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Talk with Mr Rhaposodie

[07.06.2019 23:51:57] Unmistakable: Hey there

[07.06.2019 23:51:58] Oracle|Jan.Rhapsodie: Hello Brother of Sirius, why have you come here?

[07.06.2019 23:52:23] Unmistakable: Trying to discover the reason why the Cosairs are after these artifacts

[07.06.2019 23:52:27] Unmistakable: how about you?

[07.06.2019 23:52:56] Oracle|Jan.Rhapsodie: Well I can tell you, it is because they are thieves heretics

[07.06.2019 23:53:11] Unmistakable: I believe that as well

[07.06.2019 23:53:28] Unmistakable: All they care about is the profts they make smuggling such Ancient Materials

[07.06.2019 23:53:32] Oracle|Jan.Rhapsodie: I am here to protect the architecture from further damage

[07.06.2019 23:53:57] Unmistakable: I agree with you and your request

[07.06.2019 23:54:26] Oracle|Jan.Rhapsodie: And hope to appease our blue neigbours here by showing that the humans can stop our wicked ways

[07.06.2019 23:54:44] Unmistakable: I am formailar with that request of theirs

[07.06.2019 23:55:21] Oracle|Jan.Rhapsodie: Have you travelled far?

[07.06.2019 23:55:28] Unmistakable: I arent here to see any war within the light, i am here to find ways to show my loyalicy to them

[07.06.2019 23:55:41] Unmistakable: Travelled far and wide you mean? , Indeed has

[07.06.2019 23:56:16] Unmistakable: to find work and make a proven point to show my loyalness towards our ancient friends, as you know know them well *as sits back

[07.06.2019 23:56:28] Oracle|Jan.Rhapsodie: I can see your spirit is open and that you will find what you seek

[07.06.2019 23:56:57] Oracle|Jan.Rhapsodie: I welcome your support in protecting this important location

[07.06.2019 23:57:07] Unmistakable: I shouldn't say this but I believe I can thru out my life hear them but never could understand them till recently

[07.06.2019 23:57:40] Unmistakable: this clear they, seem to request me to aid them within the attacks of the humans stealing anymore of their ancient artitech

[07.06.2019 23:58:10] Unmistakable: well voices in my head, i heard a few years ago, when I was on flee from my assumed home

[07.06.2019 23:58:33] Oracle|Jan.Rhapsodie: Good, you have listened to the voice within

[07.06.2019 23:59:01] Oracle|Jan.Rhapsodie: As did I some moons ago

[07.06.2019 23:59:09] Unmistakable: I tried to block them but they seem to get wrose but they never hated me for it, they knew what was inside me was young

[07.06.2019 23:59:37] Oracle|Jan.Rhapsodie: But tell me, the voice has called you here and not to the Shrine?

[08.06.2019 00:00:25] Unmistakable: They called me to come to an outpost owned to their good friends, the agents, but it doesnt seem to see me as a friend as of

[08.06.2019 00:00:27] Unmistakable: yet..

[08.06.2019 00:00:35] Unmistakable: only one of their agents know me as i am

[08.06.2019 00:00:46] Unmistakable: Rest just laughs in shadows

[08.06.2019 00:00:58] Oracle|Jan.Rhapsodie: Come, we will move away from these Brothers

[08.06.2019 00:01:11] Unmistakable: Can't agree more following you

[08.06.2019 00:01:43] Unmistakable: I see they seen you as a friend, a member of their family? Mr? *as rubs head due to hearing a male accent*

[08.06.2019 00:01:59] Oracle|Jan.Rhapsodie: Rhapsodie

[08.06.2019 00:02:03] Oracle|Jan.Rhapsodie: I was like you

[08.06.2019 00:02:28] Unmistakable: NO one was like me *as tone of voice darkens a slight bit*

[08.06.2019 00:02:42] Oracle|Jan.Rhapsodie: I was working out in this region for many months when I met an 'enlightened' man

[08.06.2019 00:02:52] Oracle|Jan.Rhapsodie: He showed me incredible things

[08.06.2019 00:02:53] Unmistakable: Who was it?

[08.06.2019 00:03:00] Oracle|Jan.Rhapsodie: Come.

[08.06.2019 00:03:24] Unmistakable: The one who I shown my real self was an agent of the light

[08.06.2019 00:03:43] Unmistakable: No one knows him that well, only rumors

[08.06.2019 00:03:52] Oracle|Jan.Rhapsodie: Karl Schultz he was called, though I haven't seen him in a long time

[08.06.2019 00:04:02] Unmistakable: Wait karl-G schulz?

[08.06.2019 00:04:18] Unmistakable: I know him to well, we're close mates *as eyes widen*

[08.06.2019 00:04:32] Oracle|Jan.Rhapsodie: It seems one and the same

[08.06.2019 00:04:58] Unmistakable: Yes, the ex MND agent who was on a top secert mission that got infected aproon tring to secture a threat?

[08.06.2019 00:05:14] Unmistakable: Cant say more sadly due to rest is classfield

[08.06.2019 00:05:29] Oracle|Jan.Rhapsodie: It is more than I need know

[08.06.2019 00:05:42] Unmistakable: which way?

[08.06.2019 00:05:46] Oracle|Jan.Rhapsodie: He opened my eyes to the possibilites of man and nomad working together

[08.06.2019 00:06:13] Unmistakable: Yea he knows my back story *as looks at his computer*

[08.06.2019 00:06:42] Unmistakable: He knows im trying to proven my loyal to our family but he sees I can do it, in time

[08.06.2019 00:07:03] Unmistakable: No matter how much time i use i always fail the loyal ness

[08.06.2019 00:07:09] If you are killed in a PvP fight, you are not allowed to re-engage the player or group of players that you were fighting any of your characters for 1 hour. Self-destruction during such fights also counts as a PvP death.

[08.06.2019 00:07:09] Characters of a player who was killed in a PvP fight must not return into the same system for 1 hour. Check the server rules on the forums for the exceptions to this.

[08.06.2019 00:07:11] Unmistakable: Mr Rhapsodie

[08.06.2019 00:07:39] Unmistakable: *sighs* I never will forget what happened to me.. before I came who i am today...

[08.06.2019 00:08:01] Oracle|Jan.Rhapsodie: I had thought that I may also become 'enlightened'

[08.06.2019 00:08:17] Death: Henrik.the.drunk was put out of action by a hostile vessel. [08.06.2019 00:08:25] Oracle|Jan.Rhapsodie: But that was not the path set out for me

[08.06.2019 00:09:30] Oracle|Jan.Rhapsodie: Until I heard the calls

[08.06.2019 00:09:54] Unmistakable: mind i ask something?

[08.06.2019 00:10:19] Oracle|Jan.Rhapsodie: It is my task to help guide any seeker

[08.06.2019 00:10:23] Unmistakable: When you met Mr Schulz, what was he like? did he see you as a threat? wanted to kill you?

[08.06.2019 00:11:08] Unmistakable: With me he seen me as an family towards our brothers, Knew I dont see anything within war agaist our kind

[08.06.2019 00:11:08] Oracle|Jan.Rhapsodie: Hmm, although he fired on me the intent was not to harm me

[08.06.2019 00:11:18] Oracle|Jan.Rhapsodie: As far as I believe

[08.06.2019 00:11:51] Unmistakable: I am still trying to work out when im sleeping, finding out why he didnt shot me, I could be anyone, a spy within the humans

[08.06.2019 00:11:57] Unmistakable: oh i mean, Metal skins

[08.06.2019 00:12:12] Oracle|Jan.Rhapsodie: I became to view him as a friend, until he abandoned me

[08.06.2019 00:12:27] Oracle|Jan.Rhapsodie: Perhaps I was not worthy of his time

[08.06.2019 00:12:31] Unmistakable: Im sorry that he had to do that to you Mr Rhapsodie

[08.06.2019 00:12:57] Oracle|Jan.Rhapsodie: But still, my mind was opened and I realised there was more to Sirius

[08.06.2019 00:13:00] Unmistakable: Please understand, he been really busy with his work he does to keep the brothers safe

[08.06.2019 00:13:07] Oracle|Jan.Rhapsodie: Look at these stars

[08.06.2019 00:13:17] Oracle|Jan.Rhapsodie: Quite remarkable aren't they?

[08.06.2019 00:13:22] Unmistakable: He been around with me lately requesting me do some assignment for him

[08.06.2019 00:13:29] Unmistakable: Yea, Wish they can see it in me

[08.06.2019 00:14:00] Unmistakable: *puts on video feed and you see they are a he and looks really Gallic looking*

[08.06.2019 00:14:23] Unmistakable: I be sure you brother, we may not know each other but one thing for sure *as looks at you thru it* we will be one big family

[08.06.2019 00:14:29] Death: Venatus was put out of action by a hostile vessel.

[08.06.2019 00:14:52] Oracle|Jan.Rhapsodie: We are all brothers and sisters of Sirius

[08.06.2019 00:14:53] Unmistakable: *lifts my left sleve and shows you an Ancient marking*

[08.06.2019 00:15:12] Unmistakable: I was never human *as lowers it*

[08.06.2019 00:15:35] Unmistakable: This Body is just a disguise of who I really am

[08.06.2019 00:15:59] Oracle|Jan.Rhapsodie: So you are a nomad also?

[08.06.2019 00:16:14] Unmistakable: Oh by the way names is Robert, Laugrenard

[08.06.2019 00:16:32] Unmistakable: I am part Nomad *as looks down*

[08.06.2019 00:16:41] Oracle|Jan.Rhapsodie: If that's the case then they would not fire upon you

[08.06.2019 00:16:43] Unmistakable: None the brothers even the agents see me as one

[08.06.2019 00:17:03] Unmistakable: I am not loyal to be proven non threat

[08.06.2019 00:17:15] Red_Corsair: oracle disturbing you?

[08.06.2019 00:17:30] Oracle|Jan.Rhapsodie: In what way have you voided their trust?

[08.06.2019 00:17:38] Unmistakable: Each Agnet I met sides our good Mr Schulz, kills me

[08.06.2019 00:17:44] Unmistakable: negitive

[08.06.2019 00:18:00] Oracle|Jan.Rhapsodie: Pardon?

[08.06.2019 00:18:08] Unmistakable: Only trust I can prove loyal is to our friend

[08.06.2019 00:18:49] Unmistakable: I am cording to my records, not a friend to the Vagrant brothers and sisters

[08.06.2019 00:18:54] Unmistakable: our main brothers the nomads

[08.06.2019 00:19:02] Unmistakable: and almost everyone of the agents of our race

[08.06.2019 00:19:26] Unmistakable: Damn Don't mind that *as got a transmission message and deletes it*

[08.06.2019 00:19:44] Oracle|Jan.Rhapsodie: I see, and you are hoping that by protecting the ancient site of Knossos you may gain their trust?

[08.06.2019 00:19:59] Unmistakable: No, become one inside

[08.06.2019 00:20:22] Oracle|Jan.Rhapsodie: Peace comes from within.

[08.06.2019 00:20:54] Unmistakable: Say are u interested been friends cause.. I don't really got much sides our friend and some others of mine but

[08.06.2019 00:20:58] Unmistakable: they seem busy with their jobs

[08.06.2019 00:21:39] Oracle|Jan.Rhapsodie: You are my brother of Sirius, and the Oracles are here to help you in your journey

[08.06.2019 00:21:40] Unmistakable: *he sits back and looks down as looks at a photo*

[08.06.2019 00:22:11] Unmistakable: All I want is show my loyal and become an member of the families in secert

[08.06.2019 00:22:32] Oracle|Jan.Rhapsodie: If I have understood... you have been infected and are currently having some internal resistance to the incubi?

[08.06.2019 00:23:01] Unmistakable: I don't know honestly if i am or not

[08.06.2019 00:23:15] Unmistakable: Cause this mark can be just fake

[08.06.2019 00:23:15] Death: Para4502 was put out of action by a hostile vessel.

[08.06.2019 00:23:56] Oracle|Jan.Rhapsodie: I see, it's not a mark I'm familiar with but it's also not a proof of infection

[08.06.2019 00:24:08] Unmistakable: I agree

[08.06.2019 00:24:32] Oracle|Jan.Rhapsodie: Only infected that are captured by humans are branded by marks

[08.06.2019 00:24:40] Unmistakable: When I was on my escape from my assume home, they told me to gain the trust of our brothers and sisters

[08.06.2019 00:24:42] Death: RNS-Pali was put out of action by BAF|A-HMS-Aegis (Gun).

[08.06.2019 00:25:26] Unmistakable: Way after I found out i can hear the ancient friends of ours, in my head *taps head*

[08.06.2019 00:25:45] Unmistakable: not very clear, but came clear as i turned into an young adult

[08.06.2019 00:26:04] Oracle|Jan.Rhapsodie: If you are looking for truth, a place of safety, and somewhere you can communicate with our blue brothers

[08.06.2019 00:26:15] Oracle|Jan.Rhapsodie: I would reccommend finding the shrine

[08.06.2019 00:26:23] Unmistakable: Which Shrine?

[08.06.2019 00:26:30] Oracle|Jan.Rhapsodie: The Shrine

[08.06.2019 00:26:44] Unmistakable: Don't tell me the one in Omicron Delta?

[08.06.2019 00:26:45] Oracle|Jan.Rhapsodie: If you listen to Sirius you will hear it's call

[08.06.2019 00:26:46] Death: BAF|A-HMS-Aegis was put out of action by RNS-Sajuuk (Gun).

[08.06.2019 00:27:10] Unmistakable: I listen to them everyday since my accident awakening

[08.06.2019 00:27:20] Oracle|Jan.Rhapsodie: No, it is at the centre of Sirius, an ancient structure where man and nomad can live side by side

[08.06.2019 00:27:27] Rules Tip: Do not disconnect from the server to escape player versus player interaction. Your ship will remain helpless in space for 2 minutes and you will not be able to reconnect during this time.

[08.06.2019 00:27:35] Death: LN|Blackarrow was put out of action by C::Peltast-07 (Mine).

[08.06.2019 00:27:41] Oracle|Jan.Rhapsodie: However, it requires you to find it yourself

[08.06.2019 00:27:45] Unmistakable: I am also on my behalf of the respcet to them help them when i can with their most hostle contracts..

[08.06.2019 00:28:13] Unmistakable: I told Mr Schulz that too

[08.06.2019 00:28:21] Oracle|Jan.Rhapsodie: If you cannot hear its call then you are not yet ready

[08.06.2019 00:28:38] Unmistakable: Wondering why... *as sits back as looks at you*

[08.06.2019 00:29:01] Unmistakable: cause each time I try listen i get shot by one their fighters who dont seek me as a friend

[08.06.2019 00:29:15] Oracle|Jan.Rhapsodie: We shall see, come with me

[08.06.2019 00:29:23] Unmistakable: Lead the way

[08.06.2019 00:30:10] Death: BRF|HMS-Westminster was put out of action by C::CNS-Andromeda (Gun).

[08.06.2019 00:30:48] Death: RNS-Bosna was put out of action by BAF|HMS-Repulse (Gun).

[08.06.2019 00:31:28] Oracle|Jan.Rhapsodie: Do you need any supplies?

[08.06.2019 00:31:39] Unmistakable: not of currently

[08.06.2019 00:31:55] Unmistakable: just a unit of nanobots but i will manage

[08.06.2019 00:32:32] Oracle|Jan.Rhapsodie: I've never liked this system

[08.06.2019 00:32:42] Unmistakable: Its alright just gonna be carful

[08.06.2019 00:33:02] Unmistakable: our friend just told me if i enter this space be carful

[08.06.2019 00:33:27] Unmistakable: cause its commonly protrolled by Core Agents

[08.06.2019 00:33:58] Unmistakable: I hate them never reallly liked how they threat other humans who just trades for a living

[08.06.2019 00:34:44] Unmistakable: I got a strong feeling we entering The omicron Delta system

[08.06.2019 00:34:51] Oracle|Jan.Rhapsodie: The core should not be bothered by us right now

[08.06.2019 00:35:02] Unmistakable: I hope

[08.06.2019 00:35:27] Unmistakable: *mutters* only if i could have permits to engarge them if they do somethings to our brothers and sisters..

[08.06.2019 00:44:25] Oracle|Jan.Rhapsodie: Onwards.

[08.06.2019 00:46:17] Oracle|Jan.Rhapsodie: I lost you on scanners there

[08.06.2019 00:46:31] Oracle|Jan.Rhapsodie: Not much further.

[08.06.2019 00:46:36] Unmistakable: sorry was reading messages

[08.06.2019 00:48:46] Unmistakable: Here *sends a message* if you need to contract me when we apart just enter this name when u send messages to give to me

[08.06.2019 00:50:32] Unmistakable: What you do again for a living within the brothers and sisters of ours?

[08.06.2019 00:51:07] Oracle|Jan.Rhapsodie: For a living I'm a Republican Shipping station manager

[08.06.2019 00:51:11] Oracle|Jan.Rhapsodie: Here.

[08.06.2019 00:51:11] Unmistakable: if you want to contract me on fourms just enter my ship name or char name//

[08.06.2019 00:51:23] Oracle|Jan.Rhapsodie: What do you see?

[08.06.2019 00:51:49] Unmistakable: the death of Toledo the orginal home to their most thraeten civilization

[08.06.2019 00:52:07] Unmistakable: The Order and de Nomads family been at war ever since the nomad war

[08.06.2019 00:52:54] Unmistakable: I mean, THe order and nomad with their alliance are at war since the nomad war back in 800 As

[08.06.2019 00:53:42] Oracle|Jan.Rhapsodie: So you blame the Order solely for what happened here?

[08.06.2019 00:54:05] Unmistakable: They say the Nomads "our brothers and sisters" were trying to return what the humans stole from them

[08.06.2019 00:54:30] Unmistakable: But I am believeing they are only attacking in reason of returning something that was stolen

[08.06.2019 00:54:57] Oracle|Jan.Rhapsodie: You see at this time, the Order and Core were fighting each other

[08.06.2019 00:55:18] Oracle|Jan.Rhapsodie: You see the many Core ships in ruins here also?

[08.06.2019 00:55:24] Unmistakable: The Core and Order is at war cause the Core wanted the omicrons to themselves

[08.06.2019 00:55:50] Oracle|Jan.Rhapsodie: The nomads came and destroyed, not only both fleets, but also a planet

[08.06.2019 00:56:03] Unmistakable: The planet was destoried twice

[08.06.2019 00:56:15] Death: Para4502 was put out of action by a hostile vessel.

[08.06.2019 00:56:17] Unmistakable: once as a warning and once again for really mad

[08.06.2019 00:56:35] Unmistakable: I was here earier researching why the second shot was fired

[08.06.2019 00:56:37] Oracle|Jan.Rhapsodie: 1 million people planet-side wiped out

[08.06.2019 00:56:50] Unmistakable: The humans thought the threat was over, but they just came back killing the base

[08.06.2019 00:57:21] Unmistakable: After the Nomad that they thought was wriped but came back strronger then ever mader then ever

[08.06.2019 00:57:40] Oracle|Jan.Rhapsodie: The Order and Core were obviously not right to be here, but neither was the nomad action

[08.06.2019 00:57:57] Oracle|Jan.Rhapsodie: Peace cannot come through revenge

[08.06.2019 00:58:05] Unmistakable: extectly

[08.06.2019 00:58:20] Unmistakable: But the family never sees peace

[08.06.2019 00:58:24] Unmistakable: they always see threats

[08.06.2019 00:58:45] Unmistakable: They don't understand other humans like me and you

[08.06.2019 00:58:53] Oracle|Jan.Rhapsodie: Look at the list of wreckage on your scanners

[08.06.2019 00:59:03] Unmistakable: I know its crazy

[08.06.2019 00:59:11] Unmistakable: Shows ancient race are stronger then they look

[08.06.2019 00:59:24] Unmistakable: I dont know anymore

[08.06.2019 00:59:42] Oracle|Jan.Rhapsodie: This place breaks my heart. It was after coming here the first time I realised

[08.06.2019 00:59:53] Unmistakable: Believe me when i say this, the Solar system will never be at peace with each other

[08.06.2019 00:59:59] Oracle|Jan.Rhapsodie: Nobody wins in war except death

[08.06.2019 01:00:27] Oracle|Jan.Rhapsodie: If you do not believe in Peace then that is why you are not ready

[08.06.2019 01:00:43] Unmistakable: I know peace is possible

[08.06.2019 01:01:08] Unmistakable: but I need to ask, how are you gonna keep your idenity within the brothers a secert?

[08.06.2019 01:01:33] Oracle|Jan.Rhapsodie: My identity is no secret

[08.06.2019 01:01:52] Unmistakable: My real self is secert but this i am now is fake

[08.06.2019 01:02:42] Oracle|Jan.Rhapsodie: So it makes sense why the Shrine has not called you

[08.06.2019 01:03:02] Oracle|Jan.Rhapsodie: You must be on a path to seek truth and peace to find the Shrine

[08.06.2019 01:03:15] Unmistakable: I try to all the time

[08.06.2019 01:03:24] Oracle|Jan.Rhapsodie: As it is you are living in deception and do not believe in Peace

[08.06.2019 01:03:40] Unmistakable: What makes you think that in me?{

[08.06.2019 01:04:08] Oracle|Jan.Rhapsodie: I believe there is hope for you, but you are not ready

[08.06.2019 01:04:16] Death: The_scout was put out of action by a hostile vessel.

[08.06.2019 01:04:32] Unmistakable: They all say that but none sees what i need to say *tone drops a bit*

[08.06.2019 01:04:43] Oracle|Jan.Rhapsodie: First you must know yourself, before you may know the universe

[08.06.2019 01:04:54] Oracle|Jan.Rhapsodie: Accept who you are. Live it.

[08.06.2019 01:05:05] Unmistakable: I know who i am, I am a so speak seeker within the heart

[08.06.2019 01:05:39] Oracle|Jan.Rhapsodie: You have told me that your real self is secret

[08.06.2019 01:05:43] Oracle|Jan.Rhapsodie: Why is this?

[08.06.2019 01:06:03] Unmistakable: I feel like i am one of them from the beganning of my life

[08.06.2019 01:06:12] Unmistakable: one of our brothers and sisters

[08.06.2019 01:06:25] Oracle|Jan.Rhapsodie: We are all brothers and sisters

[08.06.2019 01:06:31] Oracle|Jan.Rhapsodie: Man and Nomad

[08.06.2019 01:06:36] Unmistakable: I agree

[08.06.2019 01:06:54] Unmistakable: but they see war, I see possible of truce and peace within both men kind and nomads

[08.06.2019 01:06:56] Oracle|Jan.Rhapsodie: And just like siblings we may fight

[08.06.2019 01:07:07] Unmistakable: but we always gonna love each other at end

[08.06.2019 01:07:10] Death: Lenegade_Raw was put out of action by a hostile vessel.

[08.06.2019 01:07:35] Oracle|Jan.Rhapsodie: Indeed, we may continue to fight, as long as we do not seek to damage each other

[08.06.2019 01:08:03] Unmistakable: They say it will never happen but it is possible if we all believe

[08.06.2019 01:08:04] Tip: Exploration often is very rewarding. The game world has randomized, hidden bases that do not otherwise show up on your map. Find them and everything inside is yours to claim.

[08.06.2019 01:08:13] Oracle|Jan.Rhapsodie: But currently we are all seeking to destroy

[08.06.2019 01:08:16] Unmistakable: and i believe peace is hard but still possible

[08.06.2019 01:08:28] Unmistakable: I seek for peace within both men and nomad

[08.06.2019 01:08:42] Unmistakable: but i never show it around other humans due to it will draw attention to me

[08.06.2019 01:09:02] Unmistakable: and we dont want that to happen all the time

[08.06.2019 01:09:14] Oracle|Jan.Rhapsodie: But if everybody is hiding it from each other

[08.06.2019 01:09:21] Oracle|Jan.Rhapsodie: Then change will not come

[08.06.2019 01:09:24] Unmistakable: cause they dont see the turth

[08.06.2019 01:09:48] Death: Para4502 was put out of action by a hostile vessel.

[08.06.2019 01:09:52] Unmistakable: I was told by voice, Keep it between urself and them not to other people like u seem to be..

[08.06.2019 01:10:09] Oracle|Jan.Rhapsodie: What if there are many like you, who believe in Peace, but keep it to themselves?

[08.06.2019 01:10:18] Oracle|Jan.Rhapsodie: What would it acheive?

[08.06.2019 01:10:33] Unmistakable: I never keep it to myself i just keep it secert cause i dont want to be targeted for death by any bounties

[08.06.2019 01:11:00] Unmistakable: Image the bounty that you can get on your head if they see your mind is worth killing for..

[08.06.2019 01:11:10] Unmistakable: thats cause they don't see the possiblity of we seek

[08.06.2019 01:11:36] Oracle|Jan.Rhapsodie: Then we may be sacrificed but our voices may be heard

[08.06.2019 01:11:49] Oracle|Jan.Rhapsodie: And if others may hear us, others may come

[08.06.2019 01:11:50] Unmistakable: Indeed

[08.06.2019 01:12:05] Oracle|Jan.Rhapsodie: Is Peace not worth sacrifice?

[08.06.2019 01:12:14] Unmistakable: it surely is my friend

[08.06.2019 01:12:44] Unmistakable: I rather die by their body to understand they are just vioilence to show their trougher

[08.06.2019 01:13:01] Unmistakable: as the old ancient saying goes, Never trust a book by its cover, and my cover is as u know

[08.06.2019 01:13:35] Oracle|Jan.Rhapsodie: Then, rest here and think on this. Hopefully soon you may hear the call.

[08.06.2019 01:14:00] Unmistakable: They never send me a call cause they dont want me to getinto trouble

[08.06.2019 01:14:17] Unmistakable: I was waiting for the call for over 2 months now

[08.06.2019 01:14:55] Unmistakable: I think they not calling cause they see me as something else

[08.06.2019 01:15:01] Unmistakable: not what I look

[08.06.2019 01:15:03] Oracle|Jan.Rhapsodie: It is not as simple as waiting, you need to seek inner Peace and listen within [08.06.2019 01:15:23] Unmistakable: I always am opening my mind and ear

[08.06.2019 01:15:40] Unmistakable: even my heart to those who i know deserves it like the call

[08.06.2019 01:16:11] Oracle|Jan.Rhapsodie: The call will guide you to The Shrine

[08.06.2019 01:16:22] Oracle|Jan.Rhapsodie: Once you are there, all will become clearer

[08.06.2019 01:16:53] Unmistakable: True that

[08.06.2019 01:17:17] Unmistakable: is that u do, waiting for ur calling

[08.06.2019 01:17:37] Oracle|Jan.Rhapsodie: It is not a call from us, but from the Shrine itself

[08.06.2019 01:17:45] Oracle|Jan.Rhapsodie: It calls to those which seek

[08.06.2019 01:18:03] Unmistakable: They dont see me i guess but i never close myself to it

[08.06.2019 01:18:24] Oracle|Jan.Rhapsodie: Seek and ye shall find.

[08.06.2019 01:18:40] Oracle|Jan.Rhapsodie: Peace be with you Brother.

[08.06[08.06.2019 01:18:52] Unmistakable: It will never come.. *as sighs*

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