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Full Version: Kingiku No Seiyaku Matsuri (//RP with invited parties)
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Morioka Station

The main hall of Morioka had a major makeover in the past 3 days. Shoji lanterns hung on the walls with golden chrysanthemum emblems handpainted on the paper. The low tables were arranged in a large U pathern with yellow pillows placed on the outside of it to accomodate the guests. The centre of the room was left open for dance performances and leaving room for the sisters to attend to the guests more easily. In the tokonoma, behind the seat of the guest of honor, a one meter solid gold statue of Yuyu Matsuda with her book 'Golden Chrysanthemum in Bloom' oversaw the room.

Rin walked through the room and observed if all preparations were finished.
"2 lamps are missing there" she pointed to the entrance and a sister ran towards it with 2 shoji lamps and hung them on the hooks there. Rin looked at it for a moment and inspected the room one last time. "Very well. We are done here."

Misaki walked past the sister who still stood near the entrence. "Miyazaki-san. Do I really need to stay sober before all the guests arrived?" She looked at Rin and made a exaggerated pouty face.

"Why do you ask me? The Matriarch gave you that order. Now go get changed." Misaki looked at her feet and without further discussion left the room to change into her yellow gold kimono and do her hair.

Cartel's yacht "Marmore", Keiun Cloud, Shikoku system
23th June 826

A young woman sat at the cabin of the space yacht and prepared herself to the arrival at the Morioka station. Valeria was sent by her boss, Antonio de Motti, as one of the representatives of the Cartel at the Kingiku No Seiyaku Festival, founded by their allies of Gen'an Chrysanthemums. The woman and her companions are coming to the station with an important mission - to improve negotiations with the cell and all possible contractors, who may meet at the Festival.

She styled her hair and looked at the mirror one more time - dark lips, strange barrette fixed Valeria's long chocolate-colour hair. The woman was dressed in the dark red dress, which did justice to her figure.
"Ohayō gozaimasu" she tried to say that once again, but without great success. Kusarian language was weird but Valeria, not without the problems, learned few phrases to impress on the Chrysanthemums.

She left the cabin and went to the yacht bridge. Few pilots sat here and flew them through one of the nebulas of Shikoku system. "How far from Morioka we are?"
Morioka Station, a private room.

Airi looked in the mirror, admiring her golden kimono. She was thinking about whether she should wear her hair open or tied as a single braid. After some time she decided to leave it open. She entered the main hall and thought how beautiful it looked, she spotted Miyazaki and went over to her.

„Aisatsu Sister Miyazaki, it looks wonderful. I wonder if onee-sama will show up too, haven't heard from her for quite some time. But I was quite busy organizing all the things we needed to celebrate our honored Yuyu Matsuda.“

She stared at the golden statue and wondered how they came into possession of it.

"I think our guests will arrive soon. Watashi wa shiawasedesu"
She smiled a little.

[Image: R3V0Dj5.png?1]

It has been a long time since he had left his estate on Planet Honshu. More so, it had been a few years since he even visited the allies of the Blood Dragons. He never was very keen on the Golden Chrysanthemum's efforts but learnt to honor their assistance for the Blood Dragons, but especially the Order. But even this hadn't been enough to convince the aged legend from leaving the Planet. His daughter Kazue was needed to convince him. A 'Geisha' was approaching Morioka. Its passengers aiming to take part at the festival.
The old man was wearing a long, grey coat, his daughter a dress with a hat.

"Kazue? Are.. you sure about this here? I am no longer what I used to be, my role was played long ago. They don't concern me."
"Otōsan.. why are you worried? It's a small festival, honoring their own culture. I just want you to get out of our estate for once!
"Fine. You know todays Kusari more than me, musumé..."

The Yacht arrived at Morioka and awaited docking clearance, which was swiftly granted. But before leaving, the old man retreated to his room a last time. He would never leave the family's katana behind.

[Image: K3UnudF.png]

⧫ Morioka Base, Section 4, lower deck.

Aimi Amaia arrived at Morioka a few hours ago. She did not have any calm minute ever since, coordinating security personnel, giving instructions to Sisters, and so on. Sighing, it was almost time for the festival to start and she did not even have time to dress!
Quickly she returned to her room on Morioka, luckily a friend of hers had been so nice to bring her outfit there while she was busy. She undressed in front of the mirror, admiring the look of her adornment in the mirror. The sweet dress of mini-bars and mini-plates had caught her love for long now, yet she remained shy about showing it to others. Slowly, she put on the deep blue Hōmongi, patterns of gilded Chrysanthemums and purple Haibīsukasus distributed over its shoulder and sleeves. The adornment slightly visible underneath... She smiled to herself. Now the hair! But this was easy! Quickly she managed to get the hairstyle she wanted. (//for hair reference, ye that's Aimi!)

Having finished, she got on her way towards the main hall.

⧫ Shikoku, somewhere unfar from Deshima

Mi Minami was on her way back to Morioka after a successful raid. Satisfied with the result, she was fooling around as usual, managing to get too close to Deshima. She managed to trigger a patrol, it was inevitable now that she would arrive too late for the festival, sighing she got ready to fight the State Police vessels off. Hoping that at least Kasai would leave her alone this day.

"Konnichiwa Sister Hirose,"

Rin smiled when see saw Airi admire the statue. "Ishikawa-san arranged this for our festival. It was made in the past 5 days on planet New Tokyo. She wanted something to beautify the view. She will arrive soon."

2 sisters each carried a vase filled with golden chrysanthemums, which they placed next to the statue in the tokonoma

"You look nice, excited for the festival yet?"

Morioka Station, main hall.

“Arigato, hai...I'm excited. You look nice too, sister. So many people are to come and celebrate our great founder. Kiri-senpai acquired the statue?“

She nodded a bit with her head and looked at the statue with even more awe while feeling proud of being part of the Gen'an cell.

"She is such a skilled person, I'm lucky that I've earned her trust and can work alongside her."

Chika entered the hall. Despite looking battered, she still managed to keep her hair tidy and kimono properly styled. I'm so freaking tired, why did I agree to this she thought. She looked around but didn't have the mental energy to approach someone outright, deciding to instead settle in at the table in silence.

A Dragon cruiser entered the Shikoku system. It was a risky move driving such a ship through Farmer space, but Hachiro always had to show off. Trying to avoid any further detection, the ship aimed for the Shiun Cloud. Everything was quiet. The ship continued to the Keiun cloud, swinging far outside of the system to avoid the tradelanes. Once the ship entered Morioka space, it decided to keep a safe distance. No need to crowd the station, Hachiro assumed a lot of people would attend. Still wanting to be seen, Hachiro positioned the cruiser towards the star, distant enough to be a faint silhouette to those on the station yet still recognizable. The ship dispatched a shuttle to the station, Hachiro being the only guest attending. After finding the hall, Hachiro entered and scanned the room. Despite being a short, smaller framed man, he still moved with confidence. Despite his short, faded hair, he held the atmosphere of arrogance and self-imposed superiority. His eyes eventually landed on Chika, a person he knew well. He approached her, kneeling next to her at the table. "Chi-tan, I shouldn't be too surprised to see you here. You always did overly involve yourself with the Chrysanthemums." Chika's demeanor changed to one of fatigue and subdued aggresion. "Yattsu, I'm surprised you were able to find time out of your busy and important schedule to involve yourself with us. What would others think if they saw you here?"
Hachiro responded quickly, obviously having pre-planned this conversation. "Of course we must show solidarity with our allies, no matter how they act." The two continued to make small talk, mostly exchanging thinly veiled insults.

Misaki stumbled back into the room. Not really used to wearing a kimono, she dropped herself on the pillow next to Chika.

"Yoku irasshaimashita!" She leaned forward to look past Chika to see who sat next to her. "Oh, cute blood dragon!" She stood up clumsily again and walked to the other side and sat down on the pillow next to Hachiro. "Can I claim you?"

Rin looked over her shoulder to the early guests, a blood dragon and Chika. She made a polite bow. "I see Misaki already found you. Feel free to notify me if she gets too anoying."

"Ah, Misaki-san, kon-" Chika was cut off as Misaki left her. "I..." she stuttered out, then stopping at her words to Hachiro. She gave a small snort in laugher. Maybe her habits can actually help here. Hachiro tried to hide his distaste as she sat down. "Misaki-san" Chika spoke up "This is my dear cousin, Inoue Hachiro, but you can call him Yattsu." she finished with a small smile. "Eh, hai" Hachiro added. "Misaki-san is it? Hajimemashite, Inoue Hachiro. Captain of the Mugenmirai, eighth son to Inoue Shin, heir to the Watanabe clan." He said with a slight change in intonation. "Yoroshiku" he added, finally done rattling off his titles.

Chika gave a slight head bow to Rin. "Daijobu-yo, Rin-san. We'll be alright"

hajimemashite Yattsu-san,

I am Yunoki Misaki, squad leader of the Golden Chrysanthemums, daughter of unknown parents. I grew up in on a prison colony on planet Miura, stealing whatever food I could find to survive. My adoptive mother died of radiation poisoning in the uranium mines and I got off the planet by killing some people and threatening the rebel leader until I could join in on the escape plan. And now I am here with you. Yoroshiku.

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