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Space (Audun V. Nytrø)
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Origin Norway
Occupation Forum lurker, Skypelancer, Wiki sysop and bureaucrat (verify)
Gender Male
Affiliation Civilian ID
Skype space.error
Born 29. August 1995

Also known as Error on the forums, and Space nearly everywhere else. I'm reachable at audun at nytroe dot net, over Skype at space.error, through my talk page, or by PM.

Pages watched and maintained primarily by me

Pages watched by me

Personal TODO/link list

  • Update CSS for latest MediaWiki update ASAP
  • Consolidate theme edits to single file
  • .wikitable .collapsible .collapsed no longer works; investigate
  • Special:WantedPages
  • Special:Upload
  • Special:RecentChanges
  • Category: Pages without profile images
  • Make old revisions of pages (particularily ships) from previous versions of the mod more accessible. (how?)
  • File:Discovery486ShipStats.png
  • Roleplay -> v4.88
    • To-do: Try to remember what was wrong with the RP page and why it's on your to-do list
  • User:Space/Template:DrawLine
  • Template:Warning - Bring this up to the same level as Template:Server specific (transparency, standardization - almost all the notification infoboxes could use some work on those points, really)
  • Template:Historical
  • Template:Incomplete
  • Lightweight quote template
  • Update the sidebar - specifically the "wiki editor tools" - for v4.88 with more actually usable resources (change log, updated to-do list, progress tracker)
  • Upload v4.88 system maps from FLC
  • Standardized guidelines for system page layouts; decide on one template to use for systems vs. the v1/v2 system we've got now; there should only be one version in use, and only one template.
  • New wiki logo (v4.88)
  • Some of the recent CSS changes (e.g. the background) do not seem to show up on various tablet browsers. [S] Space: Investigate.
    • Mobile versions of Safari seem to be very, very strict about doctype compliance.
    • All good to go!
  • Modernize and clean up front page?
    • Featured pages/images/other content on front page to show off good Wiki pages better? CSS3 slider on front page?
      • ...On that note: CSS3 slider template? (smoke)
  • Add latest subforum posts/activity to the main page activity tracker
  • Code generator integration on the wiki using jQuery/AJAX
    • Attempt to find the current page title (if in the main namespace) on the code generator. If found on one of the code generator's item lists, create a "Generate code" form button, request that item using AJAX, store it in a variable, find any | image = tags and other things that need to be copied using regex, do a regex string replace on the generated code, and perform a "Show changes" form action with the resulting generated code as the input. Done the same day as it was added; not bad. - Space (talk) 19:41, 25 April 2015 (CEST)
    • Make the plugin a bit more smart about equipment pages (i.e. copying over all images). This will require updates to the Gun Infobox template.
    • Make the plugin work for all remaining content types.
    • Making the in-wiki code gen plugin work for all types of equipment is the most important thing right now.
  • Template:Base Infobox breaks when included without an image. Fix. Fixed. - Space (talk) 17:51, 27 April 2015 (CEST)
  • The code generator does not generate missions for bases any more; is it missing any dependencies? Investigate.
  • Do a community survey about wanted content/functions and to gather suggestions and usage statistics at some point?
  • Ask nicely for Extension:Replace Text?
  • Update in-page system maps (i.e.
  • Update code gen ship/gun class definitions (they are still v4.86; quite a few things have changed since then).
  • Replace File:Pic_Needed.jpg

List of useful things

  • action=purge&forcelinkupdate


v4.88 update progress tracker
49.56% updated 50.44% outdated

General technical/organizational to-do list

  • Set up a new to-do page for v4.88
    • Add engines
    • System pages need special attention and promotion there, as they are some of the most difficult and slow types of content to update as seen before after previous updates; they require good writers, as the page content does not already exist in-game for extraction and reuse
    • These would be good targets for a "bounty system" of some kind, as mentioned below!
  • Create a short and concise one-page guide and/or cheat sheet for new Wiki updaters with guidelines and checklists (particularly for the code generator done.)
    • Step-for-step update guide, essentially? Keep it simple. done.
    • Include image updating guidelines: Ctrl + H to hide the HUD, high-res 1:1 aspect ratio JPGs preferable with the object centered - use F2 (go-to) and stop your engines to let the game do this for you, include instructions for using FLC and the SP command line system (particularly the "base" command"), etc.
    • Google Doc link
  • Post announcement to front page and Wiki subforum
  • Create new Skype chat for new interested Wiki contributors for v4.88 to organize and help new editors
  • Give the front page a bit of a workover with a recent news/announcements column, recent edits column and a more fluid nav layout for ease of use and to show/promote activity; top contributors list? mostly done.
    • New 1:1 images for the front page instead of the terrible old ones; let them scale with page width up until they are 1:1, and let the link lists below float depending on window size done.
    • Combine the aforementioned info displays in a three-column thingy with the top ~five contributors, last five recent edits and recent news/announcements/milestones/whatever plus the update progress tracker across the bottom of it. mostly done.
  • The code generator needs a few short text snippets with usage instructions for each content type; some pages have this already, but all of them should have some short, short guidelines for ease of use, clarity and consistency done; see Code generator guide
  • Start taking pictures for v4.88; bases, navmaps (update, solars, systems, etc.
  • Wiki "bounty board" for high-profile wanted pages? (contact Rohj)
  • Important note regarding the new code generator: Quite a few pages including all equipment pages have changed layout and content standards since the code generator was last up and running at the start of v4.86; investigate the consequences of this before putting it into use. Non-issue, we're going with the old layouts due to cshake's code generator not outputting what we need to use the v4.87 templates.

System pages

  • Jumphole location verification
  • Base and/or other location verifications - are all the bases/fields still there?
  • Navmaps (v4.88.00!)
  • Auvergne needs images.

- Space (talk) 12:20, 22 May 2015 (CEST)