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Texas System

The Texas system is, more or less, a prison system. It contains four planets, only one being inhabited, four bases and Jump Gates to the New York, Hudson, and Bering systems. There are rumors of Jump Holes to the California, Pennsylvania, and Hudson systems. It is home to three major corporations and four criminal syndicates. This system was devastated due to the Texas Incident, and portions of it have high radiation levels.

Due to the war with Rheinland, there is a Trade Embargo being enforced in system. Violators are asked to drop their cargo or return from whence they came. Those who refuse are destroyed immediately.

For more information on the embargo, see Liberty Trade Embargo.

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System Overview

Local factions
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Planet Houston
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Planet Brazos
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Planet Chisos

Areas of Interest


Pequena Negra


A smaller region of dark matter and radiation left behind in the wake of the Texas Incident. Pilots should not be fooled by the Pequena Negra's relatively compact size; its composition is precisely the same as that of its larger sibling and is equally lethal to unshielded organics. Despite the Pequena Negra's dangers, it experiences at least sporadic traffic due to its proximity to the criminals of the North Dallas Debris Field. The occasional Liberty Rogue can be seen escaping pursuit into the cloud, as there is believed to be a jump hole located somewhere inside the cloud; Texan authorities are under strict orders not to pursue into either Negra. The question is merely how many fugitives ever come out again.

Grande Negra


A large region of dark matter and radiation left behind after the Texas Incident of 500 A.S. decimated the system. Unlike the northern Pequena Negra, the Grande Negra is centred around the fatal Jump Gate's destructive epicentre; as a result, the Grande Negra is far larger than its sibling, although the two clouds' compositions are identical. Much of the Dallas Research Complex was forever swallowed by the Jump Gate's detonation; therefore, whatever resources and technology the Liberty government of over three centuries ago stored there might still remain, shielded from dark matter by storage containers. Archaeologists speculate that were the Grande Negra to be lifted, a perfect tableau of life prior to the Incident would be found; Police patrols going about their business, supply transports, and personnel carriers, frozen doing what they had been when the Incident happened. Other than treasure-hunters and suicidal explorers, however, no ships are ever seen entering this zone; even the truly desperate aren't mad enough.

Artificial Formations

East Dallas Debris Field


A small debris field whose proximity to the F-Zone defensive line makes it a frequent destination for prison work convoys, but also a favorite meeting place for Xenos and local Rogues despite the best efforts of the Liberty Navy to patrol the area.

North Dallas Debris Field

A medium-sized field of debris that is home to a large settlement of Junkers that have, according to sporadic reports from Liberty Police patrols that wandered into the area, constructed a permanent base amongst the scrap. Though criminals such as Rogues and Outcasts are frequently seen near Junker bases (indeed, Texas is the furthest south Outcasts are seen in Sirius), the North Dallas Debris Field remained relatively harmless up until several years ago, when Texan authorities first began to suspect the field as sheltering slavers. Despite an increase in patrols in the region, however, nothing definite has yet been proven.

West Dallas Debris Field


This debris field is all that remains of the Jump Gate machinery whose malfunction in 500 A.S. led to the Texas Incident. Liberty technicians were testing the prototype of a new form of Jump Gate that was intended to revolutionize travel across Sirius; their prototype version was to connect California to Texas. Due to a bizarre and critical technical error, the Jump Gate, instead of initializing upon start up, fatally ruptured; the initial explosion, setting free copious amounts of dark matter and radiation, inundated half a star system before petering off. Texas' beauty was forever ruined in the disaster, with half the system made fatal to all organic life; its economy was shattered, and the system experienced a massive exodus that would cripple its productivity for the indefinite future. Curious pilots may see the cataclysmic Jump Gate's core here, although they are cautioned, for the area is heavily radioactive; for the most part, however, it's merely a refuge of last resort for criminals seeking to avoid capture by Liberty authorities.

South Dallas Debris Field

The South Dallas Debris Field consists of the remnants of the Dallas Research Complex; those that hadn't been swallowed by the Grande Negra after the Texas Incident. The zone appears to house a large contingent of Xeno terrorists, and it is rumoured that they are engaged in constructing a more permanent home. Unfortunately for both parties, the jump hole to the Junker controlled system of Puerto Rico lies to the field's northwest; the Junkers and the Xenos, ancestral enemies, are engaged in a haphazard struggle for control of the region.

Notable events

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