Aksel Goldstein

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Aksel Goldstein
Aksel Goldstein, 821 A.S.
Origin Flag-rheinland.png Rheinland
Occupation Bundschuh Operative
Gender Male
Affiliation Bundschuh
Rheinland Military (Exiled) 813 A.S - 817 A.S
Status Alive (821 A.S.)
Born October 20, 795 A.S., Planet New Berlin

BundschuhLogo.png Early Life

Aksel was born on Planet New Berlin in 795 A.S, to a wealthy aristocratic family with a long history of Military service spanning over three centuries. As such, his path as a soldier was already set for him, and he was educated and trained from an early age, all for the purpose of continuing the family tradition. Home schooled in his family's large compound and sheltered, he didn't know much about the outside world and all the events that were happening in it.

His early childhood was rather uneventful, all until he reached his teens and was allowed to go out frequently and socialize with his peers and cousins. Endowed with this unfamiliar freedom, Aksel roamed the streets and drove around the skyways of the New Berlin metropolis instead, seeking out common people as opposed to spending time with boring rich folk he was surrounded with his entire life. Somewhere along the way he developed a rebellious behavior, and a synthetic marijuana habbit that he picked up in one of the various shady nightclubs he frequented.

Disappointed and aghast by his new behaviour, his parents promptly shipped him off to one of New Berlin's more prominent military academies, where he spent the rest of his early life studying and training hard for his inevitable fate as a Military officer, in service to his homeland. He wasn't very impressed with all the patriotic propaganda offered to him, but he agreed with himself that protecting the people of Rheinland would be a fitting job to pursue.

BundschuhLogo.png The Black Legion

Aksel graduated from the academy in early 813 A.S, and due to his family ties, was offered to choose a spot in the military that suited him the most. But, as a single act of defience to his parents' plans, he enlisted in a splinter group of the Military, the Black Legion, instead of pursuing a career in the primary fleet. The Black Legion, was based off Battleship Altenburg in Dresden, on the very edge of Rheinland space, and was in charge of dealing with both domestic and invasive pirate threats. Skirmishes with the Hessians in Dresden, bloody battles with the Corsairs in the Omegas, were all commonplace and a constant part of the job.

Aksel quickly rose in the Legion's ranks, and by 816 he held the rank of Major. Being largely autonomous, the Legion often operated without the knowledge of the Military high command, striking targets they considered threatening and gathering intelligence on the enemies of Rheinland. When the war with Liberty started, the Legion's mode of operations did not change in the slightest, as a matter of fact, they relocated their base of operations to Westfalen, and were one of the first to appear on the front lines.

During the early periods of war, the Legion had a habbit to disobey direct orders, assault corporate convoys to cripple the supply lines of their enemy, engaged in terror tactics and argued with the high command about how the war should be led. Slowly but certainly, this behavior drew the ire of the command and the Legion was declared the "enemy of the state" and wanted, dead or alive. Most of the Legion's soldiers were imprisoned or executed when they offered resistance. Aksel managed to escape by incapacitating two agents sent to arrest him, boarded his Wraith, and escaped to Freeport 6.