Planet Houston

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Planet Houston
Planet Houston.jpg

Owner Flag-liberty.png Liberty Police, Inc.
Location 4F, Texas
Flag-liberty.png Liberty
Technical information
Population 450,000,000
Docking Yes
Terrain Desert
Diameter 8,201 km
Mass 3.38 x 10e24 kg
Temperature -88°C to 100°C
Escape velocity 9.02 km/sec

Houston is an arid world whose population has slowly increased to slightly over 450 million people; these mostly consist of what Manhattanites would term "the economically undesirable", many of them former inmates of the orbiting Prison Ships. The cheap labour force has attracted a number of industries, however, including a major Deep Space Engineering manufacturing plant specializing in Nanocapacitor production.

Houston's biggest industry, however, is fuelled by Liberty's criminal element; the vast majority of Libertonian Prisoners are housed in the system and prison gangs from the Huntsville and the Sugarland, as well as rehabilitated former inmates looking to go straight, power Texan industries.

Both the Liberty Police, Inc. and the Bounty Hunters Guild maintain their respective local headquarters on the planet; the Bounty Hunters Guild is thicker here than anywhere else in Sirius. After all, not only forcing prisoners to labour is profitable; capturing them is vital, too. Houston is most often "visited" by (former and current) Liberty Rogues and Xenos.

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Civilian Gunboat
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