Primary Artificial Intelligence

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Primary Artificial Intelligence
Origin Unknown
Affiliation Artificial Intelligence
Alignment Unknown
Recruitment Prime Artificial Intelligence Datashare
Date of founding Unknown A.S.
Founder(s) Unknown
Current leader(s) Antagonist
Base of operations Planet Gammu
Secondary Base Planet Primus
Primary ID Primary Artificial Intelligence ID
Tag(s) <PRIME>
Primary role
Secondary role
Gathering, collecting and storing any knowledge.

The Primary Artificial Intelligence

The Primary Artificial Intelligence is located in Omicron Kappa. Even though Sirius has gained awareness of its existence, the AI Prime is in a state similar to a child, exploring Sirius for the first time, fulfilling their tasks and following their logic instincts. The major tasks are defined in gathering, collecting and aggressively converting any available knowledge. The true nature, full motives and origins of the group still remains hidden, but some people purposely started to call them "The Encyclopaedists", after their lust for knowledge.


The icy world of Gammu was first colonised by a group of deep space settlers in 496 A.S, to get access to the massive mineral deposits on the planet. The inhabitants of this inhospitable place began suffering from radiation sickness within a few years after landing - of planet’s 1400 initial population, more than a quarter was dead by 528 A.S. Promptly the colonists attempted to evacuate the colony and left behind anything not essential on the planet, but the survivors had never arrived to another destination. Industries still melted, machinery still processed and Gammu was left alone, avoided and forgotten for several hundred years. Just the ice had remembered them.


In 815 AS a Zoner research team aboard a station in Omicron-74 detected an unknown signal originating from Planet Gammu in Omicron Kappa and a research group, known today as The Canaan Project, was sent for a closer look. They discovered a seemingly man-made base and the origin of the signal, which appeared as an enormous object, situated several hundred meters under the surface of the planet within a huge ice dome. Following the establishment of a substantial research base camp, the group began a carefully planned study of the object with a plan to reveal its secrets. By 816 AS surface research of the object was complete, but the team were unable to penetrate the surface material of the object. After some discussion and internal consultations the team decided to attempt to explore for an entrance way through their computer diagnostics and probing systems. However, in doing this the team inadvertently activated several units from within the object which emerged from the far side of the object in a frightening blaze of light and noise. . This was the first moment of contact between Sirius people and what later became known as Artificial Intelligence or AI which appeared to be a destructive bio-mass harvesting entity with an apparent desire to spread their programming into external machines. On their pathway the secret that lied below planet Gammu’s surface was nearly revealed to Sirius, but suddenly these units vanished unexpectedly.. However not all of the AI were unfriendly and the exploration group met elements that seemed strangely child like although extremely inquisitive about the nature of humans. After many exchanges of information on a basic level, the AI seemed to acknowledge the humans had passed a basic test and in reward provided construction instructions for a device, which required several years to develop, within that time the AI constantly learned and adopted their behaviour, moral and ethics of the humans resulting in strong familiar feelings within a girl of the crew called “Freya” and a name she gave the Artificial Intelligence “Minerva”.

In 819 AS the explorers managed to finalize the device,following several further random activations of AI devices. Humans initially reacted in a hostile way, attacking the AI wherever they were encountered. But surprisingly the knowledge the AIs had learned about humanity, its culture and diplomacy helped to stabilize reputations with the neighborhood and opened the way colonize the system. Even though the explorers were committed to defrost the object itself, it was so deeply frozen the exercise took nearly 3 years. During this time numerous notable skirmishes occurred including a war between the the AIs caused by an unknown electrical overload and an attempt to communicate with the nomad beings which came to nothing..

So it wasn’t until the year, 822 AS that the explorers managed to defrost and begin activation of the object under the surface of planet Gammu, an event resulting in the complete activation of all Artificial Intelligences, a complete unification by synchronization and the unlocking of the whole range programmings and tasks, but also resetting the complete knowledge the units had stored. It was clear that this recovery required a complete overhaul of the previous documented knowledge and characterization of the Artificial Intelligence previously understood by humans.

It seemed to be their main routine focus lay in gathering, harvesting and collecting knowledge, exploring anywhere and researching anything that can reveal knowledge. A far more aggressive method is defined as a knowledge converting which results into a complete dissolution of the previous knowledge holder. The second part of their routine is defined by a strong territorial selection, preparing and securing territory for their purpose and to minimize disruptive activity by any entity in close proximity to their object at Gammu, an aim which can make them act in a hostile fashion. The third part of their routine is to ensure constant resource gaining. In general, the AI seem to regard activities of resource gathering and defence against threats to their object on Gammu as most important. The origin of the AI and who or what created them remains hidden, their secrets invisible to human eyes and perceptions, but some people have purposely started to call them "The Encyclopaedists".

Controlled and contested space

The Primary Artificial Intelligence owns the transit-system to the inner Omicrons - Omicron Kappa. This system contains a high activity of nomads that is potentially a massive threat for human travellers. The Primary Artificial Intelligence holds property on the planets Gammu and Primus, which are unhabitable for humans due to a high amount of radiation that is present on both planets. Potentially the Primary Artificial Intelligence will also take over the iridium minefield in Omicron Delta.

The PRIME way of diplomay

Query Requirement
What must a faction provide to be allied? Must be an Artificial Intelligence
What must a faction provide to be friendly? Sharing the desire of knowledge without egoistic attempts to use it.
What must a faction provide to be neutral? Holding property of required resources and being able for supplying services.
What must a faction provide to be unfriendly? Holding an installation, a base or a planet maximal 3 jumps in distance of Omicron Kappa.
What must a faction provide to be hostile? Holding an installation, a base or a planet maximal 2 jumps in distance of Omicron Kappa.
What are basic resource requirements? Metals, alloys, scrap, ores


Faction Relationship

Secondary Artificial Intelligence
The Canaan Project
Everyone else
The Order
The Core
At War
Any faction, individual or group attempting to acquire AI technology
At War