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Magellan System

Magellan is one of the two independant worlds stating the Liberty and Bretonia border. The system itself is greatly populated by Lane Hackers suggesting there may be a base of operations established somwhere within Magellan. Magellan is also home to a population of Independant Miners stationed at Freeport 4 which can be found along the trade lane route through the system. Both Bretonia and Liberty share influence over the system owning a trade lane and jump gate on each end. In the late teenies of 800 AS. the GRN invaded the system from the Leeds Jump Hole. The Liberty Navy sized Freeport 4 as a frontier base but was not able to stop the invaders. The Betheny and its fleet destroied the station and have taken the postion around the wreck to plan a invasion of the California system.

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Local factions

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Warning freelancers and traders! This system is a war zone and civilian ships may be taken as traitors or enemies by the GRN or the Anti Gallic Royal Alliance. In case you just want to trade beween Bretonia and Liberty you should take the route over Cortez.

Areas of Interest

Asteroid Fields

Wendell Ice Field

A huge field of ice asteroids. Wendell is currently being mined for its abundant quantities of Water and Oxygen by members of the Independent Mining Guild (IMG) stationed aboard Freeport 4.

The Barrier

An outcropping of the Barrier, a massive cloud of ice crystals. The scattering effect of the crystals provides excellent concealment for Lane Hackers to attack the traffic passing between Bretonia and Liberty. Liberty Navy patrols have been increased, but with little effect.

Jump Gates/Holes

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