Texas Incident

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The Texas Incident happened in 500 A.S.

The entire Texas system was decimated.

Valhalla Research scientists aboard the Dallas had begun the second phase of testing a new, long-range jump gate that would have allowed travel beyond the confines of the Sirius Sector -- and could have potentially opened the entire galaxy for exploration. Unfortunately, an unforeseen concentration of dark matter along the jump route created a feedback wave that not only destroyed the Dallas and everyone aboard, but expelled huge masses of dark matter and radioactivity. A quarantine was immediately erected across half the system -- not for security, this time, but for the safety of anyone foolish enough to stray into the dangerous morass. The jump gate itself sank into a monstrous singularity that still hangs at the edge of the Texas, an evil, swirling eye, that casts its gaze upon the wasteland of Houston.

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