Amelia Earhart

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Amelia Earhart
Origin Flag-bretonia.png Bretonia
Occupation Pilot of Discordia
Gender Female
Affiliation Temporary Autonomous Zoners
Born Planet Cambridge


Early Years

Amelia hails from a Bretonian mining family and while her two brothers, who where only one year older then her, where helping their father out on the mining ship. She had to stay in the living quarters to help her mother with household and stuff, but she would rather have been on the other side of that door, doing real work. No matter how often she asked her father, he wouldn't allow her to do heavy and dangerous work, no mather how hard she wanted it. But at a certain point her father told her she was old enough to help out in the bussiness and this would be the very stepping stone of her career as a pilot.

Father tought her the tricks and trades of flying the mining ship and they both soon realized she had talent. For several years she was flying the miner without any trouble. After the passing of her father, Amelia ended up in a depression and she wasn't capable of flying, her family brought her to an aunt on Gran Canaria, as far away as possible from everything she knew, but the next day the mining ship was attacked, pillaged and destroyed by pirates. The authorities told it was a tragic accident.

After the Attack

After the attack, Amelia realized there wasn't anything she could do, other then starting a new life, she did some work on Gran Canaria and that way she got in contact with Sister Joanna a Temporary Autonomous Zoner and captain of Discordia

They started talking in a local bar and after a couple of drinks the subject soon changed to flying, Amelia told Joanna that all she ever wanted was to fly, she couldn't have dreamed that in that same moment she would get a job offering to become the pilot of a ship like Discordia...


Since that day she is flying Discordia, as a zoner.