Planetform, Inc.

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This is an NPC faction. For the affiliated player faction, see Planetform, Inc. (player faction). For the rules for this particular faction, see Planetform, Inc. ID.

Planetform, Inc.
Origin Flag-bretonia.png Kingdom of Bretonia
Alignment Corporation
Date of founding ~ 500 A.S.
Founder(s) unknown
Base of operations Planet New London, New London
Primary role
Terraforming worlds


Under the terms of a Bretonian charter, a cadre of Cambridge researchers and California consultants were given a challenge: Transform a planet from a cold, desert locale with a limited carbon dioxide atmosphere into an agricultural planet-within 400 years. Planetform was born. The company grew very slowly, dependent on the largess of the Bretonian Government for most of it's money.

Planetform had few enemies until 67 years ago, when the radical eco-terrorist group the Gaians formed within the research environments of Edinburghs Planet Gaia and Cambridge University. The Groups amateurish efforts soon matured into a serious threat to Planetform operations throughout Bretonian space.


~ 500 A.S. Planetform is chartered.

~ 750 A.S. Gaians appear and start fighting against Planetform.

~ 820 A.S. Approximate date when Planet Harris should have been ready for settlement.

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