Planet Pittsburgh

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Planet Pittsburgh
Planet Pittsburgh.jpg

Owner DSE
Location 2F, New York
Flag-liberty.png Liberty
Technical information
Population unknown
Docking Yes
Terrain Desert
Diameter 6,485 km
Mass 4.73 x 10e24 kg
Temperature -38°C to 69°C
Escape velocity 9.04 km/sec

Pittsburgh is covered by a single vast desert, broken only by large rocky outcroppings that were big enough to escape being swallowed up by the sand. Without any ice asteroids in close proximity, the planet was not considered a good candidate for terraforming and remained sparsely populated until a full-scale mineral survey in 650 A.S. pinpointed enormous deposits of Boron in the form of borax salts deep within the Corridera Plateau. A large scale mining operation was established on the planet in 660 A.S. by Deep Space Engineering to exploit these deposits, and it is now one of the only raw material extraction facility left within Libertyspace.

Since the success of DSE's boron mining concerns, there has been an increasing need for miners and other workers. DSE has also started to establish other manufacturing plants at the planet, as environmental regulations on Pittsburgh are virtually nonexistant. Many refugees that come seeking asylum in Liberty often get redirected to Pittsburgh to find work in the boron mines, and to live in the cities that are slowly sprawling outwards around the industrial facilities. Liberty authorities estimate that Pittsburgh's population will reach the 85 million mark by 820 A.S.

Missions Offered

No missions offered here

Bribes Offered