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Origin N/A
Alignment Independent
Date of founding 0 A.S.
Founder(s) Various
Base of operations Various
Primary role
Entrepreneurial spirited individuals looking for any way to earn money without a permanent contract
Secondary role
Maintain independence from any affiliated groups or factions


Freelancers usually endeavour to meet their own ends, usually by financial means, while staying independent and unobligated to any cause, company or corporate body. This could be any occupation from a gun for hire to an owner of a free station. Freelancers don't band together under one free flag as many are led to believe. They only share the same legal paperwork, interspace IFF and motive for credits, so apart from that it's down to each man's personal goals and where they want to be in time.

There have been a few exceptions to this template, this is usually where independent researchers tend to find their niche, but a freelancer with a cause is still a rare occurance.