Fort Leniex

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Fort Leniex
Amerigo class Station
Fort Leniex.jpg
HFskull.png Hellfire Legion
4G, Vespucci
Technical Data
Gravity Complete
Docking bays Yes
Amenities Yes
Population 1,870
The Fate's Hand, an Arbiter class Battleship orbits the station; protecting it from any unwanted attention.

Fort Leniex is the one true home of the Hellfire Legion. The installation was constructed in utmost secrecy, thanks to the nebula shrouding it from prying eyes. Little is known about the true capabilities of the fort or of the secrets it houses within. Long-range scans have proven to be ineffective due to the scattering interference caused by the Leniex Asteroid Cloud, and a network of sensor arrays are able to identify any and all intrusive vessels, leading to their destruction at the edge of the cloud. The Fort itself remains impervious to all scans due to a unique type of sensor-jamming field. Should the external sensor grid fail, the Fort itself still has a powerful long-range scanner of its own, as well as a communications array to manage all Legion assets in the system.

In dire circumstances, or when not required to be manufacturing combat gear for the Legion, the Fort can become entirely self-sufficient, but requires raw materials to be imported before serious production can begin. The Fort features multiple warship manufacturing facilities capable of constructing ships of any size, as well as the facilities to service and maintain said ships. However, despite the equipment on hand, constructing the largest capital ships is still a time-consuming task. These shipyards work closely with the armoury complex, taking technological concepts from friends and enemies alike in order to refine them into the tools of war that the Legion requires.

In addition, a contingent of the Hellfire Legion's finest soldiers and electronic warfare technicians is always stationed on the Fort, making any attempt to storm the base or gather valuable information about it a suicidal task at best. The Battleship Fate's Hand stationed nearby adds a mysterious and menacing aura to the already intimidating aspects of Fort Leniex - a reflection of the nature of the Legion itself.

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Legion Gunboat
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Legion Battlecruiser
Legion Battleship