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Commodity nox.png
Cargo Space 1
Decay Rate no decay
Default Price 96$
High Risk Commodity False


Nox is a highly potent drug that originates from Planet Marseille and is illegal to trade within Gallia. "Nox" translates from Latin as "darkness" or "night", and since precise chemical designation of the substance is impossible, this name is used both officially and unofficially across Gallia. Bacteria known to be the only source of this substance are symbiotic to several relatively rare echinoderm species present in the oceans of Marseille. The bacteria are extracted from their hosts, cryogenically frozen and shipped to drug laboratories, from where the pure Nox is shipped to dealers. The bacteria do not reproduce without their host, and Nox itself cannot be synthesized chemically, being a complex combination of flunitrazepam, psilocybin and over a dozen organic components not used in chemistry or medicine. The effect of the drug also cannot be reproduced by any known drug, making Nox the highest-rated drug substance in Gallia (before the introduction of cardamine). Nox has initial time-slowing and sedative effect, shortly followed by increase of brain activity and hallucinations while the consumer's body is relaxed. In some time, the hallucinations are followed by very deep, nearly lethargic sleep lasting for 12-16 hours, after which the consumer experiences short-term amnesia. While physical dependency caused by Nox is relatively light, psychological dependency develops quickly and is very difficult to recover from. No currently accepted medical use of Nox exists, and experiments on humans that involve Nox were banned throughout Gallia over 50 years ago.


Bases buying
Base Owner System Region Price
Planet Amiens Gallic Navy Picardy Gallia 121$
Planet Cambridge Bretonia Police Cambridge Bretonia 175$
Planet Stuttgart Rheinland Federal Police Stuttgart Rheinland 136$
Allentown Base Junkers Pennsylvania Liberty 224$
Liner Brixton Junkers Burgundy Gallia 117$
Luxury Liner Barbados Orbital Spa & Cruise Vespucci Independent 181$
Luxury Liner Argenton Unione Corse Tau-44 Tau Border Worlds 149$
Beaumont Base Junkers Texas Liberty 203$
Cannes Resort Station IDF Shipping Provence Gallia 96$
Golden Dragon Casino Hogosha Shikoku Kusari 171$
Kreuzberg Depot Junkers New Berlin Rheinland 158$
Invergordon Salvage Yards Junkers Inverness Independent 197$
Planet Houston Liberty Police, Inc. Texas Liberty 192$
Bornholm Depot Junkers Omega-55 Omega Border Worlds 240$
Planet Gran Canaria Zoners Omega-48 Omega Edge Worlds 195$
Nevers Gallic Navy Burgundy Gallia 107$
Planet New Paris Gallic Navy Ile-de-France Gallia 100$
Planet Manhattan Liberty Police, Inc. New York Liberty 215$
Planet New London Bretonia Police New London Bretonia 176$
Planet Baden Baden Orbital Spa & Cruise Stuttgart Rheinland 140$
Planet New Berlin Rheinland Federal Police New Berlin Rheinland 169$
Planet New Tokyo Kusari State Police New Tokyo Kusari 165$
Halifax Freeport Freelancers Leeds Bretonia 158$
Boulogne Base Gallic Brigands Picardy Gallia 133$
Trafalgar Base Junkers New London Bretonia 162$
Jena Station MND Thuringia Rheinland 194$
Planet New London, Landing Site Freelancers New London Atmosphere Bretonia 245$
Vendome Station IDF Shipping Orleanais Gallia 130$
Rochester Base Junkers New York Liberty 205$
Thunder Bay Depot Junkers Ontario Liberty 207$
Epernon Base Unione Corse Orleanais Gallia 136$
Salbris Base Gallic Brigands Orleanais Gallia 131$
Davos Base Unioners Zurich Alsace Passage 118$
Monte Carlo Freeport Freelancers Provence Gallia 97$
Planet Marseille Unione Corse Provence Gallia 96$
Bases selling
Base Owner System Region Price
Monte Carlo Freeport Freelancers Provence Gallia 97$
Planet Marseille Unione Corse Provence Gallia 96$

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