Asesino Benitez

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Asesino Benitez
Asesino, 818 A.S.
Origin Flag-corsairs.png Corsairs
Occupation Member of the Benitez
Gender Male
Affiliation Corsairs
Rank Soldato
Status Active (818 A.S.)
Born 796 A.S. Crete

Asesino Benitez (formerly known as Asesino Nomadas|Asesino Razgriz) is a Soldato in the ranks of the Benitez family who was born and grew up in the slums on planet Crete in Omicron Gamma after his mother died in childbirth with him and his twin brother Aaron Benitez. He is typically found either drinking in Ronaldo's bar on Crete or flying with his brothers, blood and family wise, in and around the Omicron Gamma system.

Early Life

Asesino Benitez started life out with no name, and spent much of it without one. His father had died in some unknown incident and his mother died in childbirth after delivering 2 babies at the same time without anesthetic. The exact order of events is unknown but allegedly he was second born after his fraternal twin brother Aaron Razgriz and somehow was lost. He grew up in a shanty orphanage home in the middle of one of the slum towns on Crete. He grew up without a name, not ever given a name or treated as a normal person. He ran away from the orphanage to fend for himself at the age of 12. Obviously he had to do some less than savory things in order to survive but not much is known about this period of his life up until he reached 16 years of age.

Having lived for so long in the slums would have warped most people, and he took up the name of Asesino Nomadas as a result of this. The name takes on a larger alias type form but means Nomadic killer and Nomad killer. He took this name on to remind himself of his single most greatest regret, for during his time in the slums he murdered a single person for their food and to this day regrets doing it.

Flight Academy and Family Reunion

Having grown up in the slums of Crete, Asesino was hard, cold but unable to perform any acts of cruelty. Unable to get anywhere in his life he grew despondent until one day, out of the very blue lights of the slums he was in, his brother Aaron Benitz walked into his life and changed it forever. Finding him had been no easy feat according to his brother as it had taken him since the time he had found out about Asesino 5 years ago. The Razgriz bloodline, according to his brother was a wealthy and influential family on Crete and as such Aaron had been able to track Asesino down.

Having grown together in the 2 years that they spent together after that, they both reached the age of 18 and joined a Flight school as urged by their Uncle Rodrigo Razgriz.

The Benitez welcome

Having passed the flight school with Aaron, Aaron exceeding in tactics and heavy combat while Asesino achieving highly in dogfighting and group tactics, they both looked out to the new limits of their reach, space. Joining the Benitez was a no-brainer. Their father and grandfather had been Benitez and so was their uncle so they saw it only fit to continue with this tradition. They quickly joined the Benitez Family, performing their initiations and duties as requested and showing that they had what it took.

They were Benitez from then on, and always would be.


Asesino can commonly be found either in Ronaldo's Benitez only bar on Crete or in space in and around the area of Omicron Gamma. He typically takes part in special operations and defends Crete to the best of his ability. He is also known to take occasional trips to Bretonia for less than legal profit making. He is rarely seen without his Armored flight suit on except for on Crete and actively avoids having any physical representations of himself made and has been successful at doing so as there are none.

Asesino had had a good year as a Benitez. He had brought much honor and wealth to them. It was with due sadness then that the report of his death in space was taken badly. The report showed that he died valiantly in a fight against Outcasts. Having taken down 2 of them already he was preparing to retreat when a 3rd outcast reduced his shields to nil and took off his wings. Immobile he set about rerouting all power to shields and valiantly attempting to end the outcast in a last stand type of battle. Obviously, immobile, he was of little threat to the outcast and was killed in a hail of metal and fire. Left to drift in space. He was dead. But he will return. No-one is ever truly dead. At least not when their DNA is kept in storage. Status: K.I.A.

Present Day

After a few months of trial and error, Asesino was finally reborn. Although he is still re-learning how to use his body, he holds all his memories and is currently re-acquainting himself with ship flight. He might not be in space often but that will change as soon as he has regained proper control of his body and all its functions. Status: Active