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Scanners are in-game items that are required for a ship to launch to space. There are many different scanner types that serve different roles for players. The best way to categorise them would be by giving them two types: "Cargo Scanners" & "Long Range Scanners".

Cargo Scanners are often used by cargo pirates or police. the purpose is to scan the cargo of a ship from long range and without having to get up close to them, where your ship is in more danger.

Long Range Scanners, like the Deep Scanner, are used to see ships normally too far away to detect. This is used in locating and tracking down hostile vessels and other such situations.

Name Scan Range (m) Cargo Scan Range (m) Price
Scanner 15000 1000 $500
Deep Scanner 13500 4000 $14,750
Cargo Scanner 12000 6500 $16,450
Advanced Deep Scanner 15000 2000 $82,250
Advanced Cargo Scanner 11000 9000 $274,500
Spyglass Network Scanner 16000 4000 $50,000,000
Battleship Scanner 18000 6000 $250,000,000
Minified Spyglass Scanner 15000 6000 $250,000,000
Jintsuriki Scanner 16000 2000 $250,000,000
Administrator Scanner N/A

Note: The Admin Scanner has infinte range and is only available to the administration team.