Richard Norwood

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Richard Norwood
Richard Norwood.jpg
Richard, 820 A.S.
Origin Liberty
Occupation Hired Gun and Freelance Explorer
Gender Male
Affiliation Freelancer
Liberty Navy 809 - 815 A.S
Rank Independent
Status Alive
Born January 15, 790 A.S., Planet Houston


Richard was born on Planet Houston to Walter, an ex-convict factory worker, and Mary, an LPI officer in early retirement. His childhoold was without much excitement, although a bit troublesome, he was always hardworking and dilligent. Even though he lived in a bad environment, due to several ties pulled Richard managed to attain a good education, and enroll in one of Navy's academies. Having obtained military education, Richard promptly left the planet to serve on LNS-Valor, a cruiser that patrolled the Texas system, leaving his parents to run a business planetside.

His service on the Valor was full of excitement, as the vessel would often engage pirate ships and intercept smuggling convoys, there wasn't as much as a week without some action, and Richard found this life fulfilling. One day, he was awakened by a strong explosion in the engine section. The cruiser was in utter chaos, alarms sounding, electric fires everywhere, people choking on the smoke trying to get to their escape pods. A large Rogue force had crippled the cruiser and boarded, trying to release prisoners that the cruiser had captured some time ago. The pirates were merciless in their conduct, killing any who stood in their way, and Richard knew he had no chance against them alone. He hid in one of the escape pods and sent out distress calls, waiting untill back-up arrived. After he was certain that the Navy had arrived, he ran out and cleared a path for the boarding naval force to land, ultimately helping them reclaim the ship. The whole crew was killed, but for all it was worth - the prisoners were still there.

After returning to Mississippi, Richard was offered a promotion for good conduct, but he realized that the Military wasn't his goal in life, and instead returned to Houston, to help his now aging parents. In 819 A.S, following an epidemic of a previously unknown virus, both his parents died, and left him the family business that dealt in production of precise electronic equipment, where he occupied himself in the coming year. However, this sort of life didn't satisfy him, and after a lot of thought he decided to sell the family business and fund his own space adventure. He finally embarked in 820 A.S, and now occupies the Barrier Gate Station from time to time, when he's not out exploring.

Freelancergameicon.pngShips Owned

Cv vheavy fighter.png
Eagle Very Heavy Fighter
Ahoudori Kusari Explorer