Andrew Mort

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Andrew Mortimer Kiselov
Origin Flag-liberty.png Liberty
Affiliation LR- Liberty Rogues
Rank Unknown (Former LR- Underboss/Crime Boss)
Born 775 A.S., Planet Pittsburgh
Died Unknown

Physical Appearance

Andrew Mort is not as dangerous to the sight as he would first look like. Standing at 7 feet, his body seems worn, skinny and gives the impression, that the man is suffering from some kind of undefined illness. He usually is found on Alcatraz Depot where he has his own private quarters, unlike other Liberty Rogues who use them only when resting in-between raids to the California System. Just lately the state of his body has became worse, the ever growing migraines and temporary blindness from them accompanied with a slight shaking of his arms. Many of the Rogues already have informed both the current Crime Boss about his state, but no action has been taken, due to the fact that whenever there is a medical check-up, Andrew is long gone.


Probably the most complicated fact about this man is how he acts both alone and around others, around what he would call friends and around his enemies. Schizophrenia is not really a correct term to be used, as he would not be trusted, but many have seen the way he acts, when in the company of older woman. Noone knows of his childhood or past, how he lost his father and mother, but the Crime Boss already had dug up records of his sentence to juvenile correction on Planet Manhattan after the most barbaric murder of his mother, his father and his father's lover.

A complicated, multi-layer mind hides behind those paranoid eyes, as he can be a fatherly figure for a few moments, then go to the Rogue training quarters to order the kids to fight for his pleasure, often to the death. He can be a smooth operator with the opposite (and same) sex, however the last women to share the bed with Mort have been either crippled to the point, that their reports on what happened wouldn't be taken seriously, or outright killed.

Mort doesn't believe in groups or collectives, often destroying other Rogue ships, while enjoying his time in his favourite ship, the Lasting Damage. He believes only in profit, acting like he could loose it all the next day, even though most Rogues would support him if the day would come. "I do not wish to make friends. They are most hard to loose." are his words, the man knowing how the human mind works all too well, often taunting his enemy into attacking him, or leaving him be. Money is his greatest weapon, and with a bit of luck he would never be cornered.


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