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Bretonia "Cromwell"-class Battleship
Br battleship.png
Ship Class Battleship
Built by Southampton Shipyard
Technical information
Guns/Turrets N/A / 15
Cruise Disruptor




Hull strength 7 000 000
Shield strength 500 000
Cargo space unknown
Nanobots/Batteries unknown
Max. impulse speed 90 m/s
Max. thrust speed Thruster not available
Power output 8,000,000 u
Power recharge
This is a player owned ship.


The design of the Cromwell-class was started in 813 A.S., full development being completed at the fines of the year 817 A.S., with the HMS-Cromwell being built along with the HMS-Royal.Caridea at the drydocks of Southampton. In 818 A.S., the HMS-Cromwell and it's sister ship, the HMS-Royal.Caridea were deployed in Tau-31 to aid the Battleship Macduff.

When the Gallic invasion in the Taus occured, the Macduff had made an attempt to pull back to Newcastle, but sadly due to the experimental technical details of the Cromwell and Royal.Caridea they remained behind, along with a unknown number of remnants of the Macduff, those that did not make it across. As the Cromwell-class was lost, the Admiralty Board considered the project for the new class a failure, and remained to the standard ones used in the present day.

Differences from previous classes

The main differences between the Cromwell-class and other classes were as follows:

--Low-emission powercore, but the firepower was diminished by a small portion due to the fact some of the energy was driven to electronics that would concel. it's EM signatures

--Better maneuvering thrusters, in order to dodge incoming enemy fire in combination with a lighter hull.

--Despite the lighter hull, a old armor plating belonging to a long-forgotten project was mounted, keeping the hull intact like the ones of the previous versions, but allowing for easier maneuvrability.

--A new cloaking device, diverting the whole power from the ship's core to conceal it, bending EM radiations better than any model used so far. Due to the fact that none of the two battleships of the Cromwell-class were used in almost 8 years in combination with the damage sustained while trying to flee from Tau-31, both devices are prone to overheating, and require a certain time to cool down if the limit is reached.


1. "Nightmare" Battleship Missile Silo

2. 2x TL-45 "Heavy Mortar" Antimatter Cannon

3. 2x "Pounder" Bretonian Battleship Primary Cannons

4. 2x EMP-1 "Wrecker" Bretonian Battleship Pulse Cannons

5. 2x Standard Battleship Flak Turrets

6. 7x LDL-14v "Jackhammer" Liberty Battleship Light Turrets