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This is a player faction. For the affiliated NPC faction, see IDF Shipping

Île-de-France Shipping
IDF Logo.png
Origin Flag-gallia.png Gallia
Affiliation IDF Shipping
Alignment Lawful/Corporation
Date of founding 585 A.S.
Founder(s) Francois Pomeroy
Current leader(s) Joseph Pomeroy
Base of operations Planet Nevers, Burgundy
Primary role
To support the crown by shipping required goods to the Navy’s important assets in the Border Worlds.
Secondary role
Explore the Sirian Market to find goods usable for the Gallic Kingdom.
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Ile-de-France Shipping S.A. (IDF Shipping) was founded in 501 AGS (585 A.S.) and is now the leading shipping company in Gallic space, comprising over 55 percent of the civilian space transportation market. The Crown has a significant stake in IDF operations, owning over 40 percent of the company's stock. The government prefers not to interfere in IDF operations unless necessary, but the situation has been changing since the start of the Second Gallic War when government representatives on the board of IDF started to lobby for increased participation of IDF with supplying the Navy. Today, the company's ships are frequently seen providing supplies for the rear outposts of the Sirius invasion fleet.

Ile-de-France Shipping was founded less than two years after Solar, but the companies are in no way related to each other. The only similarity is that both companies started operating in the complicated period of the First Gallic War, when old shipping companies withdrew from the war zone and the government desperately needed new shippers to take their place. Unlike Solar, IDF chose the path of close co-operation with the Crown, which gave the company a huge head start. After the war, IDF started purchasing assets of competing companies and was able to complete several aggressive takeovers. However, IDF never achieved monopoly status within the space transportation market, unlike GMS that was able to practically monopolize space mining.

IDF Shipping is known to be one of the closest partners of EFL Oil & Machinery. IDF extensively participated in building the system of Gallic jump gates and trade lanes. Constructing the rapid space transportation systems was undertaken by EFL using technology stolen from Sirius' nations by the Junkers. IDF participated in the construction works and provided transport for huge lane and gate parts that EFL developed and built in its shipyards.

Ile-de-France Shipping's loyalty will never be questioned. Because of this, IDF is working on systematic development and increasing the company's market value to ensure the financial security of its shareholders and employees, instead of blindly hunting for the best profit. "Loyalty over Profit" as Joseph Pomeroy said in his speech when he took over IDF Shipping from his father.


Île-de-France Shipping S.A. (IDF Shipping) was founded in 501 AGS (585 A.S.) by Francois Pomeroy, who thought Gallia needed a shipping company that was absolutely loyal to the Crown, instead of just another money hungry company like many others at that time. It started as a one man business, Francois, and his Aurochs freighter, the “Île-de-France”. He had some small private contracts within the Core Worlds, enough to feed his family.

The company really started after Francois received an urgent charter into the active war zone of the First Gallic War. Most of the companies active at that time did not want to risk operating in such an environment. Being one of the few people available to operate there, Francois took his chance and accepted the assignment. The Crown was very pleased with his performance, so he got a permanent contract, in exchange for a significant stock share. This allowed him to expand his business giving him a huge head start with support from the Crown.

Only several months after his first assignment, he raised enough funds for the first large transport, the ME-UH “Vache” Gallic Train named “Parisienne”. After the war, IDF started purchasing assets of competing companies and was able to organize several aggressive takeovers. Starting with the smaller companies, slowly gaining market share, but quickly expanding the fleet.

Second Gallic War

The second Gallic War didn’t negatively affect IDF as much as most other Gallic companies. Shipping between the Core worlds and the Borderworlds became virtually impossible, but the Royal Navy still needed supplies on the frontlines in Languedoc. This cooperation didn’t come entirely voluntary, for it was one of the rare occasions where the government used its influence on the IDF Board. The government representatives started to lobby for increased participation of IDF with supplying the Navy. The other members of the board quickly decided that if the crown needed their help, IDF would be more than willing to provide that help. This decision lead to a big increase in Border World activity, limiting the economic damage that was done by the war.

After the King opened the borders for trade, IDF immediately adapted to this situation. New departments were quickly formed and a new chain of directors was put in place to make the most out of this unique opportunity. The newly founded division of External Commerce organized small scale scouting missions for potential new markets. Richard Pinault was made Director of External Commerce, managing everything that had to do with Sirius. Under his supervision, trade relations were established with Kusari, the first House they visited.

Present - Third Gallic War (Sirius Invasion)

When the Royal Navy started to push the Council out of Languedoc, IDF suspended all foreign operations to protect its employees. Instead, they focused on maintaining the supply lines to the front lines, bringing in essential goods for the Sirian Invasion. The re-opening of the Core worlds led to some initial chaos on the shipping market, but the Director, Joseph Pomeroy managed to get everything back on track with relative ease. Most of the original supply lines were being set up again, and IDF Shipping came out of the isolation stronger than ever before.

IDF kept a close eye on the situation In Sirius, and as soon as they could guarantee the relative safetely of the transports, the Division of External Commerce proceeded to resume trade with Kusari and the Tau sector. The Royal Navy gave them control over a captured outpost, which was renamed to Indochine Outpost.

Important Persons

Francois Pomeroy and Marcus Pomeroy

Francois Pomeroy, son of Guy Pomeroy and Margot Monet, was born on Planet New Paris in 570AS. Shipping was in his blood, his father was a freelance trader delivering goods wherever people needed them. Francois finished high school with a one year delay caused by an illness, which knocked him out the better part of 6 months. After High School, he finished his Economics study without much problems. Francois’ father retired early, leaving his ship to Francois. He followed his father’s footsteps, taking over the ship and flying all across Gallia hauling various goods. His extensive knowledge of economics gave him an edge over a lot of competition, which allowed him to take care of his family.

After IDF was founded, Francois’ job mainly consisted leading his company. He was actively involved in the many take-overs IDF did. This is where he met his wife, Bernadette Harnon, Director of Harnon Shipping. They spent many hours negotiating the terms of the take-over, which eventually led to their relationship.

Their son, Marcus Pomeroy, had a very similar life as his father. He decided he want to take over his fathers’ business at a young age, so he chose his education accordingly. Francois taught him how to run the company, involving his son into many of his activities. When Francois died at the age of 63, Marcus was ready to take up the reigns. Francois’ only last wish was that his family name would carry the Presidency of the Ile-de-France shipping coming henceforth - A wish Marcus gladly accepted.

Joseph Pomeroy

Joseph Pomeroy

Fast-forwarding to the Second Gallic War, the seditionists raged against the Crown as they tore Planet Marne from the Crown's control in a bloody uphill battle eventually pushing all royalists off the planet in 801 (A.S). Joseph Pomeroy, just a young boy at the time happened to be in one of the cities when the workers first started riots in the streets in 794 A.S. He was quickly sent into hiding, unable to reach a space faring vessel to escape the planet. His chance came, however, in 798 A.S when the Council broke through the blockade of the planet and caught the Gallic Naval Forces completely off guard. Pomeroy's ship escaped back to Île-de-France on a small transport vessel, witnessing first-hand the battle that would change the face of Gallia forever.

Not only did it change the face of Gallia, it also changed Joseph. Witnessing the bloody battles caused by the Council, made him even more motivated to support the Crown in any way possible. This meant IDF was more loyal to the crown then ever. Currently, Joseph is President of IDF, but trapped in the Core Worlds.

Île-de-France Shipping roster

Joseph Pomeroy
Vice President
Andre Bernard
Chef de Bouffon Director of External Commerce Chief Operating Officer
Richard Pinault

(suspended pending investigation)

Gregoire Pierpoint
Arc de Triomphe
Transport Captain
Serge Métisse (Error)

Serge Métisse (Error)


Georges Brulee


Gregoire Pierpoint


Veronique Lachance


Adrienne Martineau


Gaston Charpantier


Jean Biche (seconded)


Jacques Closeau


Emile Endschot

Notre Dame

Louis Durant


Robert Gilbert


Alfred Andre


Leon Duret


Marc Breezer


Escort Pilot
Boursin Camembert La.Dechiquesteuse
Benoit Petit
Special Ships
Captain Jean Biche

Hospital Ship Aide Medicale

Executive Transport

Argent Ruban

Prison Ship

Paquebot de Prison

Usable Ships

Escort Ships

Ga civ lf.png
Civilian Light Fighter
Ga civ hf.png
Civilian Heavy Fighter
Ga civ bomber.png
Civilian Bomber

Ships under contract

These ships remain property of the Gallic Royal Navy, treat with care.

Ga lf.png
Royal Navy Light Fighter
Ga hf.png
Royal Navy Heavy Fighter
Ga vhf.png
Royal Navy VHF

Trade Ships

Ga freight.png
Gal trooper.png
Troop Transport
Gallic train.png
Gallic train adv.png
Gal liner.png


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