Daumann Heavy Construction

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Daumann Heavy Construction
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Alignment Corporation


Rheinland Authorities, Imperial Shipping


ALG, BMM, Bristol, GMG, IMG, Kruger


Red Hessians, Bundschuh, Coalition, Unioners, Corsairs

Daumann Heavy Construction is the largest mining and manufacturing firm in Rheinland, and key partners with Imperial Shipping. Daumann provides the majority of ships and finished materiel for the Rheinland government, having secured their market share in the manufacturing sector due to ALG's sudden departure. A greater focus on construction has allowed long-time rivals Kruger to make up the difference, though competition remains fierce over Rheinland's remaining raw resources.

Ships used

Ship Class
Base Construction Platform Transport
Repair Ship Repair Ship
Surveyor Heavy Fighter
Rheinland Armored Transport Transport
Large Transport Transport
Armored Transport Transport
Large Train Train
Rheinland Transport Transport
Scraper Very Heavy Fighter
Train Transport
Rheinland Heavy Transport Heavy Transport
Arrastra Bomber
Rheinland Train Super Train
Civilian Gunboat Gunboat

Bases owned

Base Owner System Region
Rugen Station Daumann Heavy Construction Omega-3 Omega Border Worlds
Briesen Mining Facility Daumann Heavy Construction Omega-7 Omega Border Worlds
Solarius Station Daumann Heavy Construction Omega-11 Omega Border Worlds
Oder Shipyard Daumann Heavy Construction New Berlin Rheinland
The Ring Daumann Heavy Construction New Berlin Rheinland
Planet Holstein Daumann Heavy Construction Frankfurt Rheinland


Base Owner System Region
Oder Shipyard Daumann Heavy Construction New Berlin Rheinland
Planet New Berlin Rheinland Federal Police New Berlin Rheinland
Ulm Border Station Rheinland Federal Police Stuttgart Rheinland
Freistadt Base Independent Miners Guild Omega-7 Omega Border Worlds
The Ring Daumann Heavy Construction New Berlin Rheinland
Planet Baden Baden Orbital Spa & Cruise Stuttgart Rheinland
Brandenburg Station Rheinland Federal Police New Berlin Rheinland
Freiburg Station Imperial Shipping Stuttgart Rheinland
Briesen Mining Facility Daumann Heavy Construction Omega-7 Omega Border Worlds
Essen Station Kruger Minerals New Berlin Rheinland
Planet Holstein Daumann Heavy Construction Frankfurt Rheinland
Mainz Storage Facility Imperial Shipping Frankfurt Rheinland
Planet Stuttgart Rheinland Federal Police Stuttgart Rheinland
Freeport 1 Zoners Omega-3 Omega Border Worlds
Solarius Station Daumann Heavy Construction Omega-11 Omega Border Worlds
Elbich Mining Facility Kruger Minerals Omega-7 Omega Border Worlds
Fulda Border Station Rheinland Federal Police Frankfurt Rheinland
Rugen Station Daumann Heavy Construction Omega-3 Omega Border Worlds


Faction Relationship
Blood Dragons
Gallic Brigands
Farmers Alliance
Independent Pirates
Golden Chrysanthemums
Sirius Coalition
Lane Hackers
Liberty Rogues
Red Hessians
Gas Miners Guild
ALG Waste Disposal
Unione Corse
The Maquis
Bretonia Armed Forces
Bretonia Police
Kishiro Technologies
Gateway Shipping
Samura Industries
Planetform, Inc.
Bretonia Intelligence Service
Bounty Hunters Guild
Kusari Naval Forces
Kusari State Police
Kruger Minerals
Imperial Shipping
Rheinland Military
Rheinland Federal Police
Daumann Heavy Construction


Freeport 1
  • The Bretonians are mad. Nottingham is not fit for human colonisation without terraforming - we had anticipated having centuries of time to prepare our move. They must be desperate to consider this. Still, that suits us well: it is because they are desperate that they need Rheinland for our minerals, so we have little to fear. After their war, they will be forced to abandon Nottingham until it can be made properly habitable. They will not have the means, so it will fall to us then.

  • The only competent Bounty Hunters in Sirius are Rheinland Hunters. For that matter, the only competent -anybody- in Sirius are Rheinlanders. Everyone else has gotten lucky -- like Liberty -- or cheated like the GMG and Kusari. We make the finest products, mine the meanest systems, and even have the toughest pirates.

  • Rugen gets most of her goods from this base - the basics at least. The less we have to walk the corridors of this hole the better. I don't like being around insolent Bretonian scum. We hear the BMM gloating about Nottingham winning Omega-3 for Bretonia in the bar rooms. We'll see how long that lasts, that planet isn't ready for its colonists and neither are they.

Rugen Station
  • One of the chaps that works here has a brother in the Red Hessians. This should illustrate what a blood thirsty gang of murderers they are: the miners name is Ranis, and the leader of the Hessians who attack this base is also named Ranis. The Hessian is attacking his own brother's installation. Luckily for him, the authorities are putting a publicity spin on this rather then have him prosecuted as a Hessian collaborator.

  • If you want to make yourself useful, make one of our supply runs for us. We get almost all of the basics from the Zoners at Freeport 1. I don't like to go there personally. Feels almost like a Bretonian outpost - even more so with Bretonia squatting on Nottingham. Daumann has some new friends that don't like them living there either. The planet will be in the hands of her rightful owners within a decade, mark my words.

  • If you'd like to see what a real space station looks like, I suggest you visit the Ring in New Berlin. There is no station quite like it, both in size and grandheur. If you do go there, you may as well take Hydrocarbons or Polymers with you.

  • We import our Mining Machinery from Freiburg, in the Stuttgart system. Ripping an asteroid apart wears out the grinders and crushers pretty quickly. If you're out that way, bring up some food as well. We often import from Freeport 1, but I'd rather have goods grown in Rheinland... even if it is by Synth.

  • After the Eighty Years War we lost nearly everything. My family worked for Kruger in those days. When the bottom fell out of the economy we lost our jobs and the bonuses that had been promised us. Worse than that, more than half of my ancestors were killed trying to mine gases in contested space. My brother joined the Hessians, but I am not a violent man, I joined Daumann. I hope I will never meet him again, or our family will be down at least one sibling.

  • Daumann is attempting to land teams on Sprauge's surface in order to establish colonies of our own. The Bretonians say this is illegal trespassing, pull down our camps and evict us each time. We say this is the illegal persecution of Rheinland citizens and nothing more than state protectionism for the incompetents in the BMM! That planet rightfully belongs to us!

  • The fall of Leipzig in Dresden is an absolute atrocity! The Hessians have grown bolder in recent times - I personally blame the corrupting influence of the new "liberal" groups such as ALG on our government. We never would have tolerated such a situation in the past. I suppose at the very least, it allowed HQ to lay off swathes of unprofitable workers without going through the unions, even on this base. Part of our production used to go to Leipzig.

  • I work here in this mining operation, because I will not work in the shipyards. This place is far from the center of Rheinland. Here it is a little more lax; I work normal hours at Rugen. Only ten hours a day, six days per week; it's a breeze compared to the Ring, so long as you're willing to deal with Hessian attacks every now and then.

  • Bretonia claimed Planet Nottingham when it was discovered with the opening of the pan-Omega corridor. That is just paper though - what does paper have to do with reality? Daumann had a presence in this system for countless years before the BMM were moved in by the Bretonians in order to steal our system!

  • You know, the only reason BMM built a base in this system is to try and take Omega-3 away from us. With the colonisation of Sprague, they've overplayed their hand - the Schwerin in Omega 7 is watching them very closely. Sure, both governments paid for the Trade Lanes and Jump Gates here, but we were the ones who first moved in. New London only wants the system to take it from Rheinland.

  • Oder is found in New Berlin, which is the center of civilized space in Sirius. Many will say that it is Liberty that bears this distinction. But it is only because they have never been to New Berlin. Go, and take Polymers with you.

  • What do you think the biggest threat Rheinland faces in the Omega region is? Corsairs? No, of course not. Hessians? They're pests, yes - but still wrong. The IMG? Irritant upstarts, but nothing more. The true answer is the expansionism of rival Houses. This is a Rheinland system - the Bretonians just don't know it yet.

Briesen Mining Facility
  • Our company is not used to being the third into a system. Usually we claim space first. Not so here, but Kruger is in its death throes and the IMG can easily be removed. Of course, if Kruger does merge with ALG they will have the backing necessary to establish control. That must be considered if we are to attempt a major investment.

  • I'm not some lowly miner. I'm a surveyor; my father is a higher-up in this company. If the Hessians only knew whose son was on this base, they would double their efforts to destroy Briesen. No, after this short assignment I'm headed straight to New Berlin, where I will assume command of a division.

  • All the basic supplies this base requires to keep running are shipped in from Freiburg -- even the Mining Machinery we use to carve the metals from the rocks. Only dependable Rheinland machinery gets the job done.

  • The Hessians attack our base, our miners, and our ships incessantly. My wife wanted to come with me to this base when I was assigned here. I told her she was being a fool. To come here is to risk death every day, and I will not let my family be brought here. The trip itself is dangerous, let alone staying in Omega-7.

  • Right now, the men at the Kruger base in the Ebersfeld are doing the same thing we are: trying to figure out if they should build a major base in this system. Of course, we hire pilots to attack their operations to help them decide against it. Let's hope that is enough persuasion.

  • Many of the men on this base are not miners, but assessment teams and surveyors. Daumann is considering the construction of a major mining facility in this system. It would be a great addition to the amount of ore we could ship to New Berlin, as well as to what we get from Dresden.

  • I was doing some surveying in the Gubenfelde just south of the IMG base when I was saw a flight of Red Hessians run right into a Corsair patrol. It was the most incredible thing I have ever seen. I thank good luck my ship was obscured by asteroids, and that I could watch, hidden amongst rock. They fought so fiercely, it was actually beautiful -- as if they were all artists, and death was their canvas.

  • The rodents who run Freistadt have been mining here for some time. It is unfortunate that this is so, because they have taken the best field for themselves. This will go in my report to New Berlin. I'm sure Daumann can find a way to force them out; it will not have been the first time. We are working for the greater glory of Rheinland. Sometimes bugs must be crushed underfoot to do this.

Planet New Berlin
  • Daumann buys supplies for most of our bases in Berlin. Republican does not enter Dresden or Omega-11, so we must support our own operations. I'm bound for Leipzig with Water, Pharmaceuticals, and Consumer Goods.

  • At least in New Berlin, one has a reasonable amount of security provided by the Federal Police. Out in the Omega systems and Dresden, the Red Hessians are running amok. Their flame is fed by the growing legions of unemployed Rheinland workers.

  • Our headquarters is in the Ring, high above Berlin at the La Grange point between New Berlin and Potsdam. At least up there we never have to worry about the notorious Berlin night, which lasts upwards of a year here. It would be lifeless on this planet without the strong volcanic and geothermal activity.

Oder Shipyard
  • It seems like all the cargo runs into Berlin are difficult now. The Red Hessians have become too strong. Crossing Dresden is becoming a tenuous proposition, at best. Last week, two successive convoys outbound from Leipzig with High-Temperature Alloys were set upon and annihilated by Hessians.

  • The military shipyards always need Boron, so we do a monthly run in from Holstein, in the Frankfurt system. Daumann has a seawater salt extraction plant there.

  • It is an arduous journey from Omega-3 to New Berlin. We must contend with Red Hessian attacks along the entire route. All for some simple Polymers.

The Ring
  • The Ring is the terminating point for inbound Daumann transports delivering Polymers and Hydrocarbons from the base of Reugen in Omega-3. That system also contains a BMM operation producing the same materials, so it is a very competitive route.

  • The Kusari Engine Component manufacturer Kishiro has benefited greatly from ALG's entry into the High-Temperature Alloy market. It has been difficult to compete with the cheaper Kusari imports since ALG began shipping them their raw materials. Daumann feels that ALG has betrayed the future of Rheinland industrial might for their short-term monetary gain.

  • Daumann provides the Cobalt and High-Temperature Alloys for the Engine Components manufacturing plants from our mining and smelting operation of Leipzig, in the Dresden system. On the return trip, we will often take Bretonia-produced Niobium.

  • Many goods pass through the Ring on their way to distant lands. This facility serves as Daumann's transfer point for its various mining operations further afield in Dresden and the Omega systems. From here, Republican ships haul our minerals and finished goods to Kusari, Liberty, and Bretonia.

  • The Ring is one of Rheinland's most famous landmarks. On a clear day, you can see it planetside on Berlin. It is positioned at the La Grange point between Potsdam and Berlin, where the gravitational attraction of the planet and moon effectively neutralize each other. That enables the Ring to maintain a stable orbit with minimal attitude and speed corrections, which would otherwise exert substantial forces on such a large structure.

  • The industrial pollution and horrors that have been blamed on Daumann are completely groundless. The Bundschuh and other political terrorists view us as the villains of Rheinland. We have provided generations of Rheinland workers with secure jobs and decent pay. Yet they always want to work less and make more. We couldn't possibly meet their demands and still be profitable.

  • The workers in Leipzig and the Ring have always been treated as well as market conditions could justify. That is a myth spread by the Red Hessian miscreants in order to recast their acts of common piracy as part of a just political cause.

  • The Ring also houses the Oder Shipyard. It has served as headquarters for Daumann Heavy Construction since it was first built in 310 AS. Engine Components, Construction Machinery, and Side Arms are the primary products of the factories around us.

  • The truth is, Daumann viewed the Eighty-Years War as an excellent way to make large amounts of money in the ship-building business, which ultimately supports all our primary extraction operations. The ships lost during the War may have been costly for Rheinland, but were very profitable for the owners and shareholders of Daumann Heavy Construction.

Planet Stuttgart
  • The LWB are sensible enough not to harass Daumann too much; that is why we do not pay to have them killed by Bounty Hunters. We leave that to the Synth Foods invaders. Personally, I hope all their damn cellulose crops burn.

  • We are not safe from the Red Hessians anywhere in all of Rheinland. They have grown so numerous and widespread there is not a single Trade Lane where one of our shipments have not fallen victim to a Hessian attack.

  • Our Border World operations in Solarius, are supplied to a great degree by this planet. All the basic supplies make their way there from here.

Planet Baden Baden
  • Daumann keeps several villas here for its top executives. I have just arrived for the first time, due to a recent promotion. This is where I'm going to really launch my career. They say that you can get more accomplished five minutes in a mud bath than in two weeks of division meetings. Too bad I had to leave my children and wife at home, they would love it here.

  • Now that I'm getting to the top, I'm going to start playing the game by my rules. It is time for a change in Daumann, they must be made to realize that our corporation can still profit without exploiting its workers.

  • My father was a joint fitter at the Alster Shipyards. Nobody else knows this but me and his ghost. He worked triple shifts sometimes to pay my way through New Berlin University. He was on the bottom rung in Daumann; I just made VP.

Freiburg Station
  • Daumann's mining facility sends Diamonds to this depot on our convoys from Solarius. It is a dangerous run to make, but perhaps you are willing.

  • Our base Briesen in the Border Worlds requires basic necessities to be shipped in from this facility. The Diamonds we trade here more than pay for any supplies they may need there.

  • Ruegen, the Daumann operation in the Border Worlds, needs us to supply them with Mining Machinery and H-Fuel. You could be the one to help them there, if you don't fear the Border Worlds.

Planet Holstein
  • The Bundschuh built a base here because they knew that the government was too poor to put enough police here to stop them. No one cares what happens in Frankfurt. Republican is the only one that does decent business here and that's the reason you'll see Unioners.

  • The Oder Shipyard uses our Boron to build ships. I don't know what ships they might be building there, I haven't seen anything worth a mention. All our finest ships were destroyed in "the Eighty."

  • The miners here are a sullen lot. I was transferred in from HQ a few months ago. Everyone here hates the government, but the Republic and the empire before it was just trying to do their best for us. Besides, everyone didn't lose everything; my family still holds all of their land. We are okay.

  • The GMG who come into this system are scoundrels. If they wanted Frankfurt, they could have taken it. If they come here now with their guns armed, then they are just looking to fight for no reason.

  • I mine Boron here because every other Rheinland system I go to makes me sick. I hate seeing rich Rheinlanders, or anybody who actually gives a damn about this House. Just leave me be to mine my Boron. You can try and fix whatever you want, but don't bother me about it.

  • Life must go on, even after defeat. No one really cared about the GMG once the rebellion started. It could have been quite horrible but the life's blood of Rheinland -- her companies -- were not dissolved. It would have been chaos if that had happened. Who knows who would be running things now.

  • The only thing we need shipped here from outside of this system is Mining Machinery. That gets shipped in on transports from the Ring in New Berlin. They pick up the Boron we mine here and take it back.

  • I guess Daumann came back to this system because Kruger was here. After the Richtofen went up everybody left -- that was it, the war was over. After a while Kruger came back, and that means Daumann had to follow suit, didn't they?

  • Long ago Frankfurt was the jewel of the empire. Everyone had their eye on this system -- we were going to lead the way to a glorious Rheinland future from this place. Now look around you. This is what arrogance and avarice will bring. Look, I say, at this empty place of broken promises.

  • One day the Rheinland Navy will be as powerful as it once was. Our day of reckoning is only separated from us by an expanse of time. Every day that passes, the expanse gets shorter. Rheinland will rise from the ashes like a phoenix from the flames. Then the GMG will pay -- and so will Kusari and the rest of Sirius.

  • This installation gets all her basics from the Mainz within this system. No sense leaving this hole if we don't have to, is there? The same ships pick up our Boron and take it back to the Mainz. She is this system's supply depot.

Mainz Storage Facility
  • You see the Samura and Kishiro men on this base? They always have a very smug look on their faces, it makes me livid. I would enjoy killing them both. You know that Kusari and her keiretsu backed the GMG throughout the entire war, don't you?

  • This is the station where the Kusari shippers must offload their products and receive ours. I don't think many Rheinlanders care to see H-Fuel brought into the heart of our Republic aboard their ships, the insult would be unbearable.

  • Our Boron mining facility in Holstein receives all their basic supplies from this base. You could deliver these for us if you need money. It is a very short trip.

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