Battleship Fate's Hand

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Battleship Fate's Hand
Arbiter class Battleship
Battleship Fate's Hand.png
HFskull.png Hellfire Legion
3/4G, Vespucci
Technical Data
Gravity Unknown
Docking bays No
Amenities No
Population Unknown

A Hellfire Legion battleship that took severe damage during the Legion-internal uprising, ultimately becoming the tomb of the late Lord Commander Tadao Mori. The ship also appears to be protected by an unknown type of sensor-jamming field similar to that of Fort Leniex. While can data proves inconclusive, the power reads suggest that it may in fact be fully operational. Exercise extreme caution on approach, lest you wish to share Tadao's fate.

It draws us together,

It tears us apart,

It marks the end of a beginning,

Or does it simply make it start?

Unquestionable and divine

It charts a lineage for big and small

Controlling strings that thus connect us all.

In all our lives it guides us, pushes and controls us.

For purposes and causes relatively unknown.

Inevitable and undeniable, like a statistic,

It runs my life, behind curtains of chaotic turns.

I've seen its face, though counting the passing days

It's neither good nor evil, like a program.

It merely bends and shapes all things,

Into the linearity of life and the development of soul.

It makes my purpose rather clear,

And yet completely unknown if I can change it all.