"Togo" Blood Dragon Battleship

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With the introduction of DSCore (25th Febuary 2019) (Discovery Freelancer Version 4.91 Patch 5), Ship statistic pages and Ship pages will not be updated anymore. Or not regularly atleast. They will be kept for historical reasons. DSCore will give you the most up-to-date info you can get about almost everything you need to know about Ship and Equipment statistics.

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"Togo" Blood Dragon Battleship
Ship Class Battleship
Built by Blood Dragons
Technical information
Guns/Turrets 0 / 13
Opt. weapon class 10
Max. weapon class 10
Other equipment
Hull strength 1,650,000
Max. shield class 10
Cargo space 1,400 units
Nanobots/Batteries 1600/1600
Max. impulse speed 90 m/s
Max. thrust speed Thruster not available
Max. cruise speed 350 m/s
Power output 7,000,000 u
Power recharge 220,000 u/s
Additional information
Ship price $455,000,000
Package price $470,082,250

DSCore: Togo

With the divide within Kusari many craft of the line were usurped by crews loyal to the true Emperor. When the call to battle was sounded many of the first battles were waged within the halls of these mammoth vessels. Those that were secured were sequestered away amongst the clouds of the Crow Nebula until a time would come that they could be restored to their former glory to restore the old order.

Possessing only a small handful of these aged craft, of fewer still can be put to active service, the venerable Togo line now serves as a last defense line for Blood Dragon interests, until such a time comes that the full power of the Blood Dragon movement is to be unleashed upon the descendants of the traitors who dishonor Kusari.


  • This ship is too large to use docking bays, it must use mooring points.
Review (4.88)

If you ever wanted to play something between very light Battleship and havy battlecruisers, the Togo will be your ship. It is not much bigger than a BC and if you drive it is also feel like on except of the missing thruster. Yes the thruser is missing. You feel this soon because this ship cannot be played as a battleship. Just look in the Capital Ships table at the battleship point and you will see that this ship here has very different figures. It has the gameplay of a BC but is to slow. It has the weapons form a BS but not the core to handle them. It has the BC's size but a lower turn rate. Because of this the Togo cannot really fight well agains BS or BC because they both have the part, which is missed by the Togo for the best gameplay. But this is not a bad ship! Cruisers and Gunboats should fear you. The Falks can be all you need for the small ships. And Transporters or Trains are not enemies anyway. 2 or 3 Togos are really dangerous, ever more dangerous as 3 Kusari Battleships or three Kusari Battlecruisers. Lonly the Togo is food for other big ships.
Flavorarrow2.jpg Review by Misterich


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