl personally?

[22.05.2019 19:51:07] Runner's.Ride: Mhm *as shows photo of Karl to her from his pocket*

[22.05.2019 19:51:19] Runner's.Ride: We close mates *as smiles*

[22.05.2019 19:52:18] Fukuda: How the hell did you survive him in the first place?

[22.05.2019 19:52:36] Runner's.Ride: Robert: *goes to his wallrobe and takes something out* you may heard of this *as shows her the rifle that Robert got from Karl*

[22.05.2019 19:52:56] Fukuda: You are just confusing me more.

[22.05.2019 19:52:58] Runner's.Ride: I has No idea, I think Karl seen something in me that he knows i can be trusted

[22.05.2019 19:53:03] Fukuda: I know that Daumann rifle is rare nowadays.

[22.05.2019 19:53:12] Fukuda: But..

[22.05.2019 19:53:18] Fukuda: The thing is.

[22.05.2019 19:53:25] Fukuda: Albtraum is agressive.

[22.05.2019 19:53:27] Fukuda: Isn't that true?

[22.05.2019 19:53:39] Runner's.Ride: Agressive if you are on the bad side of terms

[22.05.2019 19:54:10] Runner's.Ride: He toke my personal gun and given me this and a samilar pistol model that can kill anyone in one shot if they arent protected

[22.05.2019 19:54:14] Runner's.Ride: *as puts it back away*

[22.05.2019 19:54:16] Fukuda: I've seen a recording or something with Karl himself.

[22.05.2019 19:54:23] Fukuda: The way he took down a Kusarian.

[22.05.2019 19:54:31] Fukuda: He infiltrated a Komainu battlecruiser.

[22.05.2019 19:54:37] Fukuda: And murdered the captain.

[22.05.2019 19:54:45] Runner's.Ride: Last I heard from Karl was when he told me to lay low in the omcirons and wait for him to contract me

[22.05.2019 19:54:49] Fukuda: I've seen the way he slaughtered him, and how he smild in the same time.

[22.05.2019 19:55:05] Fukuda: When Albtraum lays low noone can find him anymore.

[22.05.2019 19:55:13] Fukuda: All you can do is hope, that he did not die.

[22.05.2019 19:55:19] Fukuda: Returning to the recording subject.

[22.05.2019 19:55:23] Runner's.Ride: I still get confused myself how Karl let me lived myself

[22.05.2019 19:55:38] Runner's.Ride: This is Karl we talking about he will never die

[22.05.2019 19:55:55] Fukuda: I've seen Karl murder that captain in a gruesome way. He wouldnt let him talk or scream, and he smiled while stabbing hi-

[22.05.2019 19:56:02] Fukuda: m, ripping his captain insignia.

[22.05.2019 19:56:16] Fukuda: Then opening a firefight.

[22.05.2019 19:56:17] Runner's.Ride: oooo thats gonna twickle *as Robert sits side her*

[22.05.2019 19:56:19] Fukuda: With the crew members.

[22.05.2019 19:56:34] Fukuda: Rumor has it it was the Shounan-Tou.

[22.05.2019 19:56:40] Fukuda: But it's still not confirmed.

[22.05.2019 19:56:55] Fukuda: Only Karl knows, and if he forgot, we will never know.

[22.05.2019 19:56:56] Runner's.Ride: I Aren't so sure sadly on that *as he looks down at his chest*

[22.05.2019 19:57:31] Runner's.Ride: I wanta go home Akira

[22.05.2019 19:57:50] Runner's.Ride: But the question is, where is home for me? *as he looks at her sad*

[22.05.2019 19:59:12] Runner's.Ride: *Robert slowly looks down and cries softly with tears coming out*

[22.05.2019 20:00:02] Fukuda: I have no idea, believe me.

[22.05.2019 20:00:22] Fukuda: *Akira turns a bit around and leans on her back completely on the couch*

[22.05.2019 20:00:29] Fukuda: *As if she was in a bed*

[22.05.2019 20:00:38] Runner's.Ride: *he looks at her as her legs on him a little*

[22.05.2019 20:00:47] Runner's.Ride: foot massage?

[22.05.2019 20:01:36] Runner's.Ride: I mean.. do you want a foot message Akira

[22.05.2019 20:02:03] Fukuda: Oh uh, well. *Her cheeks slowly start to turn cherry-red* Legs, not feet.

[22.05.2019 20:03:13] Runner's.Ride: *he chuckles* I don't want that..

[22.05.2019 20:04:07] Runner's.Ride: But okay, no more then that *As he gently gives her a leg message nothing else on her pants with smooth rubbing*

[22.05.2019 20:05:03] Runner's.Ride: just... relax and enjoy yourself *as gives her the remote for the wire fly ratio case she wants to change songs*

[22.05.2019 20:05:07] Fukuda: *Inside her mind: Those hands...are...ugh I should stop but I can' feels so good*

[22.05.2019 20:05:45] Runner's.Ride: *Robert looks at her*

[22.05.2019 20:06:01] Runner's.Ride: Didn't you say your in a relationship?

[22.05.2019 20:06:43] Fukuda: *She says on a rather relaxed tone* No...I did not....

[22.05.2019 20:07:03] Runner's.Ride: how come? *as enjoys doing it for her*

[22.05.2019 20:07:53] Fukuda: Mmm...I don't know.

[22.05.2019 20:08:14] Fukuda: *Akira says as she had her eyes closed, and biting a bit of her lower lip*

[22.05.2019 20:08:37] Runner's.Ride: Well im looking for someone, if ever interested just look me up *as gives his neural net ID*

[22.05.2019 20:08:52] Runner's.Ride: What you say your name was?

[22.05.2019 20:09:00] Runner's.Ride: I think i heard it somewhere..

[22.05.2019 20:09:27] Fukuda: Fukuda...Akira.

[22.05.2019 20:09:53] Fukuda: *Her tone comes back to a firm, but lower one* Do you have a bedroom or something around here?

[22.05.2019 20:10:00] Fukuda: I'm a bit tired.

[22.05.2019 20:10:08] Runner's.Ride: *he stops*

[22.05.2019 20:10:20] Runner's.Ride: I do, want me carry you there?

[22.05.2019 20:10:45] Fukuda: Mm, yes.

[22.05.2019 20:11:55] Runner's.Ride: *He gently puts her legs off him as he gets up and picks her up gently and carries her to his bedroom* Damn your heavy *he grins*

[22.05.2019 20:12:25] Fukuda: *Akira grabs Robert by his neck as he carries her*

[22.05.2019 20:12:40] Runner's.Ride: *He smiles at her as he lefts her go with a hand and opens a door*

[22.05.2019 20:13:45] Runner's.Ride: Hers my room *as gently puts her on his bed as he forgets to tidy it and puts the blanket over her to keep her warm*

[22.05.2019 20:13:54] Fukuda: *The door revealed a cherry-colored bedroom, similar to Roussillon's wine-colored clouds*

[22.05.2019 20:14:03] Fukuda: I love it.

[22.05.2019 20:14:28] Runner's.Ride: Thanks, *as she sees the bedshreets are same flowers he given her eailer*

[22.05.2019 20:14:48] Runner's.Ride: I go get ur flowers okay? *as he walks out to get them*

[22.05.2019 20:15:03] Fukuda: *Akira grabs him*

[22.05.2019 20:15:10] Fukuda: No, let the flowers be.

[22.05.2019 20:15:14] Runner's.Ride: *he stops and turns*

[22.05.2019 20:15:19] Runner's.Ride: You sure?

[22.05.2019 20:15:22] Fukuda: I am.

[22.05.2019 20:15:33] Runner's.Ride: You remind me so much of another friend *he chuckles at her*

[22.05.2019 20:15:47] Fukuda: Well, he or she doesn't matter now.

[22.05.2019 20:16:00] Fukuda: *Akira pushes Robert onto the bed*

[22.05.2019 20:16:43] Runner's.Ride: *he looks at her confused* what you got in mind?

[22.05.2019 20:17:27] Fukuda: I don't know darling, what about you? *She says as he climbs on top of him*

[22.05.2019 20:17:47] Runner's.Ride: Kenkie.... *as he giggles as lets her*

[22.05.2019 20:18:12] Fukuda: Kenkie?

[22.05.2019 20:18:14] Runner's.Ride: For just us metting just moments ago, you seem so into me *laughs a little as honks her nose*

[22.05.2019 20:18:25] Runner's.Ride: Cheekie basicly *as he giggles still*

[22.05.2019 20:18:46] Fukuda: *She lays down on top of him, resting her chin on her crossed arms*

[22.05.2019 20:18:56] Fukuda: I appreciate your compliment. *she grins*

[22.05.2019 20:19:01] Runner's.Ride: *he looks down at her*

[22.05.2019 20:19:16] Runner's.Ride: Your not gonna infect me arent you *as does a joking tone voice*

[22.05.2019 20:19:24] Fukuda: No...

[22.05.2019 20:19:30] Fukuda: I won't.

[22.05.2019 20:20:07] Runner's.Ride: okay *he soflty talks and smiles*

[22.05.2019 20:20:51] Runner's.Ride: Tell me why you dont wanta infect me *as he tries to ich his head with his pillows*

[22.05.2019 20:21:10] Runner's.Ride: Damn really girl? *as looks at her*

[22.05.2019 20:22:34] Runner's.Ride: you are so bad... *as He chuckles still*

[22.05.2019 20:23:00] Fukuda: I know.

[22.05.2019 20:23:27] Fukuda: Tell me.

[22.05.2019 20:23:35] Runner's.Ride: *he looks at her*

[22.05.2019 20:36:39] Fukuda: What do you want to know about me?

[22.05.2019 20:37:02] Runner's.Ride: What ever you like to tell me *he smiles at her*

[22.05.2019 20:37:16] Fukuda: Ask me and I will answer. *she smiles*

[22.05.2019 20:37:21] Fukuda: Anything.

[22.05.2019 20:37:46] Runner's.Ride: Tell me about your childhood before you came this...

[22.05.2019 20:38:06] Fukuda: It's a bit complicated.

[22.05.2019 20:38:14] Runner's.Ride: I mean.. if you remember before you came infected.. *as looks down*

[22.05.2019 20:38:39] Fukuda: *Akira stretches her right hand a bit, and grabs Robert's chin pulling it a bit up* Don't be shy. [22.05.2019 20:38:51] Fukuda: My childhood was a bit diffiicult.

[22.05.2019 20:39:03] Fukuda: A conflict broke out between my parents.

[22.05.2019 20:39:04] Runner's.Ride: okay okay *as he nods best he can while she holds him by neck*

[22.05.2019 20:39:28] Runner's.Ride: I am sorry for that happened to you *as he tries to give her a back rub*

[22.05.2019 20:39:37] Fukuda: *Akira crosses her hands, resting her chin on them while laying low on Robert*

[22.05.2019 20:39:50] Fukuda: I couldn't stand it anymore.

[22.05.2019 20:39:59] Fukuda: My father was working in the Kempeitai.

[22.05.2019 20:40:06] Fukuda: And my mother raised me almost alone like.

[22.05.2019 20:40:16] Fukuda: She was mad that he had to go out a lot.

[22.05.2019 20:40:21] Fukuda: And that she had to raise me alone.

[22.05.2019 20:40:51] Fukuda: One evening, at our residence, I snuck out of my room when I was twelve.

[22.05.2019 20:40:57] Runner's.Ride: I never knew my real mother myself *as he looks at roof

[22.05.2019 20:41:05] Fukuda: It's sad indeed.

[22.05.2019 20:41:21] Runner's.Ride: *he looks at her with a big frown*

[22.05.2019 20:41:25] Fukuda: So I snuck out of my room, and went in the back yard.

[22.05.2019 20:41:43] Fukuda: I took some objects to use them as a ladder of some sort, and climbed my dad's window.

[22.05.2019 20:41:52] Fukuda: He would keep a pistol in one his drawers.

[22.05.2019 20:42:00] Fukuda: And I took it then shot him in the head.

[22.05.2019 20:42:19] Fukuda: Then I've went into my mother's room,.

[22.05.2019 20:42:20] Runner's.Ride: *Robert eyes widen*

[22.05.2019 20:42:36] Fukuda: I aimed the gun at her head too.

[22.05.2019 20:42:42] Fukuda: But I couldn't pull the trigger.

[22.05.2019 20:42:53] Fukuda: After all that she had done for me and all that, I couldn't.

[22.05.2019 20:43:08] Fukuda: I left that night and didn't look back.

[22.05.2019 20:43:14] Runner's.Ride: *he thinks in head as listens: She knew her mother cared best she could..*

[22.05.2019 20:43:34] Fukuda: I took enough money with me to sustain me for a period of time.

[22.05.2019 20:43:40] Fukuda: I became a thief shortly after.

[22.05.2019 20:43:49] Fukuda: I'd often break into houses and steal, all just to survive.

[22.05.2019 20:43:51] Runner's.Ride: *Robert tries sitting up*

[22.05.2019 20:44:08] Fukuda: *Akira pushes him down* Something wrong?

[22.05.2019 20:44:16] Runner's.Ride: Just need to sit up

[22.05.2019 20:44:28] Runner's.Ride: If its okay *as lays back down*

[22.05.2019 20:44:38] Fukuda: You're comfy.

[22.05.2019 20:44:48] Runner's.Ride: am now *as he relaxes*

[22.05.2019 20:45:05] Runner's.Ride: Just need to losen my back a bit

[22.05.2019 20:45:08] Fukuda: And, at the age of about 17, I stole a Sabre.

[22.05.2019 20:45:18] Fukuda: Then pirated in the far voids of space.

[22.05.2019 20:45:21] Fukuda: Had to make a living.

[22.05.2019 20:45:31] Runner's.Ride: *nods slightly*

[22.05.2019 20:45:32] Fukuda: Then, one day I was in Tohoku.

[22.05.2019 20:45:50] Runner's.Ride: *thinks: the home of the legendary arch?*

[22.05.2019 20:45:53] Fukuda: My ship was disabled by weapon fire, then when I woke up I was on a station that looked like what used to be Tekagi's Arch.

[22.05.2019 20:46:05] Fukuda: I could feel it inside me.

[22.05.2019 20:46:07] Runner's.Ride: *smiles a little*

[22.05.2019 20:46:08] Fukuda: I was terrified.

[22.05.2019 20:46:25] Fukuda: I could feel it rumbling inside me.

[22.05.2019 20:46:35] Runner's.Ride: what was? *softly*

[22.05.2019 20:46:35] Fukuda: But shortly after, I decided to accept fate.

[22.05.2019 20:46:50] Fukuda: And here I am now.

[22.05.2019 20:46:58] Runner's.Ride: only a young one then?

[22.05.2019 20:47:36] Runner's.Ride: *he goes really quiet and no sign of breathing but stares as he thinks in his head*

[22.05.2019 20:48:29] Runner's.Ride: *he comes true again* want me tell mine?

[22.05.2019 20:49:12] Runner's.Ride: *Robert looks at Akira*

[22.05.2019 20:49:12] Fukuda: I am all ears. *Akira says as she seems a bit intrigued*

[22.05.2019 20:49:50] Runner's.Ride: I dont really know much about my past but this all i know personaly from memory lost coming back to me.. *as he then clears

[22.05.2019 20:49:53] Runner's.Ride: his thoat*

[22.05.2019 20:50:19] Runner's.Ride: When I was just little, I never really knew my real mother, or father..

[22.05.2019 20:50:38] Runner's.Ride: The one who they claim to be my mother, was just a inposter i tell you later about..

[22.05.2019 20:51:04] Runner's.Ride: I was raisen in Gallia Space on i think Planet La De Paris or something like that..,

[22.05.2019 20:51:23] Runner's.Ride: I began to hear these voices.. in my head like.. i am hearing the dead

[22.05.2019 20:53:45] Runner's.Ride: I was thinking why am i hearing things in my head, i was at the time now i think of it, insane in head

[22.05.2019 20:53:57] Runner's.Ride: I had no idea what was making those sounds so i just tried ignoring it

[22.05.2019 20:54:36] Runner's.Ride: but as I growing up, Was forced to respect and honour the Gallia Empire, but i did not like that and I felt inside, rage, fear and hate I

[22.05.2019 20:54:44] Runner's.Ride: did when I grew older

[22.05.2019 20:55:02] Runner's.Ride: as i was growing up I grew, my fear and rage grew stronger

[22.05.2019 20:55:08] Fukuda: We become more sad as we know more.

[22.05.2019 20:55:23] Fukuda: As little we're taught to be happy and live our lives.

[22.05.2019 20:55:28] Fukuda: The truth being hidden from us.

[22.05.2019 20:55:33] Runner's.Ride: indeed was to me

[22.05.2019 20:55:57] Runner's.Ride: As i grew into a teen, I began to kill people, showing my strengh to the darkness uncontrollablely

[22.05.2019 20:56:32] Runner's.Ride: I was knocked out when i was 18, and was taken to a hidden Gallic Intelligance base in Gallia space and was taken for question

[22.05.2019 20:56:42] Runner's.Ride: I didn't say a thing but grew more stronger

[22.05.2019 20:56:49] Fukuda: In hate you mean?

[22.05.2019 20:57:09] Runner's.Ride: Found my so speak mother as an intelligance officer of that base and killed her also stole her ship to escape Gallia

[22.05.2019 20:57:25] Fukuda: Wait, you killed your mother?

[22.05.2019 20:57:28] Runner's.Ride: In hate as in Rage, stronger, feeling the need for blood

[22.05.2019 20:57:49] Runner's.Ride: My so speak mother, my real mother is out there somewere *as Robert points to the nav map poster on his wall behide her*

[22.05.2019 20:58:28] Runner's.Ride: I flew with her ship and as i tried getting out i somehow teleported myself and felt weaken each time i do it

[22.05.2019 20:58:37] Runner's.Ride: since i cant control my actions

[22.05.2019 20:59:01] Runner's.Ride: I manage to flew and got shot by an Gallia ship as an Anicent ship came to try save me it seems

[22.05.2019 20:59:06] Runner's.Ride: and got shot in the crossfire

[22.05.2019 20:59:09] Runner's.Ride: knocked out

[22.05.2019 20:59:31] Runner's.Ride: Woke up on planet Manhattan here in New york, and never knew much english when i was 23

[22.05.2019 20:59:53] Runner's.Ride: thought i sore a man but was me seeing things and they given me my fighter u may know of

[22.05.2019 21:00:24] Runner's.Ride: and lived on planet Las Angelas for 3 years learning english.

[22.05.2019 21:00:42] Runner's.Ride: Months later I was flewing around under the radar looking for the voices and my mother

[22.05.2019 21:00:50] Runner's.Ride: but couldnt find but i did find the voices were but

[22.05.2019 21:01:13] Runner's.Ride: the Ancient race that you know of today

[22.05.2019 21:01:23] Runner's.Ride: The Light

[22.05.2019 21:01:28] Runner's.Ride: The care takers

[22.05.2019 21:01:43] Runner's.Ride: Only you guys and them know who is my mother but none knows who she is

[22.05.2019 21:01:58] Runner's.Ride: Moments later after i began to live in the omicrons, i've met Karl

[22.05.2019 21:02:09] Fukuda: How did you meet him?

[22.05.2019 21:02:09] Runner's.Ride: and thats how i met him and all that

[22.05.2019 21:02:16] Fukuda: I mean...

[22.05.2019 21:02:20] Fukuda: In what sort of way?

[22.05.2019 21:02:26] Fukuda: Was he fighting? He was on recon or anything?

[22.05.2019 21:02:27] Runner's.Ride: Mistakenly thought he was a human like they say i am..

[22.05.2019 21:02:38] Runner's.Ride: Nah his ship was abananded

[22.05.2019 21:02:52] Runner's.Ride: which i thought since i been sending Intercom messages to see if anyone in there

[22.05.2019 21:02:53] Fukuda: Wait...

[22.05.2019 21:03:02] Fukuda: So it was like a trap?

[22.05.2019 21:03:02] Runner's.Ride: but it woke up scar- yes?

[22.05.2019 21:03:17] Runner's.Ride: I thought it was, but he didnt open fire i was like "does he know me?"

[22.05.2019 21:03:46] Runner's.Ride: He began to talk to me on intercom and wanted me follow him and next i know he wanted me land on his cruiser he was in at the

[22.05.2019 21:03:52] Runner's.Ride: time and we met moment after that

[22.05.2019 21:04:29] Runner's.Ride: which was scary cause he, as i knew, from studying the Ancient race, can kill me in moment but he just didnt and spoke to me

[22.05.2019 21:04:43] Runner's.Ride: we then came best of mates and next i know he time to time give me taskes to aid him agaist the humans

[22.05.2019 21:04:55] Runner's.Ride: so thats i been doing when his around..

[22.05.2019 21:05:11] Runner's.Ride: well thats end of my story of my past..

[22.05.2019 21:05:51] Runner's.Ride: so you can see, my life is basicly on the run but in secert

[22.05.2019 21:06:05] Runner's.Ride: I hope you can help me find whos my mother is *as he looks down sadly*

[22.05.2019 21:06:38] Runner's.Ride: but that isnt really what im looking for currently..

[22.05.2019 21:07:05] Fukuda: I am not sure I can help you.

[22.05.2019 21:07:09] Fukuda: That sort of thing is complicated.

[22.05.2019 21:07:24] Runner's.Ride: its alright *he doesnt fown but smiles at her*

[22.05.2019 21:07:30] Runner's.Ride: Can i ask you something?

[22.05.2019 21:07:36] Fukuda: Yes?

[22.05.2019 21:08:06] Runner's.Ride: I know this is a bit much but is there a way we can be friends in secert? cause I heard alot of people fears you guys

[22.05.2019 21:08:46] Fukuda: Of course.

[22.05.2019 21:09:15] Fukuda: *Akira sits up a bit, but kneels, taking off her top part of her suit, revealing her B-cups*

[22.05.2019 21:09:19] Fukuda: its time for the real sh*t//

[22.05.2019 21:09:40] Runner's.Ride: *he notices and smiles* those are nice

[22.05.2019 21:10:42] Fukuda: *Akira lays down on her belly on Robert again*

[22.05.2019 21:11:04] Runner's.Ride: whats up *as keeps the smile*

[22.05.2019 21:11:55] Fukuda: I don't know.

[22.05.2019 21:11:59] Fukuda: You're comfortable.

[22.05.2019 21:12:13] Runner's.Ride: If I am you are *as nods at her*

[22.05.2019 21:13:00] Fukuda: Well, thank you.

[22.05.2019 21:13:12] Runner's.Ride: *he lets off a small sigh*

[22.05.2019 21:13:47] Fukuda: You alright?

[22.05.2019 21:14:14] Runner's.Ride: yea.. just life feels like a joke to me *as he looks at her with a sad tone*

[22.05.2019 21:14:42] Runner's.Ride: *Robert tries move her closer to his face a little*

[22.05.2019 21:14:58] Fukuda: *Akira moves softly, almost as if she wanted to*

[22.05.2019 21:15:22] Runner's.Ride: Your most welcome to lay side me *as his bed is a king size*

[22.05.2019 21:15:30] Runner's.Ride: King size double//*

[22.05.2019 21:15:48] Fukuda: I was about to ask that. *her cheeks remain red a bit*

[22.05.2019 21:16:14] Runner's.Ride: *he gently shiffles a bit to edge of his side* please be my guest *as pats the open side for her*

[22.05.2019 21:16:22] Fukuda: *Akira rolls down to Robert's right side, between him and the wall*

[22.05.2019 21:16:36] Runner's.Ride: Hehe *he giggles as lets her *

[22.05.2019 21:17:08] Fukuda: I am feeling a bit too warm.

[22.05.2019 21:17:26] Fukuda: Would you mind if I...*she says softly as she bites her lower lip again*

[22.05.2019 21:17:27] Runner's.Ride: you know how annoying things are these days between girls and myself, non really likes me for i know *as he gently puts his hand

[22.05.2019 21:17:40] Runner's.Ride: down the pillow as gently digs it under her head*

[22.05.2019 21:18:18] Runner's.Ride: Whats making you feel warm? *as he looks at her*

[22.05.2019 21:18:44] Fukuda: I don't know.

[22.05.2019 21:18:58] Fukuda: Maybe...the rest of this suit.

[22.05.2019 21:19:35] Runner's.Ride: *he smiles* well, I would normaly not allow this but you are most welcome do what you feel comfortable for your body *he smiles

[22.05.2019 21:19:59] Runner's.Ride: while gently right hand her right cheek as wiggles it*

[22.05.2019 21:21:59] Runner's.Ride: Wouldnt mind it?

[22.05.2019 21:22:22] Fukuda: Not a bit.

[22.05.2019 21:22:42] Runner's.Ride: *He hits a button on his bed that locks the door and does same*

[22.05.2019 21:23:32] Fukuda: *Akira notices a small button on the wall next to her saying: AG for A1*

[22.05.2019 21:23:52] Runner's.Ride: *he smirks at her* wanta press it?

[22.05.2019 21:24:04] Fukuda: *She smiles at him, then pushes it*

[22.05.2019 21:24:13] Fukuda: *Both start to float*

[22.05.2019 21:24:29] Runner's.Ride: *he smiles* dont worry the air is still breathable just u can float till the button is pressed

[22.05.2019 21:24:31] Fukuda: The other items were with magnets, and The other...lifted.

[22.05.2019 21:24:58] Fukuda: It feels nice.

[22.05.2019 21:25:01] Fukuda: Like it's in water.

[22.05.2019 21:25:02] Runner's.Ride: I glad i installed this *smiles* i use it to relax when i read

[22.05.2019 21:25:27] Runner's.Ride: Yea i agree *smiles as he turns her to face him and tries kiss her cheeks and giggles*

[22.05.2019 21:25:40] Fukuda: *Akira's B-cups and Robert's dangling manhood were floating relatively funny*

[22.05.2019 21:25:47] Fukuda: This is nice.

[22.05.2019 21:26:02] Runner's.Ride: I would agree more with you

[22.05.2019 21:26:22] Runner's.Ride: I wonder.. *to himself with a big grim on face*

[22.05.2019 21:26:27] Fukuda: I told you to get a Liner for a reason.

[22.05.2019 21:26:28] Fukuda: Hm?

[22.05.2019 21:26:36] Runner's.Ride: Yea i see now..

[22.05.2019 21:27:42] Fukuda: Mm, would you do that a bit more? *She grins as she looks towards Robert*

[22.05.2019 21:28:06] Runner's.Ride: If you want me too *he gives a

[22.05.2019 21:30:44] Runner's.Ride: Hehe want more pokes?? *as he does more*

[22.05.2019 21:30:54] Fukuda: Not pokes, but, mmm...

[22.05.2019 21:31:03] Runner's.Ride: okay *grabs her then laughs*

[22.05.2019 21:32:19] Fukuda: It feels great. *she tilts her head, closing her eyes*

[22.05.2019 21:32:31] Runner's.Ride: They so soft and beautiful like you *as he gently feels them gently*

[22.05.2019 21:32:53] Fukuda: I have a little secret I want to tell you.

[22.05.2019 21:32:56] Fukuda: Come closer.

[22.05.2019 21:33:22] Runner's.Ride: that your infected *as been silly in a friendly way then comes closer* what you wanta tell me?

[22.05.2019 21:42:20] Fukuda: *She shakes her head a bit as she's now face-to-face, smiles, then grabs his cheeks and gently kisses him* [22.05.2019 21:43:10] Runner's.Ride: *he smiles then grabs her and kisses her on lips*

[22.05.2019 21:43:35] Fukuda: *She starts to slowly bite his lips*

[22.05.2019 21:44:32] Runner's.Ride: *he stops after a while then looks at her*

[22.05.2019 21:45:20] Runner's.Ride: *he remains silent while looks at her face*

[22.05.2019 21:45:35] Fukuda: *She grabs his body with her arms while he is doing so* What happened? *As she tilts her head a bit*

[22.05.2019 21:45:52] Runner's.Ride: Never kissed before

[22.05.2019 21:46:23] Fukuda: It is fine, you're a good kisser.

[22.05.2019 21:46:37] Runner's.Ride: so are you *then tries kissing her again but like true love way*

[22.05.2019 21:46:50] Fukuda: *She does too*

[22.05.2019 21:47:12] Runner's.Ride: *They hear a knock on the quarters door and he stops*

[22.05.2019 21:47:20] Fukuda: *She whispers:* What was that?

[22.05.2019 21:47:35] Runner's.Ride: Someone wants me it seems at the door *whispers back*

[22.05.2019 21:47:55] Fukuda: I am wanted too it seems...

[22.05.2019 21:48:03] Runner's.Ride: Hang on a moment just finishing off this shreet *as talks normal and winks at her*

[22.05.2019 21:48:18] Fukuda: Okay. *She plays along*

[22.05.2019 21:48:20] Runner's.Ride: Oh okay, why that? *as he holds her hands*

[22.05.2019 21:48:33] Runner's.Ride: *softly*

[22.05.2019 21:48:46] Fukuda: 'Cause I love you twat. *she whispers*

[22.05.2019 21:49:03] Runner's.Ride: im no twat unlike you *as winks then fists her gently*

[22.05.2019 21:49:33] Fukuda: But you're my twat silly. *she kisses him gently, and lets her arms around his neck*

[22.05.2019 21:49:37] Runner's.Ride: *holds her close and turns off the ag and she falls on him as they land in the bed*

[22.05.2019 21:50:05] Runner's.Ride: your mine too *then kisses lip

[22.05.2019 21:50:37] Runner's.Ride: a Hooden man: Is there everything okay?

[22.05.2019 21:50:49] Fukuda: *She grabs them and holds them in the last second before the guard notices*

[22.05.2019 21:51:02] Runner's.Ride: Yea, just finishing off some nav map plans to bring some supplies to a base within the Omicrons

[22.05.2019 21:51:14] Runner's.Ride: Guard:what was that?

[22.05.2019 21:51:18] Runner's.Ride: what was what?

[22.05.2019 21:51:35] Runner's.Ride: Guard: oh seeing things, Orders?

[22.05.2019 21:51:57] Runner's.Ride: Just standby Like always, I will send a intercom over the speakers when time to head out

[22.05.2019 21:52:13] Runner's.Ride: Guard: rogar that sir *walks off as Robert shuts the doors*

[22.05.2019 21:52:20] Runner's.Ride: Okay ur good now *as he looks up at her*

[22.05.2019 21:52:37] Fukuda: Well that was close.

[22.05.2019 21:52:41] Runner's.Ride: Drop if like *as he holds hands out for ready to catch her if she dorps*

[22.05.2019 21:52:49] Fukuda: Not really.

[22.05.2019 21:52:55] Fukuda: I enjoy being without gravity.

[22.05.2019 21:52:56] Runner's.Ride: kk, on the bed then?

[22.05.2019 21:53:01] Fukuda: Toss me the clothes will you?

[22.05.2019 21:53:09] Fukuda: I've been called sadly.

[22.05.2019 21:53:13] Runner's.Ride: sure *as he grabs hers and gives back*

[22.05.2019 21:53:21] Fukuda: Thank you.

[22.05.2019 21:53:32] Runner's.Ride: See around, call me if want to talk more

[22.05.2019 21:53:34] Fukuda: *Akira puts her suit back on*

[22.05.2019 21:53:38] Fukuda: I will.

[22.05.2019 21:53:49] Runner's.Ride: *he slips her a love note before she fully puts it on*

[22.05.2019 21:54:21] Fukuda: *Akira floats to the button, and presses it*

[22.05.2019 21:54:26] Fukuda: *She falls shortly on the bed*

[22.05.2019 21:54:53] Runner's.Ride: *he kisses her on the lip*

[22.05.2019 21:55:17] Runner's.Ride: Love you *as teleports to her ship and stands by the door that opens for her ship*

[22.05.2019 21:55:34] Fukuda: Love you too. *She says as she enters her Eagle*

[22.05.2019 21:55:41] Runner's.Ride: Come back anytime, if I arent on this just keep a eye out for my Fighter, Unmistakable when within the Omicrons

[22.05.2019 21:55:51] Fukuda: I will.

[22.05.2019 21:55:58] Fukuda: *The Eagle's hatch seals*

[22.05.2019 21:56:09] Fukuda: *The bay opened, and the Eagle undocks*

[22.05.2019 21:56:09] Runner's.Ride: Crew member: fuel tank is full up sir

[22.05.2019 21:56:23] Runner's.Ride: Good *as he waves at the hatch as she leaves it*

[22.05.2019 21:57:04] Fukuda: Thank you for a wonderful time.

[22.05.2019 21:57:25] Fukuda: Farewell Robert.

[22.05.2019 21:57:26] Runner's.Ride: Robert: see My lady, Much love *as waves to her from the the captains cockpit*

[22.05.2019 21:57:44] Runner's.Ride: Robert:Fly safe, and if your caught.. Dont say you know me

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