Andy Mays

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Andy Mays
Origin California Minor,Liberty
Occupation Captain of the FWC Traveler
Gender Male
Affiliation Freelance Worker Coalition
Rank Captain
Status Alive
Born 782 A.S.
Died N/A
                                              Short Bio: 

Andy Mays was born May 14th,782 A.S. on California Minor.Unlike his cousin,however,He at an early age had a natural understanding of space warfare and advanced boarding tactics.By the age of twenty-three,he was teaching at the Liberty Marine Academy,and had written numerous papers and articles on the subject.He also took part in many boarding actions with the LSF,LPI,and the LN,and thus gained firsthand knowledge of what it was like.When his cousin,Lee Mays,asked him to help with the Freelance Worker Coalition,he couldn't say no.To this day,he commands the FWC Marine Forces aboard the FWC Traveler.

The FWC Traveler:

Dsy civilian shuttle.png