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Eliza Valdez Cyber Feedback - Backo - 12-22-2016

Eliza Valdez RP Stories:
Who is Chacal? - A short story about the greatest mystery within Legión Maltesa's ranks.
The second Interview - Vasko gets tricked into writing many many words. More words than he had ever imagined he'd write. Here's a tl;dr!
L&V (+T) - Vasko and Shiki get memed on by the RP squad.
The Great Escape - Sean takes Vasko for an adventure!
Amidst the Sand - Desert Treasure but without Tal Ravis
Honeymoon - Into the Gallic BDSM dungeon!
Table for two. - Storytime with Sean again!
Operation: Sleeping Wyvern - An action packed operation deep in Kusari, this summer on IMAX and 3D
Rhienland's Starquake I - big plots, trust me
Kingiku No Seiyaku Matsuri (//RP with invited parties) - weeb festival galore!
The Basilica Conference - posh blonde (not Loyola) diplomacy

Eliza Valdez Comms:
To: Daniela Derringer - Vasko does poetry
TO: Red Witch (not to be mistaken with the Red B****!) - Vasko does poetry vol 2
To: Aldo Lombardi [IMPORTANT!!!] - Vasko does MS Paint
To: Eliza Valdez - Senpai notices me
To: Xtreme Fighter - Yber does roleplay. Unbelievable.
To: The Core [HIGH PRIORITY] - Dick jokes
TO: Red Witch (NOT B****!) [IMPORTANT] - More roleplay with Kaze, more excuses to get drunk
To: Outcasts, Junkers and other smugglers - Vasko does serious RP for a change
To: Rote Hessen Armee - Attempt to cyber Wesker
To: Enma Loyola | Subject: Manoel - Assuming influence over pixels via past roleplay
To: 101st Ghosts of Razgriz - Vasko asks what Divine did again
To: The Maltese National Council - Vasko being ignored by NC
The Lane Hackers | Diplomatic Channel - Contacting Hackers for information and pinup calendars of Queen Carina to torment enemies with
To: Nacion Maltese | Nacions allied forces | 001 - Vasko dropping one liners to counter the walls of text
To: Enma Loyola - New year, old Vasko.
To: Eliza Valdez | From: Ezrael Vertiga - Spending money on pointless commodities to fake caring about roleplay and brag about pvp kills.
To: Eliza Valdez BCC: 25565 Blackbox - Do Androids experience electric feels?
To: The Core's High Command - Vasko makes L\- evil Zoner killers
to: L\- -|- topic: Your chance to explain yourself - no u'ing with Henderson
To: Tal Ravis | Subject: I need your help - Help me, Tal Ravis, you're my only hope!
To: The Alcatraz/Montezuma Rogues - Vasko asks the Roggz to mak grup!
To: Glendalough Orbital | From: Legión Maltesa - We come in peace, shoot to kill, shoot to kill!
To: Saphire.Raven - Prank calls on the other Saphire
To: Légion Maltesa | Colonel Eliza Valdez - Bretonian-Maltese friendship stronk, remove CR
To: Ezio Aquila, Eliza Valdez \\ From: Enma Loyola - Fall of the Roman Maltese Republic
To: Komachi Kurosawa - secret plans to annoy Sombra
To: Eliza Valdez || From: Forlorn Hope - Vasko making new friends Smile
To: Eliza Valdez - Closed Channel - Vasko and Kaze playing detectives
To: Ezrael Vertiga - Vasko embraces the life of a merchant
To: Loyola - Valdez x Loyola
To: Sapphire Raven, Enma Loyola - Vasko is now Shiki's secretary
>>To: Valdez-san >>From: Hattori Natsu - Vasko bullies people
To: Ezrael Vertiga From: Other E.V. - Vasko is back and he has more stupid ideas!
To: The People of Omicrons \\ From: Guildmistress Loyola of the Core - Good job, Sici, I believe in you!
To: All Outcast IDs | From: The National Council of Malta - punposting 101
То: E. Vertiga - Vasko the merchant man uncovers dark cyber stories
To: Liza, 'Fissare', 'Canalla', Catharina Gray and other Legion remnants - The boys are back!
To: Junker Marauders Subj: Delicate Delivery - Cardamine, cardamine, everybody wants Wyrms and Cardamine!
To: Alfred Steiner of UoC | CC: Nicole Bradley - Vasko as a secretary part 2
To: The people of Omicron and beyond - Staying true to the original
To: Eliza Valdez || From: Nick Stenn - Vasko accepts re-enacting Inception
To: Enma Loyola - mandatory Valdez x Loyola post
To: Eliza Valdez - mutual exchange of D-pics
To: Eliza Valdez CC: Enma Loyola - the key to holding on is letting go
To: Enma Loyola, Cordelia Lyell | From: Ezrael Vertiga - playing secretary again
Warning: Order attempting to cause chaos at Freeport 11 - obligatory "Core are the good guys!" posting
To: Auxesian Command | From: The Core - Phoning Saphire Reaver Raven again
To: People of Sirius - The lies and deceit of the Order - I neither confirm nor deny any accusations!
To: Core Guildmistress and Guildkeepers | From: Kyu Akibara - at this point I answer so many comms I can't think of enough witty comments about them
To: Eliza Valdez || From: Samantha Vincents - Adventure time with Sean!
To: The Core || From: Ingenuus Research Group - More Core posting
To: Enma Loyola | Sbj: YOUR MOM! - Ur mum, h4h4h4h4h4
To: Emilia Vera | Welcome to Delta - Look at how snarky I can be!
To: Eliza Valdez | From: FADM Alan Jones - Liberty Navy [LN] - this thread is nuts
To: All of Sirius. From: Lady Megaera - to all of Sirius threads are best kind of threads
To: Nick Stenn [From Valdez] - like asking a friend at 3am to help you with a corpse, except the corpse is still alive
To: National Council of Malta - it's like Shawshank Redemption except it has nothing to do with it
<<::Sirius-Wide Broadcast::>> - V E G A N
To: E. V. de Loyola \\ From: E. Loyola [[HEAVY ENCRYPTED]] - Loyola is a hoe : (
To: Nick Stenn - will add something witty later
To: Eliza Valdez de Loyola - will add something witty later
To: Eliza Valdez - watch out Sean (^:
To: Miguel 'Barrage' Balderas - kinda like messaging myself, cool huh?
To: Dolfo "Fissare" Bianci - Messaging the one true Legionnaire
To: Colonel Eliza Valdez - Legion recruiting 101
To: Eliza Valdez \\ From: Damian Mantaró - Old Legionnaire says hi
To: The National Council of Malta - phoning grandpa Benito
To: Senora de Santagelo - phoning ex L\-'s
To: Eliza Valdez - A chuba's gotta do what a chuba's gotta do
To: Colonel Eliza Valdez | Capitano Niccolò Di Lupia - serenissima + legion = bff
To: BAF Command; Cc: K. Reidman - baf + legion = bff
V-14890247235 [Peer2Peer] - [C L A S S I F I E D]
To: The National Council of Malta - Phoning grandpa Benito except there's no grandpa Benito :^(
To: Legión Maltesa: Eliza Valdez, Ezio Aquila. - I only ever kidnapped Loyola, ok? :^(
To: Eliza Valdez - At this point there should probably be at least 4 other threads with the same name, lol
To: Eliza Valdez - Is there a way to force people to stop using that title?
To: Jack Daniels of the Core | Subj: Old Times - More L\- diplomacy with Core
To: BAF| Admiralty Board - Hijacking threads (^:
To: Eliza Valdez - Vasko gets dabbed / yet another "To: Eliza Valdez" thread
To: Legion Maltesa :: From: Cuatroce - patronage, patronage, everybody wants patronage
To: Outcasts (L\-, NC-, QC|) | From BAF Admiralty - you should check the gifs in this comm, they're 10/10
To: National Council, Legion Maltesa - Diplomacy, diplomacy never changes...
To: Junko Sanada - Retro Forlorn memes
To: Jack D. Hammond, Nathan Archos, Don Hernan Escudero - sometimes I feel like a secretary
To: Cuatroce/Cadiz Cartel - playing detective
To: Eliza Valdez || From: The Maltese Opposition Army - pleads of innocence
From: Cadiz Cartel || To: Legión Maltesa, National Council - zonerzonerzonerzoner
To: Nation of Malta (L\, QC|, NC) | From: Natio Octavarium | Re: Passage - I am the senate council
To: Nation of Malta (NC-, L\-, QC) From: Bret Gov - more of the above
To: Legión Maltesa | From: The National Council of Malta - Victory Extended.wav
To: Leaders of Legion Maltesa - secret outcast tech stuff

Note: This thread is so I can keep track of my roleplay and so you can tell me that I suck at roleplay and should stick to Connecticut.

RE: Eliza Valdez Feedback - Wesker - 12-22-2016

more cyber less pvp

RE: Eliza Valdez Feedback - t0l - 12-22-2016

wheres our rp???

RE: Eliza Valdez Feedback - Sombra Hookier - 12-22-2016

fourth message

RE: Eliza Valdez Feedback - Backo - 12-22-2016

(12-22-2016, 11:10 PM)t0l Wrote: wheres our rp???

(12-22-2016, 10:59 PM)Bloodl1ke Wrote: To: Eliza Valdez - Senpai notices me

Right here. If I missed any other thread pls link me it, ok?

RE: Eliza Valdez Feedback - Omicega - 12-22-2016

I talked to Eliza about three minutes ago. It was OK. (y)

RE: Eliza Valdez Feedback - James Greed - 12-22-2016

Always a pleasure. Looking forward to any further encounters.

RE: Eliza Valdez Feedback - Backo - 12-29-2016

Added some new comms I've made that so far haven't received an answer, but I remain hopeful.

Also thank you to everyone for the nice words.

RE: Eliza Valdez Feedback - t0l - 12-29-2016

eliza x tal when

RE: Eliza Valdez Feedback - Backo - 12-29-2016

(12-29-2016, 01:04 AM)t0l Wrote: eliza x tal when

When Tal pays debt and stops hiding in secret GMG base. :<