Ageira Technologies

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Ageira Technologies
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Alignment Corporation


Liberty Authorities, Liberty Corporations


EFL, Kishiro


Lane Hackers, Liberty Rogues, Outcasts, Xenos

Ageira Technologies, one of the "Big Three" Liberty companies, is responsible for the development of Jump Gate and Trade Lane technology. Ageira maintains a special relationship with DSE, who primarily constructs Jump Gates and Trade Lanes on behalf of Ageira. Their monopoly on Gate and Lane technology has become threatened in recent years, with the arrival of similar Gallia technologies, and developments in jump drive technology by Kishiro Technologies.

Ships used

Ship Class
Base Construction Platform Transport
Repair Ship Repair Ship
Starblazer Very Heavy Fighter
Grizzly Freighter
Hawk Light Fighter
Armored Transport Transport
Liberty Transport Transport
Falcon Heavy Fighter
Ageira Heavy Transport Heavy Transport
Eagle Very Heavy Fighter
Civilian Gunboat Gunboat

Bases owned

Base Owner System Region
Detroit Munitions Ageira Technologies New York Liberty
Pueblo Station Ageira Technologies Colorado Liberty


Base Owner System Region
Planet New London Bretonia Police New London Bretonia
Planet Los Angeles Liberty Police, Inc. California Liberty
Sheffield Station Bounty Hunters Guild Manchester Bretonia
Newark Station Interspace Commerce New York Liberty
Planet Erie Liberty Police, Inc. Pennsylvania Liberty
West Point Military Academy Liberty Navy New York Liberty
Battleship Missouri Liberty Navy New York Liberty
Philadelphia Station Deep Space Engineering Pennsylvania Liberty
Willard Research Station Liberty Navy California Liberty
Planet California Minor Planetform, Inc. California Liberty
Fort Bush Liberty Police, Inc. New York Liberty
Trenton Outpost Universal Shipping New York Liberty
Detroit Munitions Ageira Technologies New York Liberty
Riverside Station Synth Foods, Inc. California Liberty
Battlecruiser Yellowstone Liberty Navy California Liberty
Scottsdale Refinery Deep Space Engineering Coronado Independent
San Diego Border Station Liberty Police, Inc. California Liberty
Pueblo Station Ageira Technologies Colorado Liberty
BPA Newgate Bretonia Police Manchester Bretonia
Planet Manhattan Liberty Police, Inc. New York Liberty
Norfolk Shipyard Liberty Navy New York Liberty
Baltimore Shipyard Deep Space Engineering New York Liberty
Waterloo Station Interspace Commerce New London Bretonia
Planet Denver Liberty Police, Inc. Colorado Liberty
Planet Pittsburgh Deep Space Engineering New York Liberty
Cordova Shipping Platform Universal Shipping Magellan Independent
Valley Forge Flight School Interspace Commerce Pennsylvania Liberty
Lewes Shipping Platform Gateway Shipping Tau-31 Tau Border Worlds


Faction Relationship
Blood Dragons
Gallic Brigands
Farmers Alliance
Independent Pirates
Golden Chrysanthemums
Sirius Coalition
Lane Hackers
Liberty Rogues
The Maquis
Red Hessians
Unione Corse
EFL Oil & Machinery
Bretonia Mining & Manufacturing
Bretonia Armed Forces
Bretonia Police
Border World Exports
Kishiro Technologies
Gateway Shipping
Samura Industries
Planetform, Inc.
Bretonia Intelligence Service
Bounty Hunters Guild
Kusari Naval Forces
Kusari State Police
Cryer Pharmaceuticals
Interspace Commerce
Deep Space Engineering
Synth Foods, Inc.
Orbital Spa & Cruise
Universal Shipping
Liberty Security Force
Liberty Navy
Alaska Security Forces
Liberty Police, Inc.
Ageira Technologies


Planet Manhattan
  • We ship Side Arms from Detroit, our munitions plant that serves all of Liberty and much of Kusari and Bretonia. We don't usually ship Detroit weaponry to Rheinland because they produce their own, but it doesn't compare with Detroit Deathware.

  • If it's personal protection you're looking for, Ageira Technologies has the answer. Try our famous Mk 11 Perforator -- a great price and guaranteed to put more holes in your target than necessary. If it's stopping power you want, you'll get it with our line of Wide Bore Pocket Cannons. The finest products are available exclusively from Detroit Munitions, just a quick Trade Lane jump away.

  • Our Detroit munitions plant gets its Water and Oxygen from Manhattan. I will make the run myself sometimes. It's well protected, which makes the trip an easy one.

Trenton Outpost
  • Ageira ships Trade Lane Parts to Planet Harris as part of the overall Planetform operation in Tau-31. The wars have certainly been a major setback, but Planetform keeps placing orders, so we keep taking their money. What else would an honest company do?

  • Planet Kurile has become a prime destination for Trade Lane Parts. Samura has lagged behind schedule for years with the Sigma 17 lane construction project. They claim that Corsair attacks have caused unavoidable setbacks, but I have my doubts about that. This product is so expensive that it would be far more economical to pay an entire BHG battle group to guard the construction project than to keep on losing so many shipments. At least our self-destruct protocols keep our technology safe from prying eyes. By now, the Corsairs know to just blow up the cargo themselves rather than to let it blow them up when they inspect it.

  • Universal is the company that ships Ageira's Trade Lane components to the Deep Space Engineering sites that will eventually become Jump Gates and Trade Lanes. They are fortunate to be honored with our very lucrative, exclusive contracts.

  • Jump Gate parts are brought to Trenton from Pueblo in Colorado. Those components will eventually be assembled by Deep Space Engineering into future Jump Gates and Trade Lane Rings.

  • Our finely crafted Detroit personal weaponry is sent throughout Sirius space from here -- that is, with the exception of Rheinland, which produces its own Side Arms. However, Detroit firepower is generally recognized as the best in personal protection.

  • We use Trenton to distribute many Gate and Lane Parts throughout Sirius. That frees up our personnel on Pueblo to focus on manufacturing rather than retail logistics. We have deals with Interspace Commerce to store inventory on their bases in the other Houses.

Norfolk Shipyard
  • From Jump Gates to Side Arms and Optical Chips, Ageira is the high-tech leader for all of Liberty and Sirius. What other company has given so much toward the progress of all the people here?

  • When you think Optronics, the Kusari manufacturers come to mind. But when it comes to Optical Chips, Ageira builds some of the finest in all of Sirius. They are shipped here from Los Angeles to be used in the construction of ships of all sizes.

  • Super Alloys are shipped in from Scarborough Shipyard in Newcastle, Basic Alloy is shipped from Manhattan, and Ship Hull Panels are shipped from Stokes and Kyushu. These components will be used in the construction of Liberty's naval fleets, the ships that symbolize Liberty's dominance in Sirius space.

Detroit Munitions
  • This plant supplies Liberty, Bretonia, and Kusari with Side Arms and personal weaponry. The only other Side Arms factory is the Ring in New Berlin. But everyone knows that Detroit hardware is superior to the Rheinland arms.

  • Originally, Ageira was headquartered in Manhattan, but we moved our operations to California. We felt it was important to put weapons manufacturing in the heart of Liberty.

  • This station requires supplies from different sources to manufacture our famous Side Arms. Since Ageira makes the best weapons, we ship the finest materials here: Basic Alloy from Manhattan, HazMat Canisters from ALG's facility in Rheinland, and we also use a lot of Aluminium to keep our weapons light weight.

  • Xenos were making more and more frequent attacks on this installation in an attempt to steal our Side Arms -- that is until we put up the defensive satellite grid outside the station. After the first few encounters with our upgraded defenses, the Xenos attacked this base much less frequently.

  • Xenos don't usually harass Liberty shipping -- unless, of course, you are shipping Side Arms, which is our business here in Detroit. That is why we have hired extra Bounty Hunters to patrol the Trade Lanes leading to and from this base.

  • The LPI does its best in this part of space, but it just doesn't have the agents or the ships to protect all the shipping that passes through this system. IC, which insures much of our cargo, has been a close Ageira ally since Trade Lanes first went into mass production back in 215 AS.

  • Universal Ship Identification (USI) is a system in which ship cargo manifests are downloaded into databases as ships pass through Jump Gates and Trade Lanes. Somehow the Lane Hackers got their hands on the technology and now know which shipments carry the most valuable Commodities, making it easy for them to target specific transports.

  • The Lane Hackers are Ageira's worst enemy. They use their stolen technology to interfere with our shipping and undermine the safety of our Trade Lane systems. Our USI system was supposed to benefit commerce in Sirius, but it has been twisted into a way to know which ships to pirate.

  • The Lane Hackers very rarely do their own dirty work; they usually sell or trade ship Commodity information to the Rogues or Outcasts. The most infuriating part of it all is that there has been no way to stop them yet. We kill the occasional Rogue or Outcast, but we've never been able to catch a Lane Hacker.

  • In 614 AS, Ageira began crafting Side Arms and personal weaponry at this manufacturing plant, and since then Detroit has been synonymous with firepower. When you want to put someone down fast, look to Detroit to meet your needs.

  • Our Side Arms are shipped throughout Liberty by our own transports and Universal Shipping. We deliver them to battleships, police outposts, shipyards, Bounty Hunter bases...Basically anywhere somebody needs to do some killing.

Planet Los Angeles
  • This is where they do all of the software development for Ageira. Few years back, some programmers got uppity and took off with a bunch of source codes for the USI tracking software. IC was furious; came in and had a big investigation done. Hasn't stopped the Lane Hackers.

  • I hear the Lane Hackers get lonely for California sometimes. They got some asteroid base out in the Barrier someplace, where you never see the sun. IC and Ageira are determined to catch them. They might start right here. Word is, the Hackers got some secret friends inside still. That's how they are keeping up with all the security patches that Ageira releases.

  • This is the center of the universe for Ageira. Company HQ. I do my little part by shipping in Side Arms from Detroit. I take Optical Chips to Norfolk on the way back to New York. Only tough part of the trip is getting the Side Arms past the Xenos on the first stretch to Manhattan.

Planet Denver
  • Just came in from Detroit with a Side Arms shipment. Colorado is one of our toughest runs. All those damned Xenos. We get attacked almost every time in the Silverton Field.

  • We bring in Super Alloys from Pueblo. We then ship Superconductors off to Kusari. We purchase basic supplies for the return trip, like Water, and provide a lift for workers returning to Pueblo as Passengers after their holiday.

  • Denver is the site of our USI scanner hardware R&D division. A while back a bunch of high-level employees got forced out after a big screw-up. They drifted up into Galileo and set up base, calling themselves Lane Hackers. Nothing but trouble on the Trade Lanes ever since.

Pueblo Station
  • We ship in our basic needs like Food, Water, Beryllium, and Cobalt from Denver. Usually these shipments are pretty uneventful, which is just how I like it.

  • The Lane Hackers are a misguided group of software and hardware development engineers that never appreciated the opportunities that Ageira presented. They stole extremely valuable Ageira intellectual property and used it to their own personal advantage. Due to their shortsighted actions, the criminal scourge has spread like a plague throughout the entire Sirius network of Trade Lanes.

  • There has been one most unfortunate occurrence in Ageira's past: the Dallas Incident in 500 AS, a Jump Gate research project in the Texas system that went horribly wrong. Thousands of dedicated Ageira employees were lost in one dreadful moment. To this day the Texas system remains mostly off-limits due to the radiation and debris hazards.

  • Ageira has a long and distinguished history. Its founders were among the initial population of Liberty, soon after planetfall on Manhattan in 0 AS. All scientists and engineers -- they were handpicked by the Liberty government to exploit and develop new transportation technologies for the future.

  • Ageira products like the Jump Gates have been developed through the centuries based on advanced technologies unlocked from Alien Artifacts found at an excavation site in Manhattan during the early days of Liberty. It is Liberty's most valuable secret, and one that is jealously guarded.

  • The Xenos are just disenchanted lower-class workers who sate their avaricious desires through criminal piracy. Thankfully, the Battleship Rio Grande does a good job of beating those scum back into line.

  • Pueblo is our primary Trade Lane Parts manufacturing facility. We also produce the latest Superconductors on Denver for use in Liberty Navy Ship construction and engines.

  • Ageira ships its primary product Trade Lane Parts to Trenton, where Universal distributes them across the Sirius Sector.

  • Ageira Technologies produces the most sophisticated technology in the Sirius Sector. We have exclusively designed and manufactured all of the Trade Lanes and Jump Gates that have made hyper-fast, long-distance space travel feasible for the first time in human history.

Cordova Shipping Platform
  • Don't get me wrong, the pay for working at Leduc is great and it's a dream job if you have the tech skills, but it's just so boring after hours. They built that station so secure that not even an amoeba can get aboard without alarms going off, but the architect didn't include a recreation room or even a single lounge anywhere! It's nothing but work rooms, cafeteria, docking bay, bunk rooms, and corridors. There's only so many corridors you can walk before you're reaching for the pills to knock yourself out for the night to avoid the boredom. A leave pass for Camrose is worth its weight in gold at Leduc.

  • I had to wait three weeks for this leave opportunity to come over here from Leduc. The lack of recreation facilities in this system was cleverly left out of the promotional campaign Ageira ran to recruit volunteers for work here, but even this supply depot is an improvement over Leduc's night life.

  • When we disembarked from the shuttle yesterday I overheard the pilot talking about strange energy readings that he noticed when we left Leduc. He said something like "not since the squirrel war" and he had a really frantic look on his face. I think he's been on one too many deep space runs. I hope they pension him off to Denver or somewhere, because I'm not too keen on riding a shuttle piloted by some old guy who starts having war flashbacks during docking maneuvers.

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