Planet New Berlin

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Planet New Berlin
Rheinland Federal Police
F-5, New Berlin

DIAMETER: 18,207 km.

MASS: 7.11 x 10e24 kg.



ESCAPE VELOCITY: 14.22 km/sec

On New Berlin, each day and night lasts for nearly a standard year; the nightside is plunged into frigid, bitter winter, while the dayside experiences a milder summer slightly warmer than freezing. Settled in 3 AS, Rheinland's capital is very close to the abundant mineral resources of the Walker Nebula, rapidly fuelling its development as the House's industrial heart. After the economic collapse brought about by the loss of the 80-Years War with the Gas Miners Guild, New Berlin became a society of extreme contrasts, marked by political radicalism, corruption, black markets, and decadent underground clubs and cabarets.

Recent decades subjected Rheinland to a string of military defeats and scandals, deepening the state's heavy debts. What resulted was a demoralized Military and a population deeply resentful of the corruption and mismanagement that characterized the Federal Republic. Berlin politics became increasingly polarized and violent, with opposing Imperial and Progressive blocs emerging in opposition to mainstream Federal politics. Imperial parties campaigned on the restoration of the protectionist and insular Old Empire, peddling nostalgia for a glorious past that never existed. Reformist parties made unrealistic pledges to fulfil the spirit of the Popular Revolution, offering hollow promises that Rheinland could neither afford or execute.

In 826 AS, a coalition of Progressive reformists won a narrow plurality of seats in the Reichstag. The following months saw Imperial-agitated riots across New Berlin, and brutal RFP reprisals. Matters came to a head the following year with the attempted assassination of Fredrick von Albrecht, the sole remaining heir of the last Emperor of Rheinland. A Military-backed Imperial coup then plunged Rheinland into civil war, with bloody fighting persisting across Planet New Berlin for the duration of the conflict. After fighting one another to an exhausted stalemate, the Holstein Accords ended the conflict in 829 AS with a mutually dissatisfactory compromise, creating the Federal Empire of Rheinland.

Observing the requirements of the Accords, Federalist and Imperial representatives created the Rheinland Consensus Government, formed of senior officials from both factions. The elected Reichstag and office of Chancellor were also restored, with Emperor Fredrick II formally coronated as the Federal Empire's head of state shortly after. The Consensus Government remains rife with political infighting and dysfunction, but is still seen as preferential to resumed bloodshed. Life in Rheinland has gradually returned to normal, although New Berlin's cities still bear many of the scars of the recent conflict.

Bribes & Missions Offered



Commodity Price
Hessian Tears 104$
Gin 48$
Liberty Ale 52$
Medical Equipment 44$
Sake 52$
Stabiline 35$
Vodka 39$
Whiskey 38$
Prisoners 199$
Crew 380$
Diamonds 111$
Food Rations 47$
Luxury Food 51$
H-Fuel 100$
Pharmaceuticals 31$
Consumer Goods 31$
Luxury Consumer Goods 41$
Cardamine 188$
Consumer Goods 188$
Artifacts 165$
Consumer Goods 165$
Xeno Relics 217$
Gaian Wildlife 451$
Iridium 160$
Neon 39$
Vacationers 679$
Wine 63$
Helium 68$
Cigars 55$
Tea 52$
Nox 169$
Consumer Goods 169$
Passengers (Liberty) 584$
Passengers (Bretonia) 653$
Passengers (Kusari) 525$
Passengers (Gallia) 585$
Fire Pearls 39$
Commodity Price
Deployable Mining Container 50,000$
Oxygen 17$
Water 17$
Passengers (Rheinland) 200$
Criminals 477$
Rheinbier 26$
Boron 22$
Basic Alloy 28$
Mining Machinery 16$
Construction Machinery 15$
Synth Paste 15$
Industrial Materials 15$

Ships sold

Ship Class Price
Kestrel Freighter 2,916$
Armored Transport Transport 38,506$
Kingfisher Heavy Fighter 13,558$


[834 AS] Joint statement condemns Gallic trade deal

MANHATTAN -- 834 -- In a rare moment of unity, the governments of Bretonia, Crater, Kusari and Liberty have issued a joint statement condemning Rheinland for the Treaty of Oerlikon -- a sweeping free trade agreement with Gallia. All have fought wars against the Gallic Union’s predecessor states, and maintain that there are unresolved wartime disputes the Union refuses to address or accept responsibility for. The group sharply rebuked Rheinland’s intent to provide the Gallic military dictatorship with access to dual-use industrial materials. These will likely be used to revitalize the Gallic Navy, destabilizing surrounding regions. Rheinland responded that it seeks to integrate Gallia into the Sirian economy, creating peace through mutual prosperity.

[834 AS] Historic trade deal secured with Gallia

NEW BERLIN -- 834 -- Following the Emperor’s state visit to Gallia, negotiators have finalized the Treaty of Oerlikon. This historic agreement boosts trade between the two Houses, while formalizing joint security standards in the dangerous Alsace Passage. Gallia is expected to be a major customer for Rheinland’s minerals, manufactured equipment and alloys, after negotiators exploited humiliating Gallic security lapses during the state visit to obtain enhanced market access as compensation. Rheinland citizens are already anticipating the novelty of Gallic foodstuffs, as well as cultural and luxury items. The Trade Ministry has celebrated a sharp drop in Food prices across Rheinland as a victory for the average citizen.

[834 AS] Bundschuh dossier sparks outrage

NEW BERLIN -- 834 -- A dossier of information has been published by the Bundschuh, alleging the Hamburg Blast was caused by an unstable Xeno Relic. The leaks implicate senior Imperial Shipping officers in a years-long plot to direct illegal research that was banned under the Denver Convention. In dawn raids, MND agents arrested Baron Mathias Schnider (Hamburg University’s dean of physics) and Wolfgang Kohler (Imperial Shipping’s Vice President of Academic Investments). Imperial Shipping has disavowed all knowledge of the alleged scheme, blaming ‘rogue elements’ for any wrongdoing. Baron Schnider and Mr Kohler both deny the charges, calling the dossier a ‘terrorist fabrication’.

[834 AS] Catastrophe on Planet Hamburg!

ROTHERBAUM CITY -- 834 -- A massive explosion has rocked Rotherbaum City, annihilating Hamburg University’s physics campus and plunging the northern hemisphere into darkness. Government authorities reacted immediately by deploying the Rheinland Military to the region to coordinate emergency relief; government officials have also confirmed that the MND have taken charge of the federal investigation into the incident. Initial reports have confirmed that the highly sensitive Optronic components used to regulate power networks were destroyed by a large pulse of energy. Kishiro Technologies has reportedly ramped up production in anticipation of increased orders. No group has so far claimed responsibility for the blast.

[833 AS] Kolleda Returns to Service?

ODER SHIPYARD -- 833 -- For the past year, Daumann crews have carried out the arduous task of disassembling the Battleship Kolleda. The decision to decommission the veteran battleship as a cost saving measure was deeply controversial, sparking numerous protests by ex-servicemen outside the Reichstag. This prompted frequent project stops while objections or political interventions were considered. Last week, a squadron of Heavy Lifter tugs pulled the Battleship from its moorings and escorted it into Frankfurt. While the Ministry of Defence has not offered any comment on the situation, it appears the Kolleda may have been offered a second lease on life.

[834 AS] State visit assassination provokes fury

NEW PARIS -- 834 -- Rheinland's Minister of Trade has been critically injured after his diplomatic liner was destroyed by Maquis terrorists in New Paris orbit. The assassination attempt has provoked fury among the Rhienland delegation, after allegations were raised that New Paris' planetary defense grid had supposedly been disabled for maintenance minutes before. Several hundred are believed to have been killed in the treacherous attack, including many of Rheinland's specialist trade deal negotiators. Reichstag representatives have furiously accused Gallic officials of leaking the convoy's details in advance. The Emperor was unharmed, and successfully descended to New Paris to meet with the Grand Marshall for his state visit.

[833 AS] Rheinland pledges support over Dublin action

HAMBURG -- 833 -- While touring Nanotube production facilities on Altona Station, Trade Minister Baron Tobias von Hueber acknowledged Interspace's recent report on the Gold market. He confirmed Rheinland’s support for any military action Bretonia takes to reassert control over Dublin, condemning calls for a negotiated settlement. He argued that capitulating to terrorists and separatists was "intolerable" and would undermine the territorial sovereignty of all the Houses. Hueber closed his speech by urging Bretonia to take immediate and decisive action to restore the Gold trade, offering Rheinland's industrial services to the Bretonian Armed Forces.

[833 AS] Gold Insecurity Invites Crisis

WATERLOO -- 833 -- Interspace analysts have published a report on the continued volatility of sector-wide Gold supplies, claiming that further instability invites disaster. The reports note the pressures placed on advanced Optronics, Bio-Neural Processor and Quantum Multiplexor manufacturing were already causing spiraling cost increases in adjacent market sectors. Market analysis also indicates that the bulk of Bretonian exports now consist of recycled and in some cases adulterated materials, likely indicating that stockpiles are running low. Interspace has called upon House authorities to collectively find the means of addressing the Dublin question before economic crisis becomes inevitable.

[833 AS] Stabline Prices Spike Over Atka Destruction

SIGMA-17 -- 833 -- Cryer’s share prices have tumbled on the news that Atka Research Station has been destroyed by brutal Outcast pirates. The remote station served as the primary manufacturing point for the revolutionary drug Stabline, which had promised to eradicate Cardamine dependency across the Colonies. Cryer spokeswoman Alicia Fisher confirmed that critical staff and research materials were successfully evacuated due to the timely intervention of private security forces and the GMG paramilitary. She noted that adequate Stabiline stockpiles exist to “manage demand for priority clients” while a replacement facility is sourced. Cryer is believed to have entered emergency negotiations with the governments of both Kusari and Bretonia to explore potential options.

[833 AS] Pausbeck's Day Tour Ruffles Feathers

MULEHEIM CITY -- 833 -- A sullen-looking Emperor Frederick has undertaken a tour of Muleheim City to commemorate Pausbeck’s Day. On being asked if he would be doing anything foolish to celebrate his ancestor's folly, the Emperor launched into a meandering tirade that called for the holiday to be banned, decrying it as an affront to his office’s dignity. Speaking to the press later that day, Admiral Scholz clarified that this was a Pausbeck’s Day joke, and the assembled reporters had clearly committed their foolish act for the day by taking the satirical comments at face value.

[832 AS] Armistice Collapses Over Admiral Assassination

NEW BERLIN - 832 - The armistice with the Bundschuh has dramatically collapsed, following the assassination of Admiral Ranulf Schmid. Admiral Schmid was the former commander of the Battleship Strausberg, who had been hailed as a hero for the decisive blow dealt to the Red Hessians during the recent Dresden Campaign. Schmid was killed when a bomb detonated inside his personal shuttle - Bundschuh terrorists claimed responsibility. After a spate of attacks against Military targets, the Reichstag passed legislation banning the organization. Government officials have reiterated that the Holstein Accords remain strong, despite armistices with both the Bundschuh and Unioners having failed.

[832 AS] Emperor attends New Berlin Gala

DAHLEM CITY -- 832 -- Emperor Frederick has demonstrated his continued patronage of the arts by attending the New Berlin Fashion Gala, delivering an eclectic opening speech that attendees described as ‘unfocused’ and ‘eccentric’. The Emperor was said to be greatly impressed by the faux-military style showcased in his honor, and was later seen in deep conversation with Maria Decker, the line designer. Dramatically, chart-topping singer Erika Muller was removed from the Gala by Admiral Scholz, one of the Emperor’s favorite advisors. Muller is alleged to have asked the visibly puzzled Emperor about the heavy losses suffered by the Strausberg fleet during recent actions in Dresden.

[832 AS] Battleship Strausberg lost in Dresden!

DRESDEN -- 832 AS -- A surprise assault has been conducted by the Military battlegroup spearheaded by Battleship Strausberg, which up until now safeguarded the Dresden's gate into New Berlin. The assault was primarily aimed at taking out the Leipzig Station, a former Daumann station that Red Hessian took a residence in after its abandonment in 818 AS.

While the battlegroup successfully managed to destroy both Leipzig Station, as well as Bundschuh controlled Bautzen Station, the assault ended in a catastrophic loss of the Battleship Strausberg, having been ambushed by a heavy Hessian battlegroup. While the Strausberg itself managed to successfully withdraw from the battle, its engines failed halfway towards the New Berlin Jump Gate, and the order was made to scuttle the ship to avoid it falling into the Hessian hands.

As a result, massive riots are taking place all around Rheinland, demanding Kaiser's resignation from his position due to his reckless actions making Rheinland even less safe than it already is. We have reached out to the Kaiser Cabinet, but were refused any comments at the time of publication.

[832 AS] Kaiser declares war on Red Hessians!

NEW BERLIN -- 832 AS -- Earlier today, the Kaiser announced in a surprise press release that the Rheinland has not been putting nearly enough focus on its internal issues as it should. The Red Hessians, in particular, have been a movement that spiraled out of control many years ago, and needs to be addressed by any means necessary. Kaiser's speech lasted a total of 10 minutes, and notable highlights included belittling of the movement origins, calling the Hessians "Liberty Rogue wannabe's wanting to paint themselves as victims", "skulking rats" and other expletives. The speech ended in a bold statement, claiming that in no more than five years, Hessians would be nothing more but a shameful note in Rheinland's history.

Shortly afterward, a bill mandating a 5%% increase in military spending was passed, along with some minor policies aimed at increased security in the core systems. We will keep you updated as more information becomes available.

[832 AS] Threat of Isolation

NAURU - In light of recent loss of connection of Omicron Delta with Omicron Rho and Omicron Kappa, Public Relation Spokesperson Kenneth Raeman, on behalf of the Core Guildmaster has held a press conference in their Rheinland branch office on Planet Holstein earlier this week to address their shareholders concerns regarding the recent loss of Jump Hole connectivity between the systems.

"Those unfortunate events are indeed less than ideal, but they do not affect our supply lines nearly as much as one would make you think. The main concern, that is the Corsairs, is negligible. While formidable and savage, they are too preoccupied with the Outcast situation in Omicron Theta, allowing our heavily armed convoys to pass back into Sigmas without much difficulty. There is also a secondary source of supplies in the Zoners of Freeport 10, with whom we continue to have cordial relations with."

When questioned about the specifics regarding their operations on newly-conquered Planet Gammu, the spokesperson offered no comment. Following the press conference, the company stocks recovered 25%% from the sudden drop of 40% they suffered when the news of Jump Holes collapse spread, maintaining the heightened level caused by Planet Gammu acquisition.

[832 AS] Core acquires Planet Gammu!

NAURU -- 832 AS -- Planet Gammu, an enigmatic world of alien machine lifeforms has been successfully taken over by the Core in a surprise move!

The announcement was made during a surprise press conference held at the Core Branch Office on Planet Holstein in Frankfurt. Apparently, over the past 4 years, Core's flagship: Battleship Mars has been preparing this operation, eventually springing into action shortly after Omicron Theta has reportedly become a battleground between The Corsairs and The Outcasts.

"We expect many great technologies to be made possible with our findings on Gammu, but I can't provide any specifics at the time.", said Core Public Relation Spokesperson Kenneth Raeman. "We also expect interference from the Corsair Empire, although they currently seem too occupied elsewhere to pay us much attention. Of course, fortifying our position in the system is very much a priority for when that state of things eventually changes. In the meantime, our ground based teams are hard at work excavating the secrets of their former inhabitants while our laboratories on Nauru are studying the first objects brought from the planet."

As a result of these news, Core stocks have seen a record one-day gain of 75%%.

[832 AS] Cardamine Withdrawal Epidemic!

MANHATTAN -- 832 AS -- Reports of Cardamine withdrawal-related hospitalizations have surged to unprecedented levels, with a specific hospital on Planet Manhattan recording a staggering 450%% increase compared to the previous year. A growing number of addicts are seeking emergency medical care, apparently unable to obtain their regular dose of the highly addictive drug. Symptoms of withdrawal rapidly progress into severe sickness, pushing many of these individuals into critical condition.

While this troubling trend is observed throughout the Sirius colonies, Liberty is bearing the brunt of the crisis among the four major Houses. Remarkably, even Rheinland, where historical data indicated low Cardamine consumption, has witnessed a notable rise in medical cases linked to the illicit narcotic. Experts postulate that the extensive black market responsible for Cardamine distribution might be facing a shortage, or worse, that Outcast factions deliberately curtail the supply to bolster demand. Regrettably, no law enforcement agency has been available for comment on these concerns.

The long-standing debate over Cardamine's controversial nature, juxtaposing its euphoric and purported medicinal qualities with the genetic alterations it inflicts upon long-term users, continues to echo. A key point of contention revolves around the plight of innocent consumers caught in this crisis. Yet, according to independent polls, a substantial majority of our viewers maintains that the substance must remain banned.

In response to this escalating crisis, Cryer Pharmaceuticals has announced a forthcoming press conference. During the event, the company intends to unveil plans for an expanded production of Stabiline, their touted "wonder drug". This announcement promises affordable access to Stabiline for all patients grappling with Cardamine withdrawal, sparking a remarkable 15%% surge in Cryer Pharmaceuticals' stock following the revelation.

[831 AS/747 AGS] Gate Corps Clash Over 'Blackout'!

ABBEVILLE -- 831 AS/747 AGS -- EFL's 'Resilience Taskforce' today reported its findings on The Blackout, claiming to have gathered forensic evidence that proved the cause as Ageira negligence. A spokesperson claimed that the destruction of the Dublin jump gate by Molly separatists had created a hyperspace feedback loop that was propagated and amplified through the Ageira gate network.

Ageira disputed this finding in their own press release, calling EFL 'fantasists' and countering that their own scientists had narrowed the cause to a rare 'hypernova' stellar event that originated outside the Sirius sector. Both corporations claim that network-wide hardware safeguards have been implemented that would prevent a similar occurrence in the future. Independent researchers have sharply criticized the corporate announcements, accusing both of self-interested misdirection.

Professor Sophia Nagel from Heisenberg Research Station called EFL's accusation 'incoherent' and the hypernova explanation 'nonsense' that did not explain the characteristics of the 'Blackout Pulse'. Despite multiple different Pulse recordings being widely disseminated across the neural net, public efforts have so far failed to triangulate its source.

[831 AS] Bretonia Announces Poole Draw-Down

NEW LONDON -- 831 AS -- The Bretonian government has announced a controlled withdrawal from the Poole system, citing ballooning costs and an increasingly strained state budget. Poole was once of critical importance to Bretonia, briefly hosting a Super Gate to Liberty during the Gallic War, and acting as a launching point for Bretonia's colonial ambitions in Omega 48.

With the end of the war and Bretonia's withdrawal from Planet Gran Canaria, Poole's prominence waned. The cost of policing the system and maintaining infrastructure has significantly outweighed collected tax revenue in recent years, with Planetform's Terraforming Gas operations reporting disappointing year on year returns.DSE has already confirmed that it will begin deconstruction operations shortly, with the dismantling of the Cambridge jump gate expected to be completed by 833 AS.

Planetform has confirmed its intention to withdraw prior to this point, while settling shareholder anxiety with the announcement of promising preliminary findings for a replacement site in Newcastle.
[831 AS] Bretonia Withdraws From Dublin System

WATERLOO -- 831 AS -- Markets are down across Sirius as the sector grapples with the twin shocks of The Blackout and Bretonia's withdrawal from the Dublin system. Molly separatists appear to have exploited a worker revolt on Graves Station to take control of and later destroy the base. Of even greater concern is the attack that crippled the New London jump gate, forcing the Battleship Essex to retreat. EFL have accused the gate destruction and faulty Ageira infrastructure of causing The Blackout, which the Liberty corporation denies. The Mollys have since declared their ownership of Dublin, while Bretonia has imposed a strict blockade, jeopardizing the sector's Gold supply. Gold exports previously made up a significant element of Bretonian state revenue, helping to fund post-war recovery efforts. While the reconstruction of LD-14 in the Leeds system offers some relief, Interspace Commerce has already downgraded Bretonia's sovereign credit rating, citing increased volatility and risk for lenders. Bretonia has confirmed that action to retake the system will be launched shortly, providing assurances to partners in the other Houses.

[831 AS/747 AGS] 'Blackout' Causes Jump Network Fail

MANHATTAN -- 831 AS/747 AGS -- Two days ago Jump Gates failed simultaneously across Sirius, freezing commerce and neural net access across the sector. When the network resumed 31 hours later, restored communications broke the news of Bretonia's loss of the Dublin system. This twin shock has plunged the market into chaos, prompting fears of sector-wide economic recessions. Interspace estimates indicate that the stoppage alone caused billions of credits in losses. Gallia immediately accused Liberty of culpability for the outage, claiming the destruction of Dublin's jump gate instigated a cascading failure in faulty Ageira infrastructure. Ageira has sharply refuted the allegation, claiming such a systemic effect would be physically impossible. Independent researchers in Cologne and the Edge Worlds have also announced that a hyperspace pulse of unprecedented strength was detected moments before The Blackout, with data about 'The Pulse' being widely shared across the neural net in recent days. House authorities have remained tight lipped, refusing to comment on their own observatories' data.

[830 AS] Bessemer Struck by Corsair Raiders!

MAINZ -- 830 AS -- An Ageira Technologies research vessel, the ATS Bessemer, has come under a Corsair attack during its final venture through the Munich Jump Gate. The Bessemer, dispatched on a joint expedition by Ageira and the University of Berlin, was en route from the Raubling junction to the Frankfurt gate when it was waylaid by Corsair raiders on the edge of the Schwarzwald cloud. The RPU Dohna, a police gunboat tasked with overseeing the gate during the expedition, was quick to respond, but not before the raiders dealt significant damage to the unprepared civilian vessel. Anonymous sources report that as many as five Ageira employees lost their lives in the attack.

The incident came as a shock to the public and the law enforcement alike, as pirate activity was believed to have completely died out in the desolate Munich system. The frequency of strikes, from both Corsairs and domestic pirates, have steadily declined ever since the antimatter storm first ravaged the system. While the chaotic evacuation efforts from Nuremberg had initially caused a spike, as the system's population decayed to just skeleton crews and Junker scavengers, the criminal element became nearly absent. Some theorize that the Corsairs were there for the Bessemer specifically, intending for one last taunt at Rheinland's people. Thankfully, the Dohna and her crew were there to thwart their efforts.

The ATS Bessemer was dispatched into the Munich system in order to deploy a network of specially reinforced satellites, meant to monitor the advent of the antimatter storm's core. According to the University of Berlin, the core will wash over Munich around the end of this month, stripping away planetary atmospheres and most likely collapsing all remaining jumphole anomalies. The probes deployed by the Bessemer will provide the scientific community with first-hand data of the storm and its effects, transmitting it back to Berlin through a central relay nested within the safety of Raubling's hulk.

With the task complete, the Bessemer was meant to be the final ship to make the jump from Munich, with the Jump Gate being shut down later the same day. However, due to the damage sustained in the attack, the RPU Dohna did the honours instead, covering the Bessemer's departure to ensure its safe return.

[830 AS] Leaks Reveal Secret Gallic Treaty

OERLIKON -- 830 -- Confidential diplomatic cables have been uploaded to the neural net after a Rheinland official left an unencrypted datapad on a New Berlin shuttle. Included was a mocking assessment of Gallic negotiators working on a previously secret free trade treaty, and penalty threats over EFL’s slow progress on the Omicron Rho Jump Gate. EFL had privately objected that The Core was failing to provide adequate security against Corsair raiders. The internal communications predict large cost overruns, and further delays of over a year. Rheinland has refused to comment on the leaks directly, but has announced the deployment of Rheinland Military squadrons to Sigma-15 for ‘border security’ missions.

[828 AS] Farmer’s Alliance in Rheinland?

STUTTGART -- 828 AS -- It is believed the terrorist LWB organization collapsed due to infighting 4 years ago, granting the Stuttgart system a period of relative calm. As Rheinland now embraces a hard-won peace following the Civil War, it appears these malcontents have taken up arms once more. The traditionally Kusari-based Farmer’s Alliance yesterday destroyed the Synth Transport Abundance as it approached Stuttgart’s New Berlin Jump Gate. Stuttgart system governor Duke von Schmidt condemned the attack, calling the radicals to lay down their arms and respect the political process. RFP sources speculate the Alliance may have absorbed LWB veterans to expand their operations into Rheinland.

[828 AS] Birds of a Feather

STUTTGART -- 828 AS -- Many of the LWB’s remnants took up the Imperial cause during the Civil War, hoping for an isolationist government that would expel Synth Foods from Rheinland. These pilots were left feeling betrayed and enraged when this failed to happen. Lacking funding and resources, they looked abroad to find support. An unexpected benefactor was found in Kusari’s Farmer’s Alliance, who fight a near identical battle against the Liberty corporation. The Alliance has provided leadership, funding and resources to relaunch anti-Synth operations in Rheinland as a wing of their own organization. It remains to be seen how this united Farmers Alliance will impact affairs on the wider stage, with the security forces of both Rheinland and Kusari already strained by internal conflict and crime.

[828 AS] Cologne Aftermath

COLOGNE – 828 AS – The siege of Planet Saarbrucken proved that the reunited might of Rheinland is a force to be reckoned with; the Hessians have largely vacated the system. In preparation for the assault, the miners turned pirate had weaponized the nearby Tholey Station to slow down the advance of the military. In order to bring a swift end to the fighting with minimal casualties the commanding officer ordered the station be neutralized rather than boarded, resulting in its destruction.

Despite the success of the Military, it seems the Hessians flagship; Battleship Kassel, has managed to escape virtually unscathed. Rumors on Heisenberg Research Station speak of Hessian prisoners taken by Corsairs and Unioners alike. It's no secret there is a lot of bad blood between these groups and the Hessians and this reporter shudders to think of what fate awaits those poor deluded criminals.

[828 AS] Bug In The System

NEW BERLIN -- 828 AS -- Rheinland prosecutors have today opened up proceedings against Katarine Waltz of the now Rheinland Shipping company. Waltz was suspended a month ago when police officers notified the corporation of the investigation into the Fleet Manager.

Detective Rüdiger Sachs is credited with the breakthrough in the investigation that has finally allowed the proceedings to take place. When asked for comment he said "Waltz has for many years been feeding information to the criminal elements of our Rheinland. She has lined her pockets with a great deal of wealth and influence in the criminal world through the moniker Mantis. Selling shipment information to these groups is a serious crime, and the court will hear evidence that these attacks also lead to murder."

Waltz has been unavailable for comment since being suspended. Her legal team has also declined to comment on the situation as it has been unfolding. A spokesperson for Rheinland Shipping had this to say. "We have complied one-hundred percent with the police in their investigation.. Rheinland Shipping is committed to the safe and secure transportation of goods and this isolated incident will be investigated thoroughly."

With the proceedings going ahead, Waltz possibly faces twenty years to life imprisonment for the crimes they are accused of. Prosecutors are confident that they will get a guilty verdict.

[828 AS] Rheinland dispatches a fleet to Cologne

STUTTGART -- 828 AS -- A combined fleet consisting of Battlegroup Altenburg, reinforcements from the former Karlsruhe brigade, and reserve regiments from both Stuttgart and Thuringia mobilised this morning following a directive issued by the new government to retake Cologne. Fleet Coordinator Otto von Clausewitz addressed the press:

"In the glorious spirit of reunification, we - the people of Rheinland - are reclaiming what we neglected the most in the midst of our civil war - Cologne. With the help of our brothers and sisters who are united under one banner once again, together, we will re-establish and stabilise our trade flow with Gallia by decisively expelling the Red Hessian occupation."

The initiative to re-secure Cologne is the first decisive action of the new constitutional monarchy, and the Rheinland government's debut to the interstellar community. The Gallic Union lauded Rheinland's reclamation of Cologne to re-establish a secure trade artery between the two recently war-torn nations. In response to the news, Rheinland and Gallic exchanges saw a growing increase in the demand for ore and other raw materials, indicating consumer optimism in the re-establishment of trade. Furthermore, the Gallic Navy have deployed a battlegroup to Zurich as a blockade and possibly pincer against the Red Hessians.

Rumours are abound concerning the degree of entrenchment the Hessians have accomplished in Cologne during their year-long period of occupation. Reports have confirmed the presence of Hessian Battleship Kassel in orbit of Planet Saarbrucken and fortifying Tholey Station, in addition to heavy outgoing traffic in what is theorized to be a Hessian evacuation, most likely incited by the Altenburg's movements.

[828 AS] - Rheinland Civil War Ends in Reunification

HOLSTEIN -- 828 AS -- After weeks of intense deliberations between Imperial and Federal delegations on Holstein, the two governments have issued a joint decree dissolving both the Imperial and Federal governments in favor of reforming into a re-unified administration. The Holstein Accords, currently in the process of ratification by all parties of the Rheinland Federal and Imperial delegations, reorganizes the newly unified Rheinland under a representative democracy under constitutional monarchy - as well as calling for reforms in multiple branches of the military, and industry.

In an immediate show of change, the Federal and Imperial fleets have completely withdrawn from what used to be the battle lines separating the two Rheinland fractions - many have returned to stand-down docks for maintenance and repairs, and off-duty military and civilian personnel have already begun to travel back to their homes.

While details of how the reunification will proceed, or whether it will be successful are yet to be seen, but the Holstein Accords has brought the Rheinland Civil War effectively to a close.

[828 AS] Hessians Flee Under Rheinlands Might!

COLOGNE – 828 AS – Under pressure from both the emperor and elected officials for a quick and decisive resolution to the ongoing Cologne crisis, the Rheinland Ministerium of Defence ordered the Altenburg battlegroup to advance onto the Red Hessian position at Planet Saarbrucken. The Red Hessians recently received additional reinforcements as it became clear the former miners planned to dig-in and would need to be uprooted from their position.

The Siege of Saarbrucken is currently underway and it has been reported that the Red Hessians have begun evacuating from the area. It is speculated however that the Red Hessians intend to make the Rheinland military suffer for every meter they take.

The Rheinland Military has offered a reward for any Red Hessians that are caught fleeing from the siege. The military has also advised caution as they have reported several other pirate groups in the area, with some claiming these groups are striking out at the Hessians. This reporter cannot help but think this situation goes to show, that there is no honour among thieves.

[825 AS] Bochum Refinery destroyed!

Bochum -- 825 -- The Kruger-operated Bochum Refinery in Sigma-15 has been destroyed in a nuclear blast. Initial search and rescue efforts indicate that there were no survivors, resulting in hundreds of casualties. The Rheinland Military has accused the Kusari Office of Intelligence for the terrorist strike, claiming the explosive device was smuggled onto the station aboard a captured Rheinland gunboat. Chancellor Neumann has vowed to seek justice for this appalling war crime, which has outraged Rheinland. Bochum was completed earlier this year and had served as a metals processor, as well as a front line H-Fuel refinery for the Rheinland Military.

[825 AS] Kusari declares war on Rheinland

SAIGON -- 825 -- In a solemn speech, Chancellor Neumann has condemned Kusari's declaration of war as ""a misguided day of sadness for both our Houses"". Kusari asserts that Rheinland destroyed Ibusuki Survey Platform in Sigma-21, killing 61 Kusari citizens. The Battleship Bayern had been ordered to enforce an eviction order removing the staging point for Gas Miners Guild terrorists, but was shocked to discover the station's wreckage upon arriving on the scene. Kusari has since released logs from the station's distress beacon, which it claims incriminates Rheinland forces. Anonymous government sources believe these logs have been fabricated, likely to provide a pretext for Kusari's own territorial ambitions in Sigma-21.

[825 AS] GMG Enemies of the State!

HAMMERSEE -- 825 -- Pilots of the Battleship Altenburg have deployed to counter acts of GMG terrorism in Sigma-15. The Kruger vessel Velbert was brutally destroyed by Guild pirates, killing all aboard. The perpetrators were pursued to a nearby Jump Hole, and are believed to have escaped to Sigma-21. Taking a bold step to secure Rheinland’s interests, Chancellor Neumann has declared a counter-terrorism operation against the GMG. She vowed to pursue all means available to defend Rheinland’s territorial sovereignty and citizens, including the territories of Sigma-15 and 21. The GMG are ordered to withdraw all forces from both systems and surrender the murderers of the Velbert. The arrival of the Battleship Bayern in Sigma-21 will allow Rheinland to directly enforce its demands.

[825 AS] Specter of Conflict in the Sigmas

FULDA -- 825 -- Rheinland has accused the Gas Miners’ Guild (GMG) of an unprovoked attack on Frankfurt, and vowed retaliation over the incident. Released footage appears to show a wing of GMG bombers arriving from Sigma-13 before launching a salvo of torpedoes at Fulda Border Station and nearby transports. The GMG has denied all knowledge, vehemently protesting that none of its ships were involved in the incident. Rheinland Military patrols have deployed into Sigma-13 to secure the space around the Frankfurt Jump Gate for the first time since the Colony Wars. Rheinland reinforcements have also been dispatched to Sigma-15, including the Battleship Altenburg. The GMG has threatened to fire on ships found in breach of the First Treaty of Honshu.

[825 AS] Rheinland Pushes Forward With Sigma Ambitions

HAMMERSEE -- 825 -- Despite the ongoing dispute with the Gas Miners Guild over the status of Sigma-15, Rheinland has announced plans to construct a Jump Gate to Frankfurt. Many believe the move brings Rheinland one step closer to formally annexing the system. A secure jump connection will reduce the cost of supporting the colony on Hammersee and nearby Bochum Refinery, removing the need for expensive and time-consuming deep space haulage. Controversially, EFL Oil and Machinery has been contracted for the work, provoking furious criticism from Bretonia and Liberty who accuse Rheinland of funding Gallic military aggression. The GMG called the project a reckless act of Rheinland hostility.

[824 AS] Dresden lost to Hessian advance

BAUTZEN -- 824 -- Kruger Minerals today announced that Bautzen Station has been abandoned due to mounting costs and falling yields. Katrin Kruger confirmed the company had made the ""difficult"" decision in close consultation with the Rheinland government. It is believed that the Military's ongoing presence around Bautzen had been partly funded by Kruger itself, contributing to the operation's extremely high costs. The Ministry of Defense confirmed that Rheinland would maintain a defensive perimeter around the New Berlin Jump Gate to dissuade further Red Hessian activities. Kruger's shares fell on the news, as investors price in a difficult short term adjustment for the ailing corporation.

[824 AS] Rheinland and GMG Clash Over Sigma Claims

SIGMA-21 -- 824 -- Daumann deep space explorers have announced the discovery of the Sigma-21 system, filing a territorial claim on behalf of Rheinland. The Gas Miners Guild disputes these claims, pointing to the First Treaty of Honshu that ended the 80-Years War. At that time, Rheinland conceded territorial sovereignty of the Crow Nebula to the GMG. The Guild argues that any newly discovered Sigma systems fall within their domain by default. Rheinland has acknowledged the GMG’s rights to the system’s southern nebula wisp, but strongly rejects the assertion that the Treaty extends to the areas outside it. As this dispute escalates, the GMG has also rebuked Rheinland’s claims to Sigma-15.

[824 AS] Rheinland completes Colony War reparations

HONSHU -- 824 -- Rheinland and Kusari officials have met in a somber memorial service, commemorating the losses of the Colony Wars. The occasion marks the 20th anniversary of the Second Treaty of Honshu and the final reparations payment for damages Rheinland inflicted during the conflict. The Treaty arrangement also included privileged access to Rheinland markets for Kusari corporations, to facilitate the reconstruction of the Kusari Naval Forces. This special deal has now lapsed, meaning Kusari will be required to pay full market rate for goods and services. Samura and Kishiro stock prices have fallen on the news, amid hopes an extension would be agreed.

[823 AS] Liberty and Rheinland formally end conflict

NEW BERLIN -- 823 -- President Powell and Chancellor Neumann have signed the Treaty of Atka formally ending the state of war between their two Houses. 6 years of devastating conflict has seen tens of thousands killed and both Houses severely economically damaged. The agreement sees Rheinland cede all claims on Planet Atka, while Hudson and Bering are split in half, creating two security zones. The boundary between these two zones remains neutral territory, to be policed by the Bounty Hunters Guild under a joint contract. In return, Liberty has agreed to immediately end all economic sanctions, and fund 85% of the Jump Gate cleanup and reconstruction project.

[822 AS] Schulte removed through no confidence vote

NEW BERLIN -- 822 -- Chancellor Schulte has been ejected from office after the Reichstag passed a constructive vote of no confidence. The motion is believed to have been tabled after sensitive private correspondence was leaked from his office; it is alleged these documents detailed Schulte's plans to sabotage peace negotiations with Liberty, supposedly as a means of extending his wartime powers. Former Trade and Industry Minister Luisa Neumann has received the necessary votes from Reichstag representatives to be appointed Chancellor. She has vowed to end the war, while securing reasonable concessions from Liberty.

[821 AS] Dark Matter storm sweeps Munich

MUNICH -- 821 -- Scenes of chaos reign as formal evacuation orders are issued for Augsburg Orbital Colony in Munich. Federal authorities have been caught flat footed by the arrival of a substantial dark matter storm on the system's edge -- it now seems inevitable that much of the system will be consumed, starting with the prestigious Augsburg Colony. Even though no evacuation order has yet been issued for Planet Nuremberg, tens of thousands have already fled. Opposition parties have accused the government of negligence, pointing to the dissolution of the Federal Observatory Service in 769 AS on cost saving grounds.

[821 AS] Chancellor resigns over health concerns

NEW BERLIN -- 821 -- Chancellor Rheinhardt has resigned from office, stating that deteriorating health has prevented him from fulfilling his duties. The Reichstag thanked the outgoing Chancellor for his service, before nominating Maximilian Schulte through a majority vote. Chancellor Schulte served in Rheinhardt’s administration as the Minister of Defense; he has vowed to uphold Chancellor Rheinhardt’s policies, stressing his own unwavering resolve to achieving Liberty’s military defeat for their unjust aggression. Schulte’s inaugural speech hailed members of the Rheinland Military as heroes, whose sacrifice had secured Rheinland’s greatness.

[820 AS] Liberty sabotages ceasefire talks

PLANET CAMBRIDGE -- 820 -- While fighting has largely ground to a halt in Bering and Hudson following the destruction of the Hamburg Jump Gates, Liberty and Rheinland remain locked in a state of cold war. Rheinland officials have confirmed for the first time that mediation with Liberty has been attempted over recent months in Bretonia. This good faith negotiation has been impeded by the Liberty aggressors’ bad faith conduct and attempts to impose laughable conditions. During these talks Liberty has continued to launch terrorist strikes at Hamburg civilians, intended to coerce Rheinland into capitulation. As a result, no common ground could be found, with Chancellor Rheinhardt vowing to fight on until Liberty’s criminal ambitions are defeated.

[820 AS] Wartime powers delay elections

NEW BERLIN -- 820 -- Relying on wartime powers, the Chancellor has announced that elections will be indefinitely postponed until the current time of crisis has passed. In a solemn speech to the Reichstag, Chancellor Reinhardt announced the formation of a wartime coalition government to tackle the looming threats of Liberty aggression and Red Hessian terrorism. A number of opposition representatives will join the Chancellor’s government as ministers, most senior being Maximilian Schulte of the Rheinland Conservative Bloc who will serve as Defense Minister. The Reichstag passed an uncharacteristically united motion providing support for the move.

[819 AS] Liberty invasion thwarted by bold action

BERING -- 819 -- Owing to the deteriorating situation in the Independent Worlds, Rheinland has been forced to withdraw all remaining Military units from Bering and Hudson. Intercepted intelligence on a planned Liberty invasion of Hamburg sadly proved true, forcing the execution of an unspeakable contingency plan. As the Liberty fleets began docking with the Jump Gates, charges were detonated, crippling the connection. Rheinland engineers then triggered the anti-tamper devices on Hamburg’s gates to prevent a connection from being re-established. Chancellor Reinhardt expressed his sincere regret for the move, but maintained it was necessary to repel Liberty imperialism. The destruction of the Gate connections also severs any hope for a quick post-war resumption of trade.

[819 AS] Liberty invasion plans leaked

HAMBURG -- 819 -- An anonymous Rheinland source has leaked detailed intelligence intercepts of a Liberty Navy plan to force a ""knockout blow"" in Hamburg. The plot involves massed Liberty battleships simultaneously breaching Hamburg’s Bering and Hudson Jump Gates, followed by Marines landing on the planet and seizing key infrastructure. This marks a significant escalation of the conflict, which had previously been confined to the Independent World border systems. As the news spread, scenes of chaos erupted on Planet Hamburg as citizens swarmed the spaceports in an attempt to flee off-world. Chancellor Rheinhart has called for calm in this grave time, promising his administration were “examining all options, no matter how severe” to protect Rheinland’s citizens.

[818 AS] Liberty front “grim but manageable”

HUDSON -- 818 -- The escalating combat in Bering and Hudson has already claimed thousands of lives, with Chancellor Rheinhardt confirming the loss of the Battleship Westphalia in a somber speech to the Reichstag. The Westphalia’s destruction represents the single largest loss of life for the Rheinland Military since the Colony Wars. Rheinland has so far continued to hold positions in both Independent Worlds, but is believed to have been pushed back to the Wrangell Field in Hudson, and close to the Hamburg Jump Gate in Bering. LSF raiding parties have also been sighted in Hamburg, disrupting civilian shipping. Despite this bleak picture, analysts have drawn hope from Liberty’s entanglement in the conflict between Bretonia and Gallia, which has already seen reinforcements diverted.

[818 AS] Red Hessians launch conquest of Dresden

PIRNA BORDER STATION -- 818 -- Treacherous Red Hessians have launched a full scale attack in Dresden, exploiting the ongoing war with Liberty. In a shocking blow, Pirna Border Station was destroyed, with many brave RFP pilots killed. Chaotic reports from Leipzig Station also confirm that Daumann has abandoned the base following a second major attack. The Battleship Altenburg has deployed to Dresden in response and is currently counter-attacking to stem the Hessian advance, with Military officials confirming that the pirates had been routed in a battle near Bautzen Station. Government officials have blamed the invasion on Interspace Commerce, claiming the Liberty corporation had provided funding and supplies to Rheinland’s enemies.

[818 AS] Bonn Station seized over Hessian plot

BONN STATION -- 818 AS -- Following a long-running undercover RFP investigation, evidence has been obtained proving collusion between Interspace Commerce and the Red Hessians. The Liberty corporation had acted to undermine Rheinland’s war effort by funneling supplies to Red Hessian terrorists. Marines from the Battleship Strausberg were ordered to board and seize the station. Interspace now faces expulsion from Rheinland space, forfeiting any locally held assets -- a number of local executives were also arrested for sedition. In response, Interspace has suspended all insurance services for Rheinland shipping. The Chancellor’s Office has announced that it is confident that local brokers can make up the shortfall.

[818 AS] Liberty corporations face uneasy future in Rheinland

NEW BERLIN -- 818 AS -- Chancellor Reinhardt has vetoed a motion from the Reichstag to expel Liberty corporations from Rheinland, in retaliation for Liberty's expulsion of Daumann, Kruger and Republican Shipping. The demands included the immediate nationalization of Planet Stuttgart and for sanctions to be leveled against Ageira Technologies, DSE, OS&C, and Interspace Commerce. The Chancellor’s Office explained that such actions would have far-reaching consequences, scaring away investors and driving Rheinland back to the financial ruin last seen in the days following the Colony Wars. Synth Foods is the single largest tax contributor in Rheinland, while other Liberty corporations provide essential services around freight insurance and Jump Gate maintenance.

[817 AS] Planetform sanctioned over disputed terraforming

PLANET ATKA -- 818 -- Rheinland's Reichstag today passed a motion applying sanctions to Planetform Inc, condemning the Bretonian corporation for its work on Planet Atka in Hudson. The motion prohibits Planetform from entering or purchasing goods in Rheinland until such a time as the company ceases work on Atka and ""desists in furthering Liberty’s imperialism"". The move has drawn protests from both Bretonia and Liberty, and severs Planetform’s access to Rheinland-sourced Terraforming Gasses. Planetform representatives have called for peace talks between Rheinland and Liberty over Hudson’s status, arguing that a terraformed planet in the dangerous Independent World would mutually benefit both.

[817 AS] War with Liberty!

HUDSON -- In response to Liberty’s encroachment in Hudson, state sponsored terrorism in Hamburg and attacks on classified research stations, Chancellor Reinhardt has taken decisive steps to secure Rheinland’s interests. Military patrols have been deployed in force to Hudson and Bering; Liberty responded to these reasonable steps by intercepting forward elements and attacking. Several are believed to have been killed in the clash. Liberty has feigned ignorance of their aggression, using the incident as a pretext to declare a formal state of war. Rheinland does not relish such a return to conflict, but we will do whatever is necessary to safeguard our House and people. Our proud Military will ensure the sovereignty of Rheinland, and the autonomy of the Independent Worlds.

[817 AS] Liberty Declares Border Security Zone

HUDSON -- 817 -- In a significant escalation to ongoing tensions, Liberty has established a Border Security Zone in the two Independent Worlds of Bering and Hudson. President Powell announced that the Liberty Navy will maintain a blockade along what Liberty deems its zone of control. This is purportedly to prevent intrusions by the Rheinland Military, and thwart attempts to facilitate terrorist attacks in Liberty territory. All civilian shipping bound for Liberty through the affected systems are now being stopped for mandatory inspections. Rheinland has furiously condemned the move as military aggression, and called the deployment a flagrant violation of the Boorman Treaty.

[817 AS] Rheinland shocked by Gallic discovery

NEW BERLIN -- 817 AS -- Shocking reports from Bretonia have revealed the existence of the previously unknown House Gallia beyond the Taus. Jump Holes into Gallia were apparently intentionally hidden within vast mine fields, and only recently breached by a Gallic dissident group named The Council. They describe a House commanded by an isolationist and militaristic absolute monarchy, with whom they are locked into a bloody civil war. The revelation that a French Sleeper Ship arrived in Sirius in 84 AS has sent shockwaves through Rheinland, with many calling for immediate diplomatic contact to be established with the Gallic state. The star cluster settled by Gallia is believed to be the most remote part of the Sirius sector colonized by humanity.

[816 AS] Houses clash over Hudson terraforming

PLANET ATKA -- 816 AS -- Rheinland has reacted with outrage at the discovery of Cold Bay Depot, a Planetform terraforming outpost recently constructed in orbit of Planet Atka. Hudson’s status has been the subject of friction between Liberty and Rheinland for decades, however Liberty appears to have grown tired with the impasse and unilaterally commissioned further terraforming surveys and ground preparation. Rheinland has set an ultimatum for the “illegal” station to be dismantled within one month, threatening to do so by force if the neutrality of the contested Independent World is not respected. Liberty has rejected the demand, and declared that it is prepared to defend its intrinsic economic interests in the region.

[816 AS] Journalists assassinated in arson attack

PLANET HAMBURG -- 816 -- Hamburg’s spaceport has been locked down after a masked assailant entered the media offices of WahrheitBericht, gunning down many staff and setting fire to the building. RFP counter-terrorism officers immediately responded, pursuing the gunman to a nearby abandoned hab-block. In the resulting firefight, several officers were killed before the attacker detonated an explosive device, killing himself in the blast. WahrheitBericht had recently published groundbreaking claims about illegal Liberty research programmes. Chancellor Reinhardt has furiously condemned the murders as “political assassination”; the MND have taken control of the investigation.

[816 AS] Rheinland media alleges illegal Liberty research

PLANET HAMBURG -- 816 -- The Hamburg investigative outlet WahrheitsBericht has leveled explosive accusations at Liberty, claiming illegal research activities. Citing anonymous sources, the report alleges the existence of a previously unknown star system code-named “Alaska”, where the Liberty Security Force has recently been authorized to carry out human experimentation and Artifact research prohibited by the Denver Convention. Liberty has responded furiously to the broadcast, with President Powell dismissing it during Congressional questions as “baseless, lurid conspiracy theories”. WahrheitBericht has promised more “bombshell” revelations in the coming days, advertising a full length documentary they will self-publish next week.

[815 AS] Economic Recovery Hailed as “Berlin Renaissance”

NEW BERLIN -- 815 -- Wealth is flooding into New Berlin’s cities as Rheinland enters a boom period for the first time in recent memory. This sharp growth has been primarily buoyed by record harvests on Stuttgart and the discovery of fresh Diamond deposits in Dresden. Rheinland’s manufacturing sector also heavily contributed, with Nuremberg’s ailing arms industry revitalized by nearly a decade of state investment subsidies, and an exploding order book from both Kusari and Bretonia. Republican Shipping has also continued to focus on their “Hamburg Pivot” strategy, as their high-tech production gamble begins to turn a profit. Chancellor Reinhardt celebrated the results, arguing it vindicates his government’s track record.

[814 AS] Reichstag Condemns Bretonian War

NEW BERLIN -- 814 AS -- Rheinland's Reichstag today issued a statement condemning Bretonia’s use of concealed mines in defense of Planet Harris. The open letter accuses Bretonia of violating the Boorman Treaty, which prohibits the militarization of House border worlds, and bans the use of passive weapons that pose severe danger to civilians in those same territories. The statement concluded with calls for Bretonia to withdraw from Tau-31 immediately. Chancellor Rheinhardt’s government has refused to endorse the motion, clarifying that this expression by individual representatives is not Rheinland’s state position. Controversially, a first draft of the statement has also been leaked, revealing criticism of attacks on neutral civilian shipping by the Kusari Naval Forces was removed.

[814 AS] First Next Generation Battleship deployed

NEW BERLIN -- 814 AS -- Following a packed opening ceremony, the Battleship Westfalen has launched from Oder Shipyard: the first product of the Next Generation Bismarck programme. Chancellor Reinhardt’s inaugural action saw the original designation of Bremen scrapped, instead commemorating Rheinland’s longest serving Military vessel. The Chancellor confirmed that the original order had been extended to two more in-progress hulls, with a delivery date of year end. Senior Military commanders have confidently asserted that the Westfalen is currently pound-for-pound the most dangerous warship in Sirus, and expect that it will serve with distinction in Hamburg and the adjacent Independent Worlds.

[814 AS] Reinhardt vows to restore Rheinland’s pride

HAMBURG -- 814 AS -- Following recent Reichstag elections, Nikolaus Reinhardt has secured the office of Chancellor and formed a new government. He campaigned relentlessly on a platform of restoring Rheinland’s military independence and industrial health, pointing to the recession and lawlessness that marked the last decade as evidence of the failure of Chancellor Steller’s platform and policies. Reinhardt first pulled ahead in the polls after his high profile intervention protesting the Battleship Westfalen’s scrappage, before going on to lead the public campaign for its preservation as a memorial to Rheinland’s war dead. Rheinland corporate stocks rose as the election result was declared.

[813 AS] Rheinland responds to Tau events

NEW BERLIN -- 813 AS -- Rheinland’s Foreign Office has issued a formal statement regarding the escalating tensions between Bretonia and Kusari in the Taus. Rheinland has condemned Bretonia for what it calls “diplomatic brinkmanship” over territorial disputes, leading to escalation that may now realistically result in war. The Foreign Office called for both sides to pause and consider independent mediation in either Rheinland or Liberty. Reichstag members also expressed their sympathy for the IMG’s plight, as the civilian organization finds itself caught between two belligerent powers. Chancellor Steller has confirmed he will attend the Los Angeles Summit called by President Jacobi for promoting peace between the colonies.

[812 AS] Daumann battleship contract greenlit by courts

ODER SHIPYARD -- 812 -- Following a protracted legal dispute, the High Court has dismissed ALG’s legal challenge to the award of the Next Generation Bismarck contract to Daumann Heavy Construction. This clears Oder Shipyard to begin serial production of the Battleship Bremen. The tender award to Daumann attracted significant controversy after the Schweizer Commission found that the corporation’s practices during the buildup to the Colony Wars were likely fraudulent or deceptive. As a result, the government has proposed clawing back paid funds by garnishing income from any state contracts and mineral sales. Anti-corruption activists have protested that this is effectively rewarding criminal conduct with repeat business.

[812 AS] Rheinland warns about “Wild” attacks

FREISTADT -- 812 -- For many years rumors have spread about attacks on Omega shipping by a group known as The Wild. Now their ships have been sighted marauding across Stuttgart and New Berlin. Rheinland has announced that MND intelligence has identified these menaces as traitorous Colony War deserters and war criminals, who stole Military hardware and vanished into the border worlds to enrich themselves. It is unclear what prompted the renegades to extend their attacks into Rheinland core space, however it is speculated that they may have been driven out of their old hunting grounds by other pirate organizations such as the Red Hessians or Corsairs.

[810 AS] Reichstag slashes battleship contract

NEW BERLIN -- 810 -- Funding for the ‘Next Generation Bismarck’ programme has been slashed part-way through the contract award process. Following furious arguments in the Reichstag, a vote narrowly passed that halved the project budget, reducing the order size to one hull. Detractors argued against the large expenditure at a time of financial crisis, while raising additional concerns about how the other Houses would react to new battleship construction so soon after demilitarization had been completed. Chancellor Steller expressed his disappointment in the vote, chastising Representatives' behavior "chaotic and destabilizing".

[809 AS] Defense review paints bleak picture

NEW BERLIN -- 809 -- A strategic defense review has left Reichstag representatives shocked by the consistently bleak findings. The Military failed all the examined metrics, ranging from recruitment and readiness to sustainment and procurement. The paper made a number of recommendations, including reviving the Bremen ‘Next Generation Bismarck’ programme to replace the ailing Battleship Westfalen. Accounting for current state finances, the paper proposes a gradual modernization of the Military, and an expansion of capital shipbuilding contracts over the next two decades. The Reichstag provisionally allocated funding two new battleship hulls.

[808 AS] Schweizer Commission reports to the Reichstag

NEW BERLIN -- 808 -- Otto Schweizer has delivered his damning report to the Reichstag. The 1,400-page document accuses Daumann and Republican of colluding to create a "cartel-like structure" to defraud public funds in the lead-up to the Colony Wars. The Commission describes "inexplicable" and "self-destructive" financial irregularities that were signed off by Chancellor Niemann and senior officials during this period. Schweizer is believed to have passed on recommendations to the Public Prosecutor General for behavior rising to the standard of criminal conduct. Bipartisan legislation has already been tabled in the Reichstag to begin the process of clawing funds back from both corporations.

[807 AS] Colony War Demilitarization Complete

ODER SHIPYARD -- 807 -- With the deconstruction of the Battleship Goethe, the Rheinland Government has announced that the post-Colony War process of demilitarization has been completed. The Federal Audit Office has also provided a damning report to the Schweizer Commission, indicating that the bulk of the hulls examined were built to cheap, 80-Years War grade, rather than the modernized standards billed for by Daumann and Republican. Opposition politicians have called for the corporations to be charged with fraud. Addressing the Reichstag, Councillor Stellar announced that the day "closed a door on a dark period of Rheinland’s history".

[806 AS] MND director dismissed

NEW BERLIN -- 806 -- Anonymous government sources allege Director Von Claussen of the MND has been dismissed over an unspecified "fatal conflict of interest". The decorated war hero was appointed as the fledgling agency's first leader and given a mandate to purge Rheinland of the traitors who facilitated the Colony Wars. It is believed that this work led to a severe breakdown in relations with the Rheinland Military, who bore the brunt of the resulting purges. The Rheinland government have refused to comment on the situation; Director Von Claussen himself was unavailable for comment.

[808 AS] Klaus Schulze murdered following arrest

MAINZ -- 808 -- Republican Shipping’s stock price has plummeted following the arrest and then assassination of CEO Klaus Schulze. In a shocking move, MND agents raided the facility on Planet Nuremberg where Schulze had been hiding, charging him with treason. Reminiscent of the killing of Wolfgang Daumann five years ago, the prison convoy carrying Schulze was intercepted and destroyed by multiple squadrons of Bundschuh in Frankfurt. Federal Police responders from Fulda confirmed that no survivors were recovered. Schulze was a reclusive figure that had rarely been seen in public since the end of the Colony Wars, claiming fears for his safety.

[805 AS] Houses ratify Denver Convention

PLANET DENVER -- 805 -- President Jacobi has thanked delegates from all the Houses for attending a much anticipated summit on Planet Denver. The President initially requested the meeting shortly after the Colony Wars’ conclusion, however progress was blocked when Kusari refused to participate in any meeting attended by Rheinland. With those issues now resolved, talks were held on a range of issues including economic recovery and joint security. Notably, the ratified Denver Convention upheld laws tightly restricting the trade of alien Artifacts, and explicitly prohibited research on “live” Artifacts. Several clauses were ultimately removed from the Convention, with provisions on border world resource exploitation being dropped over Bretonian and Kusari disagreements."

[804 AS] Leaked documents reveal war profiteering

NEW BERLIN -- 804 -- Daumann and Republican Shipping have both come under fire after a cache of leaked documents revealed their profits from Colony War shipbuilding contracts. Chancellor Niemann’s unprecedented military buildup cost hundreds of billions of credits to surge production in both the Oder and Alster Shipyards. The documents released by Bundschuh activists revealed that both corporations reaped record-breaking profits for this work. Several Reichstag delegates have called for the corporations' executives to be investigated as war criminals and the public funds clawed back. Chancellor Steller’s office has reluctantly promised an inquest into the matter, appointing Otto Schweizer to investigate.

[804 AS] Treaty of Honshu eases Colony War wounds

HONSHU -- 804 -- Dignitaries from Rheinland and Kusari today ratified the Second Treaty of Honshu, officially normalizing relations between the two Houses and ending Kusari’s embargo. Rheinland has formally accepted sole culpability for the Colony Wars and agreed to a 20 year reparations package. This includes preferential rates for Kusari corporations on military goods and resources needed to rebuild the Kusari Naval Forces, and financial compensation for the damages inflicted in Honshu itself. Chancellor Steller offered his sincere condolences to Kusari over the war, and promised a brighter future of mutual prosperity.

[803 AS] Driven to desperation

NEW BERLIN -- 803 -- As Rheinland falls further into economic crisis, many face financial ruin. Desperation has driven political radicalism and crime. Where tens of thousands of Military personnel were laid off in the aftermath of the Colony Wars, huge numbers of trained pilots have found themselves unemployed. As local corporations stop recruiting, some have turned to the Bounty Hunter’s Guild, however many have resorted to the Bundschuh, Red Hessians and Unioners. The RFP has already noted a sharp increase in criminal activity across Rheinland and the surrounding border worlds.

[803 AS] Daumann CEO assassinated

BADEN BADEN -- 803 -- Police sources have confirmed that CEO Wolfgang Daumann has been killed in an apparent terrorist attack. Daumann had been a vocal supporter of Chancellor Niemann’s re-militarization drive, overseeing the construction of the new fleet. Surprisingly, Daumann also lent DHC specialists to competitor Alster Shipyards across the late 790s, allowing the civilian facility to contribute to military contracts. Daumann went into seclusion three years ago, with his office citing ‘health concerns’. Federal Police say initial evidence points to Bundschuh involvement in the killing.

[803 AS] Hudson negotiations stall

HUDSON -- 803 -- The Hudson border world between Liberty and Rheinland is a dangerous and lawless place. Liberty has long had an interest in annexing the system, having previously commissioned terraforming surveys of Planet Atka. In 800 AS, Rheinland had come close to selling its consent for the move, until Chancellor Niemann abruptly withdrew from negotiations. Liberty has since requested renewed talks in exchange for substantial investment and debt relief packages, but the newly elected Chancellor Steller declined, saying that he would not “make territorial concessions in a time of crisis.” Despite this, Liberty appears unwilling to abandon its ambitions in the region.

[803 AS] Westfalen retirement deferred

HAMBURG -- 803 -- The aging Battleship Westfalen has received a reprieve after the Rheinland Military extended its service life by a further 10 years. Following demilitarization efforts and the desertion of the Northern Fleet 3 years ago, the Westfalen was once again left as Rheinland's sole active service battleship. The 80-Years War survivor was not deployed during the Colony Wars over 'readiness' concerns, and will now continue in its role suppressing piracy throughout Hamburg. Military sources have cautioned that acute financial pressures and the Westfalen's degrading capabilities will likely adversely affect coverage of the Liberty border worlds.

[803 AS] Rheinland recession bites deep

BONN STATION -- 803 -- Interspace has officially confirmed that Rheinland's economy has entered a sharp recession. This is largely a consequence of the devastating Colony Wars, Kusari's trade boycott, and the gradual tapering of the 'lifeline' loans Liberty had used to sustain the Provisional Rheinland Government. Anonymous government sources also commented that audits of Niemann-era records were revealing bizarre patterns of extreme short-term borrowing and expenditure that amounted to ‘financial sabotage'. Chancellor Steller has announced a raft of measures intended to address the economic crisis, including renewed negotiations with Kusari and targeted state investments.

[802 AS] New task force hunts war criminals

NEW BERLIN -- 802 -- NEW BERLIN -- 802 -- Chancellor Steller has announced the formation of the Marinenachrichtendienst, an autonomous Federal taskforce with a mandate to investigate all echelons of the Rheinland Military. Steller has decried his predecessor, Niemann, as a traitor whose insane wars of aggression were enabled by an insidious, revanchist rot at the highest levels of civil and military leadership. In a fiery speech, Steller ordered the MND's newly appointed Director Von Claussen to 'root out' these 'war criminals' and bring them to justice. Rheinland officials are now believed to have ended the Liberty Security Force’s involvement with the investigation, describing it as an 'internal security matter'.

[802 AS] Chancellor Steller elected to office

NEW BERLIN -- 802 -- Following emergency elections, the Provisional Rheinland Government has been dissolved and Chancellor Alfred Steller voted into office by the newly seated Reichstag. Steller has vowed to return Rheinland to a state of normalcy, and undo the damage inflicted by the traitor Niemann and his enablers. Steller has promised to uphold the Provisional Government's policy of demilitarization, and has committed to make amends with Kusari and the other Houses for the unprovoked aggression of the Colony Wars. President Jacobi offered her congratulations and Liberty's support to Chancellor Stellar's new administration.

[801 AS] Rheinland High Command missing?

NEW BERLIN -- 801 -- As the smoke clears following the cessation of recent hostilities, citizens across the Colonies have two simple questions: what happened, and why? As the Rheinland Provisional Government looks to answer those questions, it has become apparent that the House’s senior military leadership has vanished. According to anonymous sources, the whereabouts of the Military High Command is unknown, with numerous Admirals disappearing along with their flagships. The Rheinland Federal Police and Liberty Security Force have posted bounties for the missing officers after formal desertion charges were pressed.

[801 AS] Provisional Rheinland Government demilitarizes

POTSDAM -- 801 -- The Provisional Rheinland Government has begun urgent and immediate demilitarization. PRG representatives advised this was an absolute necessity to prevent Rheinland’s imminent financial collapse, and had been a requirement for both Bretonia and Liberty to drop heavy reparation demands. It is expected that these cuts will reduce the Rheinland Military’s headcount by over 80%%, leaving tens of thousands unemployed. This will reduce the force to levels last seen in 794 AS, prior to Chancellor Niemann’s build-up programme. Already huge formations of capital ships have been mothballed in orbit of Potsdam, awaiting shipyard space for deconstruction.

[801 AS] Kusari imposes embargo on Rheinland

NEW TOKYO -- 801 -- Shogun Edo has announced that a full economic embargo of Rheinland will be imposed by Kusari due to the outrages of the Colony Wars. Liberty’s President Jacobi has taken a leading role in mediation between Rheinland and the other Houses, with the Provisional Rheinland Government offering a message of condolence to the Kusari people for the actions of the toppled previous regime. Despite this, Kusari has remained resolute that no normalization of relations will be considered until full reparations are made for the devastation in Honshu and New Tokyo, and the many crimes Kusari alleges were perpetrated there.

[801 AS] Colonies Rebuild, Chancellor MIA


MANHATTAN -- It's been nearly two weeks since hostilities between Rheinland and the other Houses came to an abrupt end, and peace has settled over the colonies. Despite many lingering questions, government officials remain tight-lipped about what has triggered this sudden change. President Jacobi pardoned the leaders of the military coup against her, who are all recovering from what has been officially called "encephalitic viral infections." Insiders speculate that these infections may be linked to recently discovered evidence of a bizarre mind-control plan initiated by the Chancellor to bring down the major Houses.

Meanwhile, the Chancellor and several of his staff are still missing at this time and together face a long list of charges. Newly appointed government officials in Rheinland are now looking into recent events and are said to be enlisting even Liberty's help in their investigation.

In other news, LSF Commander Jun'ko Zane and freelancer, Edison Trent, both former enemies of the state, have been granted full pardons and have received the Lone Star for bravery, the highest decoration any individual in the colonies can receive. Though the details of their heroism have been sealed by executive order, they were honored today in a ceremony by President Jacobi, who said, "I, Liberty and the rest of the colonies owe you both a debt of gratitude. It is through your efforts, and people like you, that Sirius will embrace the future. We salute you."

[801 AS] Rheinland ends all hostilities

FULDA -- 801 -- With the disappearance of Chancellor Niemann and the installation of the Liberty-backed Provisional Rheinland Government, an immediate cessation of all hostilities has been ordered. Rheinland forces have begun withdrawals on all fronts. Reports from Kusari have confirmed that the Northern Fleet has retreated from New Tokyo and Honshu, however it has not returned to Rheinland or recognized the authority of the PRG. Government sources believe the fleet may have deserted, with Rheinland's remaining loyalist security forces being ordered to high-alert as a precaution against pro-Niemann coup attempts.


ALG Waste Disposal
  • ALG has cleaned up this system dramatically since the early Daumann days. They are still operating smelters using centuries-old technology. One visit to Leipzig will show you the harmful effects of Daumann's unregulated emissions of pollutants.

  • Unlike Republican and Daumann ships, ALG ships are not viewed by of Rheinland criminals as a threat. We've tried to take a less antagonistic approach in dealing with our current and former employees in the hope that we can avoid the poor labor relations that have plagued other Rheinland companies.

  • We purchase our basic supplies and H-Fuel here for the Dortmund Smelter. Berlin needs Basic Alloys for the Consumer Goods factories, which we produce in our Scrap Metal recycling unit in Dortmund.

Daumann Heavy Construction
  • Daumann buys supplies for most of our bases in Berlin. Republican does not enter Dresden or Omega-11, so we must support our own operations. I'm bound for Leipzig with Water, Pharmaceuticals, and Consumer Goods.

  • At least in New Berlin, one has a reasonable amount of security provided by the Federal Police. Out in the Omega systems and Dresden, the Red Hessians are running amok. Their flame is fed by the growing legions of unemployed Rheinland workers.

  • Our headquarters is in the Ring, high above Berlin at the La Grange point between New Berlin and Potsdam. At least up there we never have to worry about the notorious Berlin night, which lasts upwards of a year here. It would be lifeless on this planet without the strong volcanic and geothermal activity.

Rheinland Federal Police
  • Berlin's a strange place. Night and day each last a year because of the planet's extremely slow rotation rate. You're lucky -- we just emerged into daylight a month ago. People get crazy toward the end of the dark period.

  • New Berlin was once the mining center of Rheinland. But over the centuries all of the deposits were exhausted. Now most of the new activity is in Omega-7. Even Dresden is not what it once was.

  • The old Harz mining area south of New Berlin is favored by the Red Hessians. They prefer to attack the Trade Lane to Brandenburg, especially Daumann ships. There's some pretty bad blood between those two.

  • Rheinland has been humiliated militarily and economically bankrupted by the poor decisions of Empress Leicht 200 years ago. Now we must suffer the injustice of foreign corporations occupying our homeland. Someday Rheinland will once again be strong enough to control its destiny.

  • The Federal Police was once a proud agency. Now we are underpaid and demoralized. Many of the younger officers accept bribes, which was unheard of among the old timers. Guess the hard times have finally hit us too.

  • Artifacts and Cardamine have recently begun appearing in the high-end clubs of Berlin. We think the Junkers are involved, though they're hard to pin down. They always seem to know when we're planning a sting operation. Smells like a mole to me.

  • Sometimes we have to deal with demonstrations and riots, which has become an all-too-frequent occurrence in Berlin these days. It's easy to control them because so much of Berlin was built underground. We just seal the doors to the entire affected area.

  • The Federal Police runs a daily patrol up into the Aachenfeld to keep an eye on the Bundschuh and the Unioners. Rheinland's full of splinter groups like them. Their usual targets are the Ring and the Oder Shipyard. Everyone wants to overthrow the government and big business in Rheinland.

  • Rheinland has seen better days. Since the end of the war, we've had one crisis after another. The Popular Revolution never fulfilled its promise. The government just keeps issuing more money in order to pay off its debts, so the inflation rate is out of control. It's running about 5 percent a week right now.

  • If you want to make the real money, haul in some Cardamine or Artifacts from Kreuzberg. Just remember, if you get caught by the police, I've never seen you in my life.

  • If you want to find Diamonds cheaply, go out into Omega-11. That's where the Hessians find them. They bring 'em in to Kreuzberg, we sell them to the Berlin Diamond traders. It's all perfectly legitimate.

  • Just picking up supplies for our base in the Ruhrfeld. We need a wide variety of goods for all the people who might just happen by our base. Side Arms and Engine Components are two of the higher-value items that have proved popular with the criminally minded.

Kruger Minerals
  • My ship just arrived from Bautzen. That's our base in Dresden. The Hessians attacked us twice. The first time it was just before the Berlin Gate. Then another group ambushed us on the south Trade Lane in New Berlin. Good thing we had an armored transport.

  • Kruger has an experimental H-Fuel center in Mannheim, Frankfurt. I don't know why we bother to continue the operation. Only the government subsidy keeps our price competitive with Kusari and GMG gas from the Crow Nebula.

  • It's nice to be in a civilized city again. Our ship just came in from Omega-7 with a load of Silver. The Hessians love the thick clouds of the Walker. Once you enter open space in Stuttgart, it gets better. Then there's another difficult stretch passing the Saarfeld in this system -- a notorious area for Hessian pirates.

Imperial Shipping
  • Berlin is the Diamond-trading center of Sirius. They're mined-out in Dresden and Omega-11. Daumann and Kruger ship them in here, where the initial sorting and cutting takes place. Then we ship them to the far corners of the universe for use in Luxury Goods or Mining Machinery.

  • The Silver that Kruger mines in Omega-7 ends up in the Commodity markets of New Berlin. We then transport it to Kusari and Liberty. It's especially in demand in terraforming operations like the one on California Minor.

  • New Berlin produces most of Rheinland's Consumer Goods. My ship makes the runs to the other home planets on a regular basis. Unioners are always waiting for us in Hamburg. In Stuttgart it depends on the Red Hessian activity level.

Synth Foods, Inc.
  • Synth Foods is proud to be the exclusive supplier of both standard and Luxury Foods to the people of Rheinland. The citizens of New Berlin have grown to love our products, which are considerably cheaper than the food formerly produced by the WVS on Stuttgart.

  • We are concerned by recent reports that the Red Hessians have become sympathetic to the LWB and are planning new strikes focused on Synth Foods convoys. The LWB are an irritating annoyance. The Hessians are an entirely different matter.

  • The LWB has many supporters in New Berlin, so we must spend heavily here to defeat their cause. The Rheinland officials expect ever-larger bribes from us. It's the cost we pay to continue our expansion plans in Stuttgart, unfettered by government interference.

Universal Shipping
  • Berlin is a new route for Universal. Before the little loan agreement between Liberty and Rheinland, Universal and Synth Foods couldn't land on any planets here. Now that's all changed, of course. We do the Luxury Goods-Diamond circuit between Manhattan and Berlin.

  • Let me tell you, Rheinland is tough. It's a cakewalk through Liberty, even the Texas system isn't that bad. Then wham, you hit the Independent Worlds. We have to rearm in Houston and beef up the escorts for the rest of the trip here. At least we don't have the LWB headache that Synth Foods is dealing with.

  • My ship's down from Bonn -- that large space station at the western end of this system. We buy our basic supplies here. Kind of a Liberty outpost up there. Synth Foods, Bounty Hunters, IC -- they all call Bonn home.

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