Freelance Worker Coalition

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this is a work in progress for a faction i hope to get off the ground someday[maybe never,but we'll see:D]

Freelance Worker Coalition
Origin California Minor,Liberty
Affiliation Freelance
Alignment Neutral
Date of founding 810 A.S. A.S.
Date of dissolution N/A A.S.
Founder(s) Disgruntled Ageira Employees
Current leader(s) Lee Mays,Andy Mays
Base of operations ''LAST HOPE''
Secondary Base Traveler
Primary ID [[Freelancer ID]]
IFF Freelancer
Primary role
Work wherever they can
Secondary role
Recruit other mistreated workers

We are The Freelance Worker Coalition.we are the ones,who dared stand,and to those vile slugs,those "corporations" said:enough!no longer will we toil under your rule!no longer will we simply say"oh well"and soldier on,as though there were no alternative!We dare to take up arms and TAKE what is ours by right.but,we have to be crafty about it.we have seen what happens when opressed peoples rise up.widespread massacre are not our goals.and so,we created this Group to PUSH them off the markets and provide an example to all oppressed peoples that we will provide for ourselves what is necessary to live,and not depend upon corporate vampires and government dummies for whatever meager scraps from their table they deign to give us.we will provide a good working place for as many mistreated workers as we can help.We aim to fight for the freedom of the common man!Our Brothers In The People's Revolution Fight for the same cause!And so!We have decided to join forces and together defeat this evil!

Overall Faction Management is taken care of By Lee Mays and Solomon J. Brig.

There are 2 divisions,tagging conventions are as follows: 1.Trading:[FWC]Shipname/Charname


The first division is Trading.they provide funding and attempt to force the Corporate 'Big Boys off the markets through Harrasment,Taking jobs etc.

They are allowed any freelancer ID allowed Trading vessels.

The Second Is our military.They fight for our freedom and defend us from those that DARE to try and take our hard earned land.

They are allowed any Freelancer ID allowed combat vessels.

RP rules: 1.No lolwuting!?behave like a good RP faction.

2.look on our contracts board before setting up your own deals.RP is the most important thing for us right now.

3.RP!RP!RP!we need a rep as a reliable faction.