Airdrie Hideout

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Airdrie Hideout
Spectre class Station
Airdrie Hideout.jpg
LH Logo.png Lane Hacker Guard
6H, Alberta
Technical Data
Gravity Partial
Docking bays Yes
Amenities YES
Population 256

Airdrie Hideout used to be a home to a small but influential group of Lane Hackers whose activities were shrouded in secrecy. Only the most trusted Lane Hackers knew the base's location, and most Lane Hackers visiting Alberta used the Rogues Fort McMurray to resupply. Rumors about the station's purpose ranged from ordinary outpost to a top secret weapons laboratory, and every Hacker asked about the base had a different answer. There was only one generally well known fact about Airdrie: it's requisitions of Cardamine exceed that of every other Lane Hacker base combined.

This changed when the front of the Gallic war reached Magellan. With their home system being overrun by warring fleets, The Lane Hackers decided to evacuate their most crucial assets to their hideout in Alberta. Airdrie was severely expanded to accommodate new weaponry research modules and ship assembly units. Additionally, a dry dock has been erected to service larger vessels and streamline upgrades of existing fleet. With its expansion and quadrupled crew Airdrie Hideout became a Lane Hacker technological hub where most advanced weapons and ships were being researched and developed.

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Lane Hacker Gunship
Liberty Transport
Liberty b cargo.png
Liberty Heavy Transport