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This is an NPC faction. For the affiliated player faction, see The Order (player faction). For the rules for this particular faction, see The Order ID.

The Order
Origin Flag-liberty.png Republic of Liberty
Alignment Quasi-Lawful
Date of founding 790-800 A.S.
Founder(s) Casper Orillion
Base of operations Akabat, Omicron Mu
Primary role
Protecting humanity against the Nomad menace
Secondary role
Elimination of Nomad-infested humans

The Order is a paramilitary organization dedicated to the defeat of the Nomads within Sirius. The organization was founded by one of the last uninfected members of the otherwise unrelated Order of Cincinnatus, a man named Casper Orillion. Orillion founded The Order after it became apparent that the majority of his colleagues and superiors within the original Order had been infected and were plotting to destroy humanity.

After the temporary defeat of the Nomads at the end of the Nomad War, Orillion commanded The Order for some time, before disappearing from known space. In the absence of it's founder, the Order High Command was set up to be the leadership body of The Order for the foreseeable future.

Over time, and with a lot of care, the organization grew tremendously, and at present has eyes and ears in every corner of Sirius.


The organization referred to today as The Order was founded by the one of the few uninfected members of the Order of Cincinnatus. The Order of Cincinnatus was founded in 28 A.S. as a secret branch of the Liberty government, and was originally tasked with researching the Alien Artifacts found on Planet Manhattan. Later, the Order of Cincinnatus, much more knowledgeable that there could be active aliens operating in Sirius, expanded it's authority so it could establish an autocratic government over Liberty in the event that Liberty's existence itself was ever threatened. Once the threat had passed or had been eliminated, the Order of Cincinnatus was intended to disappear without a trace. It was effectively a shadow government with extensive knowledge of Alien Artifacts, technology and the Nomads, as well as the power to control the majority of Liberty's naval might and government authority.

During the Nomad War, the Order of Cincinnatus was infiltrated by the Nomads. Almost all of it's members, barring a small few, had been possessed. One of these uninfected was a man called Casper Orillion. He began to speak out against the threat of the Nomads as it became increasingly apparent that they posed a threat to human society in Sirius, but his colleagues within the Liberty Security Force were already infected and saw him as a danger to their operations, as did the majority of the Order of Cincinnatus. In order to escape, Orillion stole the Osiris Prototype, a new battleship that was designed for completely covert warfare, from Liberty's shipyards, and fled to the icy Planet Toledo in the remote Omicron Minor System

Orillion and whatever sympathetic, uninfected people he could gather before he left became the first members of The Order that we know of today. They are commonly referred to as the first, original cell. From the moment they arrived in the Edge Nebula, they were gathering supporters throughout Sirius to prepare for the oncoming storm of the Nomad War. Construction on the then-makeshift and temporary base on Planet Toledo also began at that time.

While classified as a terrorist organization by the Liberty government, the Order has historically been regarded favorably by Rheinland prior to the War, likely due to Rheinland's own problems with The Wild, and is considered neutral by Kusari and Bretonia.

Since it's inception, The Order had been based on Planet Toledo in the Omicron Minor system. During the Battle of Omicron Minor in the Nomad War of 800-801 AS this base was severely damaged by bombardment from a Nomad fleet. It was later rebuilt as a more permanent base of operations for The Order, rather than just being an outpost on the edge of space, and grew to become a fully-fledged center of operations. Unfortunatly, in 818 AS, the Order base on Toledo was destroyed by the Nomads. After the abandonment of Planet Toledo, Planet Akabat became a new base for The Order.

Controlled and contested space

The Order holds exclusive claims to Omicron Minor and Omicron Epsilon but it's area of operations stretches across most of Sirius. They however, mainly operate in the Omicrons, especially in Omicron Delta and Omicron Kappa, where they act directly against the Nomads and recently, defend against attacks by the The Core.

Before it was destroyed, their headquarters on Toledo was guarded by the now destroyed Battleship Isis, which was in constant orbit around the planet lest any hostile fleet attack.

The system of Omicron Epsilon holds the majority of what is considered primary fleet personnel, research facilities and the only known shipyard to produce ships exclusively for The Order.

Current rumors suggest the organization has struck an alliance with some Rheinland unlawful revolutionary forces and that The Order's Zone of Influence is significantly compounded in the Omegas and Rheinland. These rumors have caused tensions in their relations with the Corsairs.

Rumors within the higher echelons of The Order suggest another even more secret system exists under their control. It also suggests that this system is guarded by forces more powerful than the organization currently employs. This has categorically been denied by the Order High Command.


The Order operates on a basic minimalist economy. Having little to no resources to export, it relies on aid given by the Zoners, monetary and otherwise, and donations by various third parties to keep it's war machine running.

Main Items of Import

  • Food Rations
  • Deuterium
  • Oxygen
  • Water
  • Ship Hull Panels
  • Automated Machinery
  • Ship Construction Equipment

Main Items of Export

A few items of research tend to be shared with the Zoners. Additionally, prisoners of war are sometimes released by the Order, these mostly being hunter pilots captured in action. Biside that the Order exports:

Foreign relations

The following is the summary of the Order's relation with various other parties across Sirius.

House Authorities


Liberty is thankful for the Order keeping the Nomad presence out of it's core systems, but it considers the organization to be a Terrorist faction due to various methods it has been known to use, the most notable being the violation of Liberty's sovereign space from time to time, as well as the Order's rather blunt means of acting. Order pilots should tread with caution in Liberty systems, as local authorities consider Order craft as hostile and will destroy them on sight. As such, there are no known Order bases in Liberty at present.


Bretonia considers The Order to be unfriendly due to the various covert actions the organisation has performed in it's territory, usually in the Chester system, which is claimed as Bretonian territory, as well as against Sunderland Research station in the Newcastle system. Bretonian authorities do not have express orders to terminate Order vessels, but pilots should exercise caution, as it will be wise to cooperate with them if needed. There are no known bases of operations available for the Order in Bretonia's core systems at present.


Rheinland considers The Order to be unfriendly, but like Bretonia, it does not give it's authorities orders to expressly hunt Order vessels. Pilots should still tread with caution however, as Rheinland craft can and will terminate any Order vessels they detect, so keeping your guard up and being persuasive is key to your success and survival in Rheinland space. Though not having any major outposts of their own, The Order has multiple bases in Rheinland that they can operate, most notably the Bundschuh's base in the Munich system.


Kusari used to be neutral to Order forces, allowing them passage with specific permissions, due to the various Hogosha connections to Kusari authorities and the Emperor himself.However, since the decline in relations with the Corsairs, the Hogosha link has been strained, and Kusari can no longer be considered a happy hunting ground. Caution is strongly advised. In Kusari space, The Order has access to Ryuku Base and Sendai Research Station, both owned by the Blood Dragons.


The Order's main bloodline and alliance comes from the Zoners. The Order has pledged to protect Zoner installations in the Omicrons in exchange for the Zoners' assistance in the way of monetary and economic support, or other types of aid. Order pilots should protect the Zoners at all costs, they're the only solid outside link the Order has for sustenance.


Formerly one of The Order's strongest allies, an unfortunate series of events has led to the breakdown of connections. Bases in Omicron Gamma and other Corsair owned systems are no longer accepting The Order's presence, and relations are tense, but have remained neutral for the time being. Order pilot should do their best to not anger the Corsairs in any way, The Order does not need another war on their hands.

The Core

Relations with this faction have become an open war. The Core want access to Order-owned Nomad technology for their own ends. This cannot be allowed and hence the two parties are at odds with each other. From The Order's standpoint, the war is a defensive one. Do not engage Core forces unless it is absolutely required.

Crime and Dissent

Crime is absent within the Order, as there is little-to-no motivation for it. Dissent has however, been known to occur from time-to-time, usually due to friction involving the High Command and the Order's current way of function. Rebellions in the Order's ranks have been infrequent, but have taken place a few times, causing stress on the faction's already strained resources, and has caused the loss of many good Order vessels and pilots. Also noteworthy is the defection of the Nekure and it's crew. Order vessels have tried in vain to find and capture it, and it has been sighted a number of times, but never captured.

Order Ships

Fighters & Bombers

Light Fighter
Or elite.png
Advanced VHF
Main Bomber


Reconnaissance Cruiser
Light Assault Carrier
Or osiris.png

Known Bases


Faction Relations