Yurasu Station

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Yurasu Station
Ibashi class Station
Yurasu Station.jpg
SamuraLogo.png Samura Industries
6G, Sigma-59
Technical Data
Gravity Complete
Docking bays Yes
Amenities Yes
Crew 115

Erected deep within the Koryu Cloud in the utmost secrecy, Yurasu is an unusual departure for Samura. In the face of multiple GMG affronts, resulting in open corporate warfare around the periphery of Kusari and the lack of significant Naval Forces presence in the Sigmas, the corporation decided to take matters into its own hands.

Samura's upper echelon paid a considerable sum of credits to the Hogosha and Farmers Alliance to stage a massive diversionary raid not far from Niigata in order for a number of construction vessels to steal away into the Aniva Nebula, where a supply depot and hangar was hastily constructed over the course of weeks. This depot grew as Samura snuck more and more resources into the system until it grew to present-day Yurasu.

To the best of Samura's knowledge, the Guild is unaware of the station's existence, but the staffers take few risks. Resident Samuran employees along with pilots from the Hogosha, Alliance, and occasionally even the Corsairs congregate here in a desperate effort to inflict as much damage as possible to nearby GMG assets. The aim is to create enough pressure here to end or at least relieve pressure from the siege of Kurile.

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