Battleship Altenburg

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Battleship Altenburg
Bismarck class battleship
BS Altenburg.jpg
Rheinland Military
E3, Dresden
Technical Data
Docking bays CLASSIFIED

Commissioned in 806 A.S., the Battleship Altenburg was initially assigned to patrol the Stuttgart system along with the Battleship Karlsruhe. However, due to the ever increasing Red Hessian raids on the Leipzig Station and Bautzen Station in the Dresden system, the Rheinland Military High command were forced to station the Altenburg in Dresden in order to discourage further attacks. Despite their best efforts, Hessian attacks continued to be a problem, especially inside the dense asteroid fields where the Altenburg could not go.

Since the fall of Leipzig, the ship has been ordered to defend Bautzen. Rumors suggest that Bautzen will soon be abandoned as well, as Dresden, mined out and with no habitable world, has no real value anymore to the Rheinland industrial juggernaut that it has been feeding for over five centuries.

After suffering heavy damage due to the numerous attacks carried out by the Red Hessians, Battleship Altenburg was moved closer to the New Berlin jump gate so that reinforcements from that system could reach it faster in the case of emergencies. As a result of the constant threat posed by the Hessians, repairs can only be carried out very slowly and carefully.

Due to its new position near the New Berlin gate, the Altenburg has been protected from further damage, largely due to the rapid arrival of reinforcements and the continued defensive measures it has undertaken against the Hessians. Repairs have begun, and support ships can be found near the battleship near constantly as they attempt to restore it to optimal condition.

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