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Br battleship.png
Ship Class Battleship
Built by Southampton Shipyard
Captain Kyle Marshall
Series Cromwell Series
Origin Flag-bretonia.png Bretonia
Launched 818 A.S.
Main task Formerly to aid the Macduff in Tau-31 during the Tau War
Status Unknown, presumed destroyed
Zone of Operation Unknown
Technical information
Guns/Turrets N/A / 15
Cruise Disruptor




Hull strength 7 000 000
Shield strength 500 000
Cargo space unknown
Nanobots/Batteries unknown
Max. impulse speed 90 m/s
Max. thrust speed Thruster not available
Power output 8,000,000 u
Power recharge
This is a player owned ship.


The HMS-Cromwell was built at the fines of the year 818 A.S., at Southampton Shipyard in a response to the Kusarian threat within the Taus during the war with Kusari. The captain, Kyle Marshall, asked personally to be assigned to the Tau front, especially to the Cromwell as some very good friends of his were assigned there too. Marshall knew the general psychology, and knew it was going to be a good choice to be put along with known people. The transfer was successful, and Marshall, due to his known service record, was assigned as the captain of the Cromwell. The first days were uncertain, as Marshall knew only a few of the members, the rest being complete strangers, and had to get used with them, get to know them. Kyle wanted to know each one in close detail, to know what he has on his side and what not, and, to be able to keep their morale up. The Cromwell, about two weeks after the new captain was assigned, was sent on to the Tau front, to assist the Macduff in Tau-31.

At the fines of the war, when the Macduff pulled back to Newcastle, various ships, including the Cromwell remained behind due to a number of reasons, such as malfunctions and breakdowns due to the heavy damage sustained shortly before the Gauls invaded the Tau region. Forced to remain behind, and in a hope they will be rescued, the ships left behind had scattered around Tau-31 any way they could, entering a state of cryogenic freezing to conserve all the remaining rations, consumables, and equipment, and waiting until they would be saved.

Despite the high morale that they would be saved, all odds were against them, yet they didn't know anything until they were "awoken". Leeds was taken, and everything leading closer and closer to Bretonia was heavily guarded, and trying to escape to Newcastle would be too risky, since they would risk to give away their presence and risk immediate termination. The ships that were left behind were all classified as M.I.A..

Recently, in the year of 826 A.S., a Borderworlds explorer stumbled upon a Cromwell-class Battleship, and due to the tease of possibly finding valuables or other such things, he attempted to land. It took a while for him to try and get inside as the Cromwell battleship wasn't touched or showed any signs of life for 8 years. Once inside, the hangar bay wasn't pressurized, oddly enough. The explorer, Robert Winslow, shortly after managing to get on the bridge, went to the engine room and attempted to restore the power. Due to the oldness of the equipment, and past damages, the panel was still prone to errors and other malfunctions. By accident, when he restored the power, he also de-activated the cryo-freezing stasis of the conserved entities and consumables. Kyle was finally awoken, and found the explorer. Initially he was on alert due to the unknown contact, but after some talking he learned that he is a trustworthy man, and he was very thankful for him to getting the Cromwell back on it's feet.

Present Day

Today, the current status of the HMS-Cromwell is unknown to many, still presumed destroyed and classified as M.I.A. by the current Armed Forces. In reality, it was recently brought back from the dead, and in a vulnerable position, currently still unknown to the Royalists that aren't even aware of a threat from the inside.