Benjamin Stone

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Benjamin Stone
Benjamine Stone
Origin Unknown
Occupation Order Agent
Gender Male
Affiliation The Order
Rank Captain
Status Active (819 A.S.)
Born September 21st, 790 A.S.

Benjamin Stone is a dedicated member of the Order with what some might call an unhealthy hate for the Slomon K'Hara.


Stone's life began aboard a mysterious Jinkusu class Juggernaut. Stone never knew his biological parents as the colony ship was attacked by Nomad forces when he was just a boy. Fortunately the ship was found adrift in Omicron Delta shortly after by an Order patrol. The vessel was searched and Benjamin was found to be the only survivor. With the ship's systems failing, there was no time to uncover anything about it without endangering the boarding party. So with Ben in tow, the Order troopers evacuated the grand vessel. After their departure , the ship was reported to have fallen into a nearby star.

When questioned about the events that lead to the destruction of the Jinkusu, Ben couldn't provide any answers, stating that he couldn't remember anything before being found by the search team. In an attempt to find answers, Ben was examined by a team of physicians. Finding nothing physically wrong, he was seen by a psychiatrist who eventually diagnosed him with dissociative amnesia.

While it would have been more appropriate to leave the child on a Freeport, Alfred Stone, a high ranking officer of the Order, adopted the boy. Alfred did his best to ensure Ben was as well prepared as possible by teaching him as many life skills as possible. Whenever Alfred had leave, he would take Ben to see tutors in the houses to further his education. Alfred could be viewed as obsessive, treating Ben as his protege rather than as his son.

Unfortunately while Stone, a grown man now, was performing a recon operation in Omega 3, Alfred's squadron was decimated and Alfred was reported to be showing signs of infestation. Stone was lucky enough to see his father before he died, however it was not a peaceful death. There was little the Doctors could do and so Alfred died from what appeared to be an affliction of Nomad origins.

Stone and the Slomon K'Hara

Stone's grudge against the Slomon K'Hara comes from his personal experiences with them. The first blow dealt to Stone by the Nomads was the destruction of his homeship, a Jinkusu that suffered crippling damage during a Nomad attack in the Omicrons. The second was the murder of his adoptive father, Alfred Stone. As Stone's career within the Order was looking up, the enemy struck again. The OCV-Retribution was severely damaged and Stone was left crippled.


After his near fatal encounter with his archenemy, Stone was in no condition to continue the fight. However, among the team of medics that rescued Stone from the Retribution was the ambitious Doctor Bynes.

Doctor Bynes was a man with a taste for experimentation. Subjects that couldn't refuse treatment were his favorite kind. Bynes replaced any damaged part of Stone's body with the cutting edge in prosthetic technology. Stone wasn't just saved, he was improved.


Once out of hospital, Stone's will to fight was gone. It was clear he was suffering from depression. He felt inhuman after what had been done to him. He spent long days moping about his apartment on Toledo, his retirement seemed imminent.

However, something eventually changed in Stone's heart. While still uncharacteristically quiet, he took a major step forward by contacting his superiors, telling them he was ready to rejoin the fight.

Stone eventually lost his doubt and became more driven than ever before. To the despair of his friends however, Stone became more serious and aggressive. While his depression was gone, Stone was still not himself.

While his superiors are unnerved by Stone's change of character, they won't argue with the results, as his number successful missions (particularly those involving combat with the enemy) has soared since his revelation.


Stone in his flight suit.

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