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Real name Maximilian
Timezone GMT +1
Skype nick nathraelthe42nd
Born 28th January
Spoken Languages
  • German
  • English
  • Latin (so-so)
Keepers.Lithiel Two lovers united.
Ivory.Reaver Hardcore mercenary up to no good.
Mireille.Ceyes Ex-Liberty Army Colonel; independent terrorist working against the corrupt House governments.
Itakura.Ayane Enigmatic Kusarian xenoarcheologist with a dark secret.
GRN|Athenais Gallic Direction d'Operations Speciales Agent.
SCRA|Stanislaw.Sakharov Communist terrorist (oh, the redundancy).
Gallic Royal Navy High Command
Aoi Iseijin Trapper
The Keepers Hybrid
The Reavers Reaver
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