Battleship Prox

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Battleship Prox
Osiris class Battleship
Battleship Prox.png
Flag-corsairs.png Corsairs
6E, Omicron Gamma
Technical Data
Gravity Complete
Docking bays Yes
Amenities Yes
Population 200

The Prox was the first Osiris-class battleship to be commissioned by them from Tripoli after the Order had reluctantly shared the warship design schematics. Having previously fought through many successful engagements across Sirius, it outlived its usefulness and was officially decommissioned in 811 A.S. There were further plans for deconstruction of the Prox due in 813 AS, but it narrowly escaped that fate when intentions were announced to refit it for the purpose of defending the homeworld. This old ship was thereby assigned as a defensive platform to Omicron Gamma, positioned in high orbit of Crete. Onboard the Prox, there is an expanded power grid in place of the now empty engine bay. The weaponry has been overhauled and as a result, this battleship is quite lethal to any attackers or threats - at the cost of almost all of her mobility.

Although the weaponry was overhauled and the engine bay was renovated to include an expanded powergrid, the Prox still has a largely antiquated design. That, combined with the sheer number of ad hoc repairs that it has accumulated over the years, meant that it would be too expensive to upgrade to or replace with a Murmillo. Hence, the Corsair government decided Prox would forever remain an Osiris.

With the rarity direct threats to Omicron Gamma, the battleship is also fitted with a small museum for Corsair visitors which depicts its various triumphs in recent history. Prox is known not only as a nice place for citizens to visit, but also as an easy assignment for members of the military.

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