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System Overview

Astronomical Bodies
Stellar Objects

Blue Dwarf

  • TYPE: O1
  • COLOR: Blue
  • MASS: 1.52 x 10e30 kg
  • DIAMETER: 0.98 x 10e7 km
Planet Iridescencia.jpg

  • None
  • Leniex Asteroid Cloud
  • Sonora Ice Field
  • Veracruz Ice Field
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System Map

Areas of Interest


Asteroid Fields

Leniex Asteroid Cloud

The Leniex Asteroid Cloud is a large field made up mostly out of rocky asteroids with trace amounts of copper and bauxite. The field has a considerable amount of dust drifting between the asteroids, composed of similar materials. However, many other unidentified trace particles are present in a combination unseen elsewhere in Sirius, and the combination of metallic and ionised materials serves to effectively blind most modern scanners equipped by ships flying into the field. Astrometric analysis suggests that the field was once part of the Walker Nebula, but broke away eons ago and merged with fragments of the Sonora Ice Cloud.

The Legion has numerous patrols in and around the field, making it one of the most seriously defended zones in Vespucci. Outsiders are never permitted to navigate through the Cloud except when under heavy escort.

Leniex Asteroid Cloud

Sonora Ice Field

The ice asteroids of Sonora were originally part of the Barrier, pulled into the gravity well of the Vespucci system over time. Recently, substantial deposits of silver have been discovered at the northwestern edge of the field, leading to speculation that this field intersected with another belt at some point. While the Commonwealth and Legion currently lack the manpower and equipment to exploit this newfound wealth, they have made it clear that Libertonian corporations are welcome to share the bounty, so long as they abide by Commonwealth law.

Sonora Ice Field

Veracruz Ice Field

When the system was first charted, the Veracruz Ice Field was a trailing portion of Sonora that has since split, and Veracruz is now drifting towards the edge of the Vespucci system. Although the immediate vicinity of Guadalajara is well patrolled by the Commonwealth, deeper reaches of the field are host to a slew of Gaian patrols, and are a known staging ground for their attacks against both Legion and Orbital Spa and Cruise operations in the system.

Veracruz Ice Field


Hellfire Legion Satellites

Throughout the Vespucci system, a large number of Hellfire Legion satellites are spread throughout. These satellites are used to relay communications through deep space, and presumably through the Leniex Cloud to Fort Leniex.

One of the many Legion satellites scattered throughout Vespucci

Jump Gates/Holes

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