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House Kusari
Capital Planet New Tokyo,
New Tokyo System
Official languages Japanese, English
Government Republic
- Leader   unknown
Founded 5 A.S.
Controlled space

Core Systems

Other Territory

Occupied systems

Affiliated organisations

Kusari or the Republic of Kusari (鎖共和国 Kusari Kyōwakoku) is the current title of one of the four original houses in Sirius. The Kusari is a small yet expansive house, with significant forces holding the four core systems (New Tokyo, Kyushu, Shikoku, Honshu) and claims and patrols to many other lesser systems surrounding them. Kusari influence stretches from the distant Tau-31 system to Sigma-19, effectively occupying the entirety of the known lower northern Sirius sector. Kusari is allied with Gallia since the war with the Kingdom of Gallia has ended. With the end of this war the emperor was deposed and Kusari became a republic. The Navy, who tried to get Leeds under Kusari's control, had the old emperor on one of their battleships while Gallia cut the fleet off from home. After Gallia started its attack on Bretonia the Navy began working with the BAF and was subsequently exiled by the Kusari government. Today these Exiles are trying to start a civil war at home, to take the gallic puppet regime called Republic of Kusari down and restore the old Kusari along with its emperor.


Main article: History of Kusari

First landing

Planet New Tokyo - the capital of Kusari

The Kusari was originally the name of one of the five Alliance sleeper ships carrying colonists on their escape from the Solar System to the Sirius Sector. This particular ship carried refugees from the Japanese part of the Alliance. The ship arrived in the Sirius sector in 4 A.S., taking a standard year to survey space until finally discovering a system within the Crow Nebula containing a planet suitable for human life. The system, as well as the planet would be officially named as New Tokyo. Conditions for food production were more than adequate, and the newly established house Kusari would quickly enjoy a period of quick growth and technological advances.

The Hideyoshi shogunate

Little is known about the period of the Hideyoshi Shogunate, except for the events that led to it's end. The Shogunate held control of Kusari power at a early period in the House history, until 321 AS, when Samura backed forces staged a coup during the Sakura Festival. The Shogun was surrounded in the palace by Samura-backed elements of the military and asked to surrender, along with the Royal Guard. The Shogun, humiliated by the shame he had brought his family, committed suicide. The guards, headed by Kozue Okamura, did not acquiesce so easily. In a bloody battle, they fought their way out of the palace and retreated into the darkness of northern Kusari space. Here they regrouped and began a long guerrilla campaign aimed at overthrowing the Samura-controlled Kusari government, taking the name of the Blood Dragons.

Coups and power plays

Kusari Empire

Nomad War (800-801 A.S.)

During the Nomad War Kusari would temporarily fall under the influence of the infested Governor Tekagi, who would play a vital part in pitting the forces of Kusari and Rheinland against each other during the Battle for Honshu. Tekagi himself is known to have been assassinated by a joint action of the Blood Dragons and the Order during the height of the war, possibly averting the Nomad infestation of the then Shogun Edo.

During the climax of the war a massive Rheinland fleet pushed through Sigma-13 straight into Honshu, where a large battle then commenced, eventually ending with the defeat of the infested Rheinland soldiers, and the subsequent end of the conflict.

Bretonia War

813 A.S. marked the start of the largest conflict in the 9th century so far: the War for the Tau systems, more widely known as the Bretonian-Kusari conflict. The Kusari Naval Forces would dominate over the Bretonian fleet in this war, eventually leading to an ongoing invasion of Leeds.

Arrival of Gallia

While Kusari tried to occupy Leeds, a huge fleet of unknown ships invaded from Orkney into Bretonia and the Taus. Without big resistance they attacked Kusari and Bretonia ships and cut the link between Kusari's attacking fleet and the core systems of Kusari, leaving the Kusari fleet stranded. The fleet then began to help the BAF against this new force called the Gallic Royal Navy. Kusari's government as a result banished them to exile; although Bretonia struggled against Gallia, Kusari soon capitulated. Kusari then became a republic and Gallia's only friend in Sirius. The war between Bretonia and the Gallics destroyed a lot of systems. Many factions such as Liberty, Colonial Republic, the Council, the Kusari Exiles, and Bretonia itself are now fighting for Bretonia's freedom. But even this alliance was not able to keep Gallia away from Leeds. After Leeds fell, the Exiles went with the Council to one of their systems, so that their damage fleet could get some repairs. But the most important thing is that this system (Roussillon) has a jump hole linking with Tau 29, a border system to Kusari. Now the Exiles want to go home and fight for the old Empire of Kusari to bring the republic of Kusari down.

Controlled and contested space

Kusari lays claim to as many as twelve star systems (New Tokyo, Kyushu, Shikoku, Honshu, Hokkaido, Tohoku, Hiroshima, Nagano, Tottori and Tau-29). Out of these, four hold colonised planets: New Tokyo, Kyushu, Honshu and Shikoku.

Despite the relative proximity to the Sigma systems, Kusari military do not often operate in the area, giving leeway to the fiercely independent Gas Miners Guild, on which the supplies of H-Fuel to Kusari rely.

Territorial claims

The Tau-29 and Tau-31 systems are considered as under the protection of Kusari since 812 A.S. This claim resulted in a state of war with the Kingdom of Bretonia. Until recently, the Kusari Naval Forces were in near total control of both Tau systems, with Planet Harris being the last Bretonian controlled base left.

However, with the invasion of the Gallic Royal Navy, Kusari has lost it's control of the Tau-31 system. For Tau-29 and Tau-23, the KNF and GRN have made an agreement: Tau Decree.

Government and politics

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Internal affairs

To outsiders Kusari might look like a single, unified empire, standing together in all matters. But in the house itself the reality is quite different.

Much of the house is divided between the influence of the two great keiretsu (corporations): Samura Industries and Kishiro Technologies. These two companies compete with each other fiercely, often to the point of an indirect war. While Kishiro prefers economic competition, Samura (being the larger of the two) utilises it's influence among the local thugs to physically impede it's rivals' growth, frequently resorting to sending attack parties against it's shipping. Kishiro on the other hand struck a deal with the Gas Miners Guild (disgruntled over Samura's ever growing prices) for exclusive distribution of H-Fuel, as well as taking several contracts with the Kusari Naval Forces. Kusari is also in the grasp of the Hogosha, who control much of it's middle structure through bribery. The Empire is known to openly endorse political organisations that resort to terrorism against foreign shipping when the state police aren't paying attention. Fighting against the Emperor and his Shogunate are the Blood Dragons and Golden Chrysanthemums - dedicated to different views, yet united in their similar goal of overthrowing the state and removing Samura's influence from the government.

All this is often carefully hidden by the Kusari government itself, which regards all foreigners with extreme suspicion, especially those looking to meddle in the local affairs.


Yokohama Shipyard is the largest shipyard in Kusari, as well as the most profitable one.

The Kusari economy can be described as a free market system sporting little regulations and government intervention into the area of private businesses. This allowed two prominent companies to grow outwardly into corporate giants, scooping most of the other businesses to either one corporation or the other. In the present times these two great keiretsu (Samura Industries and Kishiro Technologies) control many of the largest and most profitable markets in all of Sirius (specifically the exclusive distribution of H-Fuel), which in turn places Kusari in a key political position on the international arena.

Although very competitive with each other, both Samura and Kishiro managed to corner certain markets in Kusari into monopolies, taking their competition to a new level of profit and control. Samura being the larger of the two is especially oriented towards developing new Kusari acquisitions in Hokkaido and the Tau systems. It's main dealings include:

Kishiro is more oriented towards profit than "outgrowing" it's economic opponent. It's dealings are highly focused in the area of cybernetics and cutting edge technology, but specifically focused on:

Both corporations also operate commercial shipyards within Kusari territories, lending their services to civilian contractors, as well as the Kusari Naval Forces.

Foreign relations

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The Republic currently maintains a myriad of different diplomatic stances, ranging from friendly cooperation with Rheinland. Officialy the Republic of Kusari is still in war with Bretonia, but there was no fighting between them since the Taus are under Gallic controll. The old-empire of Kusari is still represented by the Kusari Exiles, but they are not accepted by New Tokyo, which call them "collaborationist", because they are allied with all enemies of Gallia, especially Bretonia. After the Exiles found a way back to Kusari not long ago, have started with a civil war policy. Relations with Liberty are at a neutral, but cold level, specifically due to the Kusari Naval Forces advance into Leeds. However, despite the Liberty-Bretonian alliance, no sanctions have been imposed on the Kusari state by Liberty -- a fact attributed to Liberty's reliance on several key Kusari imports. Rheinland is currently satisfying much of it's H-Fuel needs through trade with Kusari, creating a visible political bond between the two houses.

States and other Lawful Sovereign or Semi-Sovereign Entities

Faction Relationship
Federal Republic of Rheinland
Kingdom of Gallia
Kingdom Of Bretonia
Republic of Liberty
Imperio del Corsario
Blood Dragons
At War
Nación Maltesa
At War
Kusari Empire
At War

Crime and dissent

Kusari has a fair number of criminal and reactionary organisations, all formed into two camps: pro-government and anti-government.

Pro-government (quasi-lawful)

Hogosha lieutenants are free to fly throughout Kusari territory as they please -- as long as they don't commit any crimes in public.

These groups are characterized by their non-hostile status with the local police forces, as well as their relationship with Samura Industries, essentially working as the corporation's handymen. This camp also has relations with the Corsairs, and is frequently engaged in widespread artifact smuggling. Two factions are recognized as part of this camp:

  • Hogosha is a large criminal organization engaged in a number of criminal activities (these including anything from protection rackets to artifact smuggling), with its influence spread all across Kusari. Similar to old Earth Yakuza, the Hogosha have have gained an understanding with the local police force primarily using bribery and extortion. Several notable political figures are known to cooperate with the Hogosha, thus making the organisation an entrenched part of the house, as long as the current government remains in power.
  • The Farmers Alliance is a political group with the goal of removing foreign food shipping from Kusari. Working closely with the Hogosha, the Alliance is frequently deliberately ignored by the state police, regardless of their criminal actions against foreign traders. It is also suspected to be very closely tied to the corporate giant Samura.

Anti-government (unlawful)

The anti-government camp is composed of two groups openly hostile to both the state police and naval forces, as well as to the two keiretsu and their supporters. Despite this dislike, the involved factions are more likely to spare Kishiro shipping than they are to not attack Samura. They also have a secret understanding with the Gas Miners Guild. This camp links two factions:

  • The Blood Dragons are a radical terrorist organization dedicated to overthrowing the Emperor and his co-conspirators in order to install a direct descendant of the Shogun Hideyoshi, and resume the Hideyoshi Shogunate formerly overthrown in the Sakura coup of 321 A.S. As a result, they are locked in a guerrilla conflict against the Kusari Navy (who are dedicated to the protection of the Emperor) as well as Samura and their Hogosha and Alliance cronies.
  • The Golden Chrysanthemums are a primarily female movement for the institution of a matriarchy, and a subsequent liberalisation of Kusari. The group is characterised by its heavy usage of Cardamine, as well as its sympathy to the Bretonian war effort in the Tau border worlds and the Bretonian government as a whole.

Kusari Ships


Ku fighter.png
Advanced LF

Ku elite.png
Main HF
Main VHF


Main Bomber

Prison Liner

Prison liner.png
Prison Liner
Prison Transport Ship


Ku gunship.png
Anti-Fighter Platform
Ku destroyer.png
Main Attack Cruiser
Kusari bc.png
Battlecruiser; secondery Flagship

Ku battleship.png
Battleship; Flagship


Civilian LF
Ku freighter.png
Main Frieghter
Light Transport

Luxury Yacht
Big Dragon
Heavy transport
Container Transport

Main Train
Ind liner.png
Renzu Liner
Civilian Explorer

For a more detailed list see Kusari ships

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