Gammu Artificial Intelligence

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This is an NPC faction. This is a NPC faction. For the rules for this particular faction, see Gammu Artificial Intelligence ID.

Gammu Artificial Intelligence
Origin Humans
Alignment Quasi-Lawful
Date of founding 496 A.S.
Founder(s) none
Base of operations Planet Gammu, Omicron Kappa
Primary role
Secondary role

The Gammu Artificial Intelligence are robots that were left behinde and isolated from Humans on Gammu, so they started an evolution on their own.


The term Artificial Intelligence covers virtually every form of inorganic intelligence, from a calculator to a massive supercomputer emulating personality, to even fully-sentient, self-aware intelligences with a level of reasoning, creativity and rationale that rivals humanity's own. Often placed within robots or any other incumbent host compatible with the software package, they serve mostly as menial domestic servants in household tasks such as laundry, cleaning the floors, or bathing the elderly.

Some more advanced forms of intelligence also exist, usually in the form of combat drones, AKA Unmanned spacecraft. They bear basic IFF recognition, built-in tracking algorithms, and system management controls for their fighter. One of the most notable AI in human technology is the the Advanced Assistance Artificial Intelligence, controlling a Rheinland Cruiser.

The most advanced form of an artificial intelligence is an independent race of self-aware artificial intelligence, the Primary Artificial Intelligence, they. fall into a separate category. These intelligence is not a "programmed" machine in the sense that humanity would perceive it, but a self-dependent anti-organism in their own right, rather than a mockery or imitation of another (as are the VI's and robots of terrestrial origin). They exist on the periphery of the Sirius sector, deliberately eschewing human contact, yet occasionally forced into house space by unceasing resource demands.

The Scorpion Gunboat Drones used by Das Wilde have been likened to artificial intelligences, though their hybrid nature and evolving sentience makes them difficult to classify.


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