Planet Gammu

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Planet Gammu
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Owner Gammu Artificial Intelligence
Location 7B, Omicron Kappa
Nomad Worlds
Technical information
Population Around 12,000,000,000 Gammu-type sentients.
Docking Yes
Terrain Arctic
Diameter 9,472 km
Mass 5.10 x 10e24 kg
Temperature -110°C to -12°C
Escape velocity 9.9 km/sec

Planet Gammu is a highly inhospitable ice world that is ruthlessly battered by the radioactive solar winds of Kappa's dangerously active star - slowly but inevitably scything its thin atmosphere away into the void. First discovered by the Corsairs back in 496 A.S., Gammu went almost entirely ignored for another 300 years, as it was initially regarded as little more than a barren rock. Corsair explorers saw little profit and even less feasibility in attempting to drag the Planet's mineral wealth out of the local gravity well, when the abundant resources of Crete were considerably more accessible. This was to change in 810 A.S., with the construction of Livadia Shipyard and thus the introduction of the system's first permanent human settlers. This brought Gammu under renewed scrutiny from both those Zoner colonists and their Order allies.

New, detailed scans of the planet's topography revealed curiously artificial looking formations buried beneath the Planet's thick permafrost. A joint Order/Zoner expedition was hastily organised as speculative dating figures placed the structures in a similar age band as those Daam-K'vosh ruins scattered across planets elsewhere in Sirius. Eager to be the first to secure a potential cache of alien relics, the expedition made planetfall at the first opportunity, proceeding at an almost reckless pace. While the specifics of what transpired on and under the planet's surface are largely unknown, the results are evident. Having inadvertently awakened an ancient defence system from deep within the planet's bowels, the expedition discovered, to their dismay and despair, that multiple local networks had been reactivated which interfaced with their vessels, grounding them. With their communications blocked and technology subverted, the expedition found itself stranded and shortly perished to the man, either from privation or exposure. Furthermore, it is unclear whether their loss of life was a result of the mercurial systems acting intentionally, or with oblivious negligence.

What was to follow was a flurry of activity from the automated mechanisms, as the human vessels were disassembled and analysed. These unanticipated foreign contaminates led to a monumental change, as integration of the complex human technologies by the relic machines granted them the ability to once again travel to space. Combined with the accidental renewal of consciousness, various personalities and behavioral paradigms emerged from the AI of Gammu. Drones were spotted gingerly investigating the surrounding system in the following months; they were evidently a synergy of human design and their ancient alien origin, whatever that may be. It has been this adaptability, innovation, and willingness to incorporate new and efficient ‘mutations' from exterior sources that has so far frustrated attempts to reverse engineer their roots. Time and again, has proven exceedingly difficult to strip away the ‘noise' of subsequent alterations and thus examine their original forms. This issue has only been compounded by the AI's absolute refusal to allow human researchers to return below surface, to investigate the millennia old vaults from which they came out of dormancy. Already, this enigmatic stance has led to conflict and tension, often due to their closest neighbours' all too human fears, suspicions, and miscommunications. The intense, hostile political environment of the region has warranted even greater caution from the resident artifical intelligences as well.

After the loss of their expedition, the Order were quick to brand the new species a hostile alien race and abhorrent to their human-centric ideology. Agents of the Core have also sought to victimise the fledgling machine civilization, desiring the secrets of their technology and planet for their own purposes and profit. Another continual source of friction comes from the Corsairs at Ciutadella, who have historically gone to extreme lengths to protect the sanctity of their borders. Oddly enough, the Drones of Gammu themselves have reacted to these violent threats, acts, and provocations quite inconsistently between encounters, leading some to speculate that their civilization consists of a vast number of autonomous units, not too different to human society. While conjecture pertaining to their origins and the nature of Gammu's ruins remains academic, the issue of their intentions and desires very much remain practical. The release - or perhaps, more appropriately, rebirth - of the Gammu AIs has resulted in repeated parallels being drawn to the inadvertent awakening of Nomads, and the folly rushing headlong into the dangers of the Edge Systems without due caution.

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