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Omicron Xi
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The Omicron Xi system, located beyond the Edge Nebula, is a tertiary star system at the very edge of the Sirius sector. A quiet and relatively safe region of the Corsair Empire, the system was discovered in 756 A.S. by explorers dispatched by Don Quixote of the Benitez Family.

Containing a number of planets and a number of unique stellar formations, the system was extensively explored during the tenure of Don Quixote, with the exception of the Aegian Nebulae, during the exploration of which, the famous explorer disappeared.

Since 786 A.S. the system has been gradually developed, with bases positioned in the system to benefit from it's relative security. Omicron Xi is part of a loop of systems only accessible from hidden jump holes in the Omicron Gamma system. Over recent years, security measures have been increased in response to reports of potential threats beyond the frontier of Corsair space.

Aside from the Corsairs and their current and former allies and business associates, the only organisation with any detailed knowledge of Omicron Xi are the Bounty Hunters Guild who discovered the system at some point in the late 8th century A.S. but before the Corsairs had begun developing the system. As a result, they have a rough understanding of the natural layout of the system and it's neighbours, not taking into account stellar drift, but no intel on the Corsair installations now established in the system, as further infiltration has been prevented by the potent defence forces posted at system's entrance.

System Overview

Astronomical Bodies
Stellar Objects

Medium Green

  • TYPE: G2
  • COLOR: Green
  • MASS: 1.6 x 10e30 kg
  • DIAMETER: 7.0 x 10e7 km

White Dwarf

  • TYPE: M6
  • COLOR: Red
  • MASS: 1.45 x 10e30 kg
  • DIAMETER: 0.92 x 10e7 km

Blue Dwarf

  • TYPE: M6
  • COLOR: Red
  • MASS: 1.45 x 10e30 kg
  • DIAMETER: 0.92 x 10e7 km
Inhabited -- Corsairs
Planet Knossos.jpg
Planet Knossos
Planet Mykonos.jpg
Planet Mykonos
Planet Santorini.jpg
Planet Santorini

  • None
  • Andros Asteroid Field
  • North Aegean Nebula
  • South Aegean Nebula
  • West Aegean Nebula
Industrial Development
Faction Presence
Lawful Factions
Corporations & Guilds
Unlawful Factions

System Map

Areas of Interest


North Aegean Nebula

An outcropping of the Edge Nebula, the North Aegean Nebula is largely uncharted. Recon missions by the Corsairs have been largely unsuccessful due to radiation emanating from within the nebula, and navigational hazards caused by the electromagnetic interference within the cloud. Many survey ships dispatched into the nebula have not returned, and out of those that have, at least two have reported encountering hostile entities. Since this report, the Battleship Delos was dispatched to patrol the edge of the nebula, and continued reconnaissance into the nebula was suspended.

North Aegean Nebula

South Aegean Nebula

An outcropping of the Edge Nebula, the South Aegean Nebula is smaller than its cousin in the north, and has less electromagnetic interference within. With little economic or strategic value, the South Aegean Nebula is rarely utilized by the Corsairs, and parts are still unexplored.

South Aegean Nebula

West Aegean Nebula

At some point over the last decade, the Southern Aegean Nebula split, drifting to cover the Munich jump hole. Guarding the only passage to and from the jumphole is a Benitez family cruiser and gunboat. These two are under the command of the well known Benitez commander Seth Benitez, widely respcted for defending Xi against several nomad invaders in the summer of 815 AS.

Asteroid Fields

Andros Asteroid Field

The Andros Field was the first area of Omicron Xi to be charted by the Corsairs. Extensive surveys confirmed the presence of trace iron oxide and aluminium oxide deposits, but not in concentration high enough for extraction to be viable. Currently, Andros is a scorched-earth battlefield between Corsairs and patrols from nearby Rheinland. A number of wrecks from both sides lie scattered amongst the field, emblematic of a brutal struggle.

Andros Field

Jump Gates/Holes

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