Omicron Kappa

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Omicron Kappa
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Governing House Independent
Region Nomad Worlds
Omicron Chi
Omicron Delta
Omicron Gamma
Omicron Theta

Omicron Kappa has two Jump Hole connections to the Omicron Delta and Omicron Gamma systems. There are two planets in this system, Planet Gammu and Planet Tirane. Planet Gammu is inhabited by Artificial Intelligence, while Tirane is an uninhabited gas giant. This system has a considerable Nomad presence. Zoner And Corsair patrols are frequent on the right side of the system. The surrounding space is very notable, a long tunnel. The tunnel is formed by the Edge Nebula wrapping around the system. The tunnel looks out to a distant unnamed nebula, often mistaken to be the Walker Nebula.

The central star is a green giant, casting a green hue upon the whole system. This star is incredibly active, dousing Omicron Kappa in intense system-wide radiation. The second star, a red dwarf, is similar to the Red Dwarf in Omicron Gamma, but is significantly less bright than the green giant.

The Omicron Kappa system lacks any notable wealth to exploit, though the ruins below Gammu's surface intrigue both Zoner and Order scientists. Gammu, along with the entire system, is claimed by the Primary Artificial Intelligence. Caution is advised whilst exploring here, as Artificial Intelligence drones are inconsistent. Some appear playfully curious while others are hostile against any intruders. It is possible to land on Gammu, as it has a Docking Ring and Mooring Fixture. Despite this, the Artificial Intelligence refuses to let humans go underneath the surface into the much more interesting ruins.

System Overview

Astronomical Bodies
Stellar Objects

Green Giant

  • Type: F4
  • Luminosity: V
  • Surface Temperature: 6K
  • Mass: 1.50x10e30 kg
  • Diameter: .96x10e7 km
  • Approximate Corona Radius: 6.2K

Red Dwarf

  • Type: M6
  • Luminosity: V
  • Surface Temperature: 3K
  • Mass: 1.4x10e30 kg
  • Diameter: .92x10e7 km
  • Corona Radius: 7.0K
Planet Gammu.jpg
Planet Gammu
Planet Tirane.jpg
Planet Tirane

  • None
  • Gammu Ice Field
  • Peloponnese Edge Nebula
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System Map

Areas of Interest


Peloponnese Edge Nebula

A wisp of the Edge Nebula that conceals Livadia Shipyard. With their recent withdraw from Omicron Delta, this also serves as a border of the Corsair Empire, and defensive patrols of the area are frequent. Standard Edge Nebula composition, with black, flat rocks within the green cloud. The nebula is radioactive, as is the entire system.

Asteroid Fields

Gammu Ice Field

A large ice field that appears to be composed of ice once from Planet Gammu's surface. It is not known what could have caused a stellar event of this scale, but a possible candidate could have been an ancient asteroid impact with the planet. This in turn may have sent icy shrapnel mixed with chunks of rock and crust into orbit, where free of an atmosphere, the ice managed to form a general orbit about Gammu.

Jump Gates/Holes

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