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Tau-31 System

Tau-31 is located within the Barrier, deeper than Tau-29, yet not as deep as Tau-23 or Tau-37. It is a main arterial route from Bretonia to Kusari, that goes from Leeds, through Tau-31 and Tau-29 to Kyushu. The entire system is blanketed by a vast field of frozen water and oxygen, that the IMG intend to exploit from their base at the Holman Outpost. The only other base in the system is Planet Harris, a barren world that is being brought to life by Planetform Inc., despite resistance from the Bretonian terrorist faction; the Gaians. Other criminal activity includes the Outcasts, who are involved in a bitter war with the BMM over the construction of their Tau-23 Jump Gate, that encroaches on the Outcast's territory.

The system is a now a gallic occupied system. Planet Harris was the last base of resistance that was taken in 824 AS but most parts of the Anti Gallic Royal Alliance are still attacking the system with capital fire power; especially the Maltesians and Republican (both - Crayter & Gallia) Forces. Pirates often attacks the royal supply line to Leeds and the war systems like Magellan.

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Planet Harris.jpg
Planet Harris
Inhabited by EFL

Areas of Interest

Asteroid Fields

Tau-31 Ice crystal Field

Tau-31 Ice crystal Field

A vast field of water ice with some oxygen ice pockets, the Tau-31 field lies in the heart of the Barrier. The planetform Terraforming project ist hte most noteable activity in the system, along with the Holman outpost, a key supply depot for the IMG and its operations furthur afield in Tau-23. A trade lane is currently under construction between Holman and the Tau-23 Gate, but its completion has been delayed by recent pirate attacks.

Tau-31 Mine Field

Tau-31 Mine Field >>>CAUTION<<<

When Kusari Navy defeated Bretonian forces near Leeds Jump Gate, surviving ships of Bretonia retreated to Harris and drew a large part of Kusari fleet into a trap. Few Kusari pilots were able to escape from treacherous minefields that Bretonia Armed Forces carefully prepared. This, however, did not turn the tides of Tau-31 struggle, for Kusari quickly brought massive reinforcements from Tau-29.

Jump Gates/Holes

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