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Owner Flag-corsairs.png Corsairs
Location 5C, Omicron Xi
Flag-corsairs.png Corsairs
Technical information
Population unknown
Docking yes
Terrain Barren
Diameter 2,631 km
Mass 2.91 x 10e24 kg
Temperature -11°C to 35°C
Escape velocity 3.91 km/sec

The Amorgos satellite is locked into a slow orbit of the greater Planet Mykonos Gas Giant, but rotates rapidly on its own axis. With a thin Oxygen-argon atmosphere with pockets of dinitrogen monoxide, the air on Amorgos is barely breathable for short periods. For many years the prospect of colonization was deemed unfeasible because of intense dust storms and hallucinations induced by the high concentration of dinitrogen monoxoide in the moon's atmosphere. Due to the heavy casualties incurred by previous manned expeditions, the Council of Elders on Planet Crete formally forbade further survey missions to take place on the moon in 803 A.S.

When deep scans from more powerful survey equipment developed by Cryer brought the wealth of ancient alien ruins beneath the surface to the attention of the Corsairs, the Council of Elders lifted their no fly restriction on Amorgos and colonization, though difficult, began in earnest. Hollowing out deep tunnels with atmospheric scrubbers to escape the moon's harsh surface, many Corsairs have begun to flock to Amorgos despite its tenuous location on the Rheinland and Maltese fronts. Working the artifact mines is lucrative, and for those who prefer a more honest and less dangerous trade, there is still much work to do helping to reinforce and expand the growing colonies of Amorgos.

With the rapid expansion Amorgos has seen, there have been rumors of a backroom deal between Cryer and the Council of Elders for funding of the moon's colonies. Scrupulous Corsairs may note that certain artifacts are siphoned off the top by dockworkers due to safety precautions, and unmarked transports have supposedly been sighted leaving areas of the moon with no documented infrastructure. Talk of this nature tends to be waved away as paranoid delusion, and most Corsairs are happy to simply have a second world to call home.

Due to the plethora of ruins located within the moon's mantle and its proximity to the deeper Omicrons, it is only a matter of time before the Core take an interest in the moon. Not eager to repeat Nauru, the Corsairs of Amorgos are well armed with both rifle and wit, conducting weekly drills for a possible invasion scenario. These Corsairs are just as willing to flee into the mines and collapse the entrances behind them as they are to form a firing line, and with their knowledge of the moon's intricate tunnel networks it is unlikely that the insurgency they'll surely present would be easily subdued should Amorgos ever see the Core's troop transports blacken its sky.

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